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1417 Highland Oaks Dr., Arcadia

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Sold $2,250,000

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485 Harvard Dr., Arcadia

428 Cambridge Dr., Arcadia

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2226 Ceilo Pl., Arcadia Sold $3,500,000

2786 California Blvd., Pasadena

6218 Sultana Ave., Temple City Sold $2,060,000



Sold $3,280,000

233 Longley Way, Arcadia Sold $1,938,000

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Directors’ Welcome

Welcome to the 21st Annual Orchestra Benefit Dinner and Concert at our new location, the Arcadia Masonic Center! There have been many wonderful experiences in the past twenty years of this event, and every year has been special in a unique way. There have been so many memorable performances by our student ensembles and full orchestra finales. We have enjoyed classical music, clapped with a variety of hoedowns and been moved listening to “When You Wish upon a Star.” Tonight, we transport you to the islands of Hawaii.

In this program are the names of the parents who work so hard and give of their personal time and effort for the students of our orchestra program. A special word of thanks to our Chairpersons Yate-Ching Yuan and Angela Hui and the crew of parent volunteers whose hard work and dedication to the orchestra students become obvious as all their planning becomes reality tonight. Thank you also to our Music Club President, Kirby Repko, VP of Orchestra, David Chan, and the members of the Arcadia Music Club for their endless support and efforts to bring instrumental music to more than 800 students at Arcadia High School. Thank you also to our team of music directors at Arcadia High School and the middle schools: Kevin Sherrill, Seth Murphy, Rick England, Mike Danielson, Jeff Grable, and Karl Morton for their never-ending encouragement and support. Finally, thanks to our Board of Education of the Arcadia Unified School District and High School Administration and Staff for their continuing commitment to arts and music education, which, at Arcadia, is unique and cherished by the teachers and students. Parents, grandparents, friends, alumni, neighbors, and all other supporters of the AHS Orchestra Program—you are the greatest. Thank You!!! And of course tonight could not be possible without our fantastic students. Orchestra students: THANK YOU for your patience, understanding, determination and hard work to be your very best. You have all worked extremely hard in preparation for tonight’s performance, and we all look forward to hearing your beautiful music. And now the reason why we are all here: Sit back and enjoy the student ensembles, guest artist Jason Arimoto, and our own 330-member Arcadia High School Orchestra as we present “Strings in Paradise.” Tom Forbes and Pin Chen Orchestra Directors 1

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2014 - 2015

Orchestra One

An, Rose Bharadwaj, Achintya Chan, Justin Chang, Jerry Chen, Darren Chen, Eileen Chen, Ethan Chen, Jerome Chen, Kelly Chen, Stella Chin, Crystal Chin, Kevin Ching, Andre Choi, Elim Chou, Alvin Chung, Vanessa Dai, Jessica Dai, Linling Der, Kyle Felix, Amanda

Feng, Anson Fong, Blair Halim, Kristen Heinrichs, Renee Huang, Aaron Huang, Cindy Huang, Cristie Huang, David Huang, Jeffrey Huang, Wing Tan Hung, Benjamin Imansjah, Zoe Jackson, Amanda Jia, Qiong Jin, Cris Kim, Chanyeong Kong, Nadine Koth, Rileyjane Lai, Chelsea Lam, Andy

Lam, Jocelyn Lee, Ellie Lee, Frank Lee, Jason Lee, Michelle Lei, Samantha Li, Doris Li, Yanhui Lin, Jason Lin, Shawn Lok, Julia Lu, Emily Lu, Victoria Lwin, San San Ly, Samantha Mahdavi, Jonathan McMahon, Elihu Neo, Cammie Ng, Cyric Ng, Darren


Park, Ha Eun Peng, Shih Wei Reale, Emily Sam, Simon Shen, Katie Shen, Stephanie Silver, Naomi Sun, Jennifer Tan, Edrick Matthew Theung, William Tong, Jason Tong, Mandy Tran, Hanson Tse, Madison Tung, Pei Han Velarde, Danielle Vuong, Megan Wang, Angela Wang, Cameron Wang, Jamie

Wang, Jonathan Wang, Kevin Wang, Lilian Wang, Regina Wang, Vanadium Wassall, Natalie Xiao, Pengchi Yamane, Eryca Yang, Nicole Yeung, Aaron Young, Linus Yu, Yu Ti Yuan, Warren Zhai, Yingying Zhang, Grace Zhang, Hannah Zhang, Hannah Zhang, James Zhang, Nicole Zheng, Melton

Best wishes to the student musicians of the Arcadia High School Orchestra at your 21st Annual Benefit Dinner. This prestigious event is alway an entertaining evening for all. Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication to your outstanding performances. I look forward to seeing you at the dinner.



2014 - 2015 Orchestra Two

Arslan, Chantal Ausen, Kyara Barter, Austin Beri, Krishna Beri, Ram Chan, Hong Lam Chan, Nicholas Chang, Alex Chang, Janice Chang, Winni Chao, Kuo-Heng Chau, Iris Che, Dylan Chen, Caroline Chen, Christopher Chen, Edward Chen, Edward Chen, Ni-Shih Chen, Yi-Pei Cheng, Grace Chiou, Katie Chiu, Hannah Cho, Roy Choi, Eric Chou, Justin Chow, Kristy

Chua, Mina Chung, Charles Chung, Vivian Cu, Raymond Cua, Wing Kei Cun, Wendy Dang, Kayla Feng, Karen Feng, Ziyan Fong, Ryan Forsyth, Leah Groesbeck, Gina Gutierrez, Alana Han, Chen-Ching Hatchett, Taliya Ho, Jonathan Hu, Megan Hua, Jaylynna Huang, Bryan Huang, Caleb Huang, Cathleen Huang, Daniel Huang, Tian Xiao Huang, Tiffany Huynh, Meghan Jiang, Emily

Jou, Kevin Kano, Carly Kao, Allison Kim, Gloria Kim, Juhun Kim, Paul Kwok, Megan Kwon, Elizabeth Kwong, Chantel Kwong, Priscilla Lai, Winnie Lee, Caroline Lee, Claire Lee, Hannah Lee, Irene Lee, Samuel Leung, Joshua Li, Samantha Li, Weixuan Liang, Han Cheng Lim, Adrian Lo, Kimberly Long, Vivian Lu, LeAnn Luu, Ryan Mak, Joanna

Mazer, Amelia Miravite, Jose Nakamoto, Sarah Nalbandian, Cristian Narvekar, Neel Ng, Christy Nguyen, Douglas Oh, Michelle Palabrica, Darren Pan, Edward Pidlaoan, Angela Poon, Leon Pwint, Phoo Qi, Andrew Qiu, Victoria Rezkalla, Justin Rios, Chelsey Roa, Neil Sarsam, Kamila Shen, Lauren Shen, Megan Sinarjo, Vanessa Stepanian, Alexia Sue, Ryan Sugiyama, Mashu Sun, Audrey


Sun, Calvin Sun, Olivia Sun, Tiger Swift, Lucia Tam, Gavin Tan, Jessica Tay, Justin Tjhin, Pauline Tran, Justin Tse, Janelle Ung, Nicholas Velloze, Gregory Velloze, Isabelle Vuong, Stacy Wang, Andrew Wang, Christina Wang, David Wang, Elizabeth Wang, Huili Wang, Po-Chun Wang, Shawn Wei, Derrick Weller, Nicholas Wong, Ashley Wong, Austin Wong, Tyler

Wood, Delia Wood, Demi Wu, Benson Wu, Yi Kai Xu, Michelle Xue, Jingwen Yang, Qiurui Yau, David Yee, Iris Yeung, Justin Yip, Abbie Zhang, Eileen Zhang, Henry Zhang, Jeffrey Zhang, Zhijian Zhao, Alvin Zhao, Melinda Zhou, Jennifer Zhou, Mei Qi Zordilla, Madison


2014 - 2015 Orchestra Three

Biswas, Tridib Chang, Jonathan Chang, Kira Chen, Kevin Chen, Leanne Chen, Phillip Cheng, Ellen Cheng, Simin Chi, Jocelyn Chiang, Calvin Chiu, Rachel Chou, Vivian Chow, Leona Chuu, Evan Conroy, Kevin Cui, Samuel Fan, Xinyu Gee, Celine

Gomez-Carrasco, Rafael Harnanto, Daniel Hong, Megan Hong, Sunny Hsiao, Daniel Hu, Joshua Hu, Meng Yuan Huang, Casey Huang, Jesse Huang, Joy Hui, Kelly Iwasaki, Loren Jia, Luke Jiang, James Kang, Wonryung Kou, Samuel Kwan, Clarice Lam, Yi-Li

Law, Brian Lee, Chelsea Lee, Esther Lee, Kristie Lee, Madeline Lim, Zachary Lima, Justine Lin, Michelle Liu, Vivian Lo, Jannell Loi, Melody Lu, Jason Moon, Da Yeoun Nguyen, Stephanie Ou, Allison Ro, Annie Ryu, Ji Su Shen, Willie


Son, David Tom, Gregory Tseng, Elizabeth Villa, Rachaelle Williams, Spencer Wu, Micaela Xu, Ganyu Xue, Danna Yang, Cathleen Yao, Michillinda Ye, Nancy Yip, Sabrina Yu, Bridget Zhang, William Zhao, Jie


Arcadia Unified School District Board of Education

Lori Phillipi, President Kay Kinsler, Vice President Janet Chew, Clerk Fenton Eng, Member Cung Nguyen, Member Minphy Liao, Student Representative


David Vannasdall, Superintendent Christina Aragon, Assistant Superintendent Kevin Hryciw, Assistant Superintendent Jeff Wilson, Assistant Superintendent Paul Kearns, Elementary Music Supervisor

Arcadia High School Administration Brent Forsee, Principal John Finn, Assistant Principal Catherine Merel, Assistant Principal Jennifer Lashier, Assistant Principal John Tung, Assistant Principal Keith Kerney, Dean of Students Bhavini Bhakta, Activities Director

District Music Staff

Thomas J. Forbes, Arcadia High School Orchestra Director Pin Chen, Arcadia High School Orchestra Director Kevin Sherrill, Arcadia High School Band Director Seth Murphy, Arcadia High School Band Director Rick England, Arcadia High School Choral Director Mike Danielson, First Avenue Middle School Music Director Karl Morton, Foothills Middle School Music Director Jeff Grable, Dana Middle School Music Director Conrad Henning, Elementary Music Teacher Cindy Liu, Elementary Music Teacher David Peck, Elementary Music Teacher Janet Smith, Elementary Music Teacher


Words will



Orchestra Council

President  Casey Huang Vice President  Hanna Moon Secretary Jonathan Chang Treasurer  Daniel Hsiao Treasurer  Danna Xue Treasurer  Evan Chuu Historian  Rachel Chiu Historian  Annie Ro Historian  Ryan Luu Librarian  Sunny Hong Librarian  Justin Tran Communications Christina Wang Sophomore Rep  Samuel Cui

Arslan, Chantal Beri, Krishna Biswas, Tridib Chan, Nicholas Chang, Alex Chang, Jonathan Chen, Edward Chen, Kevin Chen, Leanne Chen, Phillip Chiang, Calvin Chiu, Rachel Cho, Roy Chou, Justin Chow, Kristy Chua, Mina Chung, Charles Cua, Wing Kei Cun, Wendy Dang, Kayla

