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ARCH 101 Final Project (Fall 2011)

Mobiles: Moving Sculptures that Express Self, Place, Space, and Time

=== Research & Draft Project Proposal ===

Date: 10-24-2011 By Kim Hung Yu

Design Intentions

I am always the happiest in my childhood. And that happiness is all formed by simple idea with no impurities. When I was a child, I was doing things without hesitate, doing things that only I want to do. How about when I grown up? Always being hesitant in thinking when dealing with matters, Doing things that what I should, not what I want. Through this mobile sculpture I want to express that we should always remind ourselves, never forget that the most direct, original and authentic innocence in the life. So that our thinking and direction in life will be free from outside influence and restrictions, then there will be endless creativity like in the childhood through the future life.

Initial Concept

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ARCH 101 Final Project  
ARCH 101 Final Project  

Research & Draft Project Proposal