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Reem Zaghmout Qatar University 2016

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Contact Information

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: +974-55032669

• Telephone Number : +974-44113560 • Home Address

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: P.O BOX 13982

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: Zone 66, St. 523, Building No. 6

Qualifications • BSc of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar University, 2016, 3.13/4 GPA • Matriculation, Al RESALA Independent Secondary School for Girls, 2010, 92%.

• Dean’s List Ceremony, College of Engineering, fall 2015, 3.71 Term GPA

Professional Experience

• Intern at Arab Engineering Bureau AEB, 24/JUN-24/AUG/2014, Architectural Design, Architectural Visualization, Interior Design, and Shop Drawings • Intern at Khatib & Alami, 24/JUN-6/AUG/2015, Review of tender documents, Quantity take off calculations


• Arabic, First Language • English, Proficiency.

Software Skills • Computer Aided Design software:

AutoCAD –

3D MAX –

Photoshop -



• Architectural Designs • Sustainable Designs • Interior Designs. • Tender documents, quantity take off calculations, and technical drawings • Dealing with work and team work pressures.

• 3rd place, Senior Design Contest, Dept. Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Engineering, Children Science Museum, 2016

Courses and Training Programs • ICDL: International Computer Driving License, Alattiya Training Center, 2008. • Undergraduates Research Experience Program (UREP), Qatar National Research Funds, 14 th cycle, under the supervision of Dr. Jamal Boussaa, 2014-2015.

• Nasmou Program for Young Engineers, Common Purpose, 2015. • The Internship Program, Bedaya Center, 2016

Volunteerism and memberships • Member of ABOUT magazine team, Student Architectural Magazine, 2014-now.

• Volunteer in The Palestinian Week Event, Qatar University, 13/ MAR -24/MAR\2016.

Conferences • International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering (ICAACE'14), Dubai, 25/DEC26/DEC/2014, Towards a Socio-Sustainable Environment in Fareej Al Asmakh, under the supervision of Dr. Jamal Boussaa

Publications • ABOUT Student Architectural Magazine, Dept. of Architecture, Qatar University, 2015, 1 st issue, in collaborations with others.

Senior Design Project

KIDZEUM Children Science Museum Fareej Al-Hitimi, Doha, Qatar

KIDZEUM: Children Science Museum

'Today's children are nation-builders of tomorrow‘ A unique project that focuses on children and their development in various fields, the museum includes 4 permanent exhibition spaces, each of is unique by itself and 1 multipurpose space, dedicated for temporary exhibitions.

Location Concept

The site is located in Fareej Al-Hitimi, Doha, Qatar. Opposite to the new Qatar National Museum by Jean Nouvel, and very much close to the sea.

Following the psychology of children and their preference to colors and dynamic forms. The design concept shows how community supports children and their development through masses that are perpendicular on each other (express support).

Site Design

A Child’s Journey

Exterior Renders

Floor Plans Ground Floor

First Floor

Elevations and Sections

Construction Drawings

Neighborhood Community Center Dhal Al-Hamam Park, Doha, Qatar

Neighborhood Community Center

The Neighborhood Community Center is located in Dhal Al-Hamam park. The project concentrated on technical aspects and details of the building. The project as well incorporated mechanical, electrical, sprinklers and all systems that make a building work. considering as well, architectural aesthetics, landscape and interior design.

Architectural Designs

Sustainability Innovation Center Lusail, Doha, Qatar

Al-Wakrah Waterfront Mosque Al-Wakrah, Qatar

Purple Island: EcoResort Purple Island, Al-Khor, Qatar

Sustainability Innovation Center Exchanging roles, where the human habitat (center) becomes both a taker and a giver, it takes energy and material from nature, and it gives Grey water to irrigate trees and vegetation. The building is separated into two main parts; each part contradicts the other, and present a role (giver-taker), both are connected with a huge dissembled pyramids.

Exterior Renders

Floor Plans Ground Floor

First Floor

Elevations and Sections

Al-Wakrah Waterfront Mosque

The concept of the mosque, was mainly inspired from the Ottoman dome. Considering it as an arch moving on a circular path to present a dome. instead consider an arch moving on a linear path, and raising some arches while lowering the others, to produce the elevation of the dome.

Elevation and Section

Purple Island: Eco-Resort


The Mangrove is A very well-known and distinguishing feature of Purple Island; and therefore it makes a beautiful sign of attraction to it. A design for an Ecofriendly resort was proposed. Focusing on orienting views towards the mangrove; to point out this magnificent feature of the island.

Interior Designs

Bvlgari’s Boutique Interior Design

Bvlgari’s Showcase

Bvlgari's Furniture Piece

Bvlgari’s Boutique Interior Design

A complete boutique design that starts from the general plans and elevations of the shop tell the technical details and finishing materials of it, was made for the famous brand of BVLGARI

Floor and Ceiling Plans


Bvlgari’s Showcase Design

From the excellency and quality that form the basis of Bvlgari’s culture. The new design of Bvlgari’s Showcase merges the concept of elegancy into the new concept of lightness and flexibility . The design aims for the elegant appearance that customers are used to, through the use of colors, materials and forms .

Floor Plan

White wooden parquet

Dark blue lacquered wood


Bvlgari’s Furniture Piece

A furniture piece inspired from the layout of the word “BVLGARI” was designed as a center piece that will be placed in the boutique . The furniture piece is flexible; it is divided into 3 main pieces, and can have different furniture rearrangements.


Summer Internship

AEB Interior Design 3D Max V-ray

Roberto Cavalli Style

Apartment’s Interior Design

As requested by the client, the interior of a residential apartment was designed in a Roberto Cavalli style, which is known for its exotic prints. The task focused on furniture and finishing material selection.

3D Max V-ray 3D-Max v-ray tutorial, to produce night and daytime shots for an already designed building. The task focused on selecting materials, placing lights, and Photoshop editing

Undergraduate Research Experience Program


Al Asmakh Historic District in Doha, Qatar: from an Urban Slum to Living Heritage

Al Asmakh Historic District in Doha, Qatar: from an Urban Slum to Living Heritage

Located near the famous Souq Waqif, Al-Asmakh historic area is facing many problems of negligence now a days. The research focused on studying the current conditions of the Fareej and presenting possible design solutions that revives the area. the process started with analyzing relevant cases studies, surveying heritage houses and proposing new ideas to conserve and revive the area.

Design Proposal (Maps)

Design Proposal (3D)

3D Max Works

Residential Villas Mental-Ray

3D Max Mental-ray


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Reem zaghmout portfolio  
Reem zaghmout portfolio  

A collection of some of my design projects during my years of study in architecture school