Orchestra 1 Rep  Cameron Wang Orchestra 1 Rep Jonathan Mahdavi Orchestra 2 Rep  Tyler Wong Logistics  Phillip Chen Logistics  Rafael Gomez Gig Coordinator  Calvin Chiang Gig Coordinator  Samuel Kou Directors’ Assistant  Tiffany Huang Florida Secretary Michelle Lin Social Chair  Leann Lu (10) Social Chair Grace Cheng (11) Social Chair  Vivian Liu (12)

2015 Seniors Feng, Karen Gee, Celine Gomez-Carrasco, Rafael Hsiao, Daniel Huang, Bryan Huang, Casey Huang, Tiffany Hui, Kelly Kano, Carly Kim, Gloria Kou, Samuel Kwong, Chantel Lee, Madeline Lima, Justine Liu, Vivian Luu, Ryan Mak, Joanna Mazer, Amelia Moon, Da Yeoun Ng, Christy 11

Palabrica, Darren Pidlaoan, Angela Poon, Leon Rezkalla, Justin Ryu, Ji Su Sarsam, Kamila Shen, Willie Sinarjo, Vanessa Stepanian, Alexia Sun, Audrey Swift, Lucia Tseng, Elizabeth Wang, David Xu, Ganyu Xu, Michelle Yao, Michillinda Yau, David Zhao, Alvin Zhao, Jie

2015 Benefactors

Diamond Level Angela Hui & Daryoush Dayan, Amy Pan Emerald Level Angela Hui & Daryoush Dayan Christine Lee, Jane Liang, Patty Soldo, Sherry Wang Ruby Level Ray Hsiao Guest Artist Level John Law Alumni Family Level Emily AuYeung, Letty Chen, Law Offices of Douglas L. Collins Sapphire Level Steve Bloom, Angela Hui & Daryoush Dayan, Suyi Huang, Susan Lai, Sai Ping Lok, Ready Pac, Joyce Sakai, Edna Dulce Weller-Fusto, Ching Yun Yang, Miao Yuan, Yate-Ching Yuan Jade Level David Chen, Full House Seafood Restaurant, Hyuk Choi, Denise Fong, Lily Fung, Steven Jiang, Piwen Lan, Jonathan Lee, Patsrick Lei, Lester Li, Willie Tan, Alvin Ung, Andy Vuong, Jinghua Wang, Katy Wang, Hsiao Yun Wu Pearl Level Chi-Tien Chen, Lin Chen, Harry Chin, Steve Chin, Andy Dai, Thomas Der, I Ming Feng, Chunhua Huang, Kang Huang, Michael Huang, Peng Huang, Mike Lam, Jason Lee, Pei Chen Lee, Robin Li, Thomas Lim, Fang Ping Liu, Phat Lu, Don Ly, Mega Bank, Sang-Won Park, Shih-Min Peng, Rose Pwint, Phillip Sam, Kim Huat Tay, Gerald Tom, Junhua Tong, David Tran, Richard Tran, Jianguo Wang, Joe Wang, Dennis Yau, Li Zhang, Ke Zhou

Donations made after February 17, 2015 are not listed but very much appreciated! 12

2015 Orchestra BeneďŹ t Concert Committee Position


Orchestra Directors Music Club President Music Club Vice President Benefit Dinner Event Chair Publicity Treasurer Data Entry Phone Tree Benefactor Advertisements Silent Auction Silent Auction Check Out Ticket Sales Food Decoration Program Editors Reception

Tom Forbes & Pin Chen Kirby Repko David Chan Angela Hui & Yate-Ching Yuan Kathy Chan, Melissa Huang Margaret Nalbandian Lily Fung, Anna Ching, Angela Su Kathy Chan, Emily Au Yeung, Lin Chen, Melissa Huang, Sharleen Nakamoto, Margaret Nalbandian Ellen Yang & Catherine Tong, Kathy Cheng, Sherry Wang Jane Liang & Angela Hui, Emