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ARCH 101 (Fall 2011)

Mid-term Learning Portfolio

By Kim Hung Yu

Foreword Before starting this ARCH 101 class, I have no great understanding of architecture or interior design. My expectation of this class is, I can grasp some useful and professional knowledge of design. From the first lesson to the present, eight weeks past, through an iterative process of developing my design, I gradually learned how to refine my work to be a defined artifact.

Icebreaker Exercise The icebreaker exercise is the beginning and it is for helping us to explore our inspiration. My inspiration is my childhood. I think my childhood is one of the most valuable material can be applied to the future of my life. This exercise reminded me the reason to start studying interior design – change the life with fun and enjoyment.

A Well-Considered & Well- Crafted Thing of Beauty (Part. 1)

First iteration - Pandora Box o Areas for improvement / Comments from the class critique: Do not think of a specific object during creation. A specific object cannot effectively express the character s of the inspiration.

Second iteration o Try to being more abstract. o More Complex o Curvilinear

In this iteration I tried to present the memories of childhood is affecting my life all the time. Those shinny sliver strips are representing childhood and the different sizes of circle are meaning different aspect of my life.

Third iteration o Change of materials o Asymmetrical o Dynamic Curvilinear o Intersect

Use cardboard as material is easier to cut and splice. I try to make a few irregular plates and then bonding them with each other freely. There came out an imbalance but unity model.

Fourth iteration o Complexity in linear curved lines and intersecting o Angles to show different forms

Fifth iteration

Sum up of part.1 After six iteration of evolution, I saw a not really significant but valuable improvement of my works. Messy and do not know from the beginning to slowly find a workable system of direction. During the process has pressure, but also enjoy.

A Well-Considered & Well- Crafted Thing of Beauty (Part. 2: Collage Studies) Collage #1 and #2 o Asymmetrical o Axis o Organized o Linear, lines of Force o Open o Movement o Curvilinear o Repetition o Synthesis o Tangential

Collage #3

Collage #4

Collage #5 Acquisition after 5 collages: o Understand the initial inspiration deeply o Deeper understanding of line, shape, space, edge and balance o Grasp the unity and continuity of all skills o Better organize design elements o Gaining courage of exploring different possibilities

ARCH 101 - Midterm Learning Porftolio  
ARCH 101 - Midterm Learning Porftolio  

ARCH 101 - Fall 2011 Mid-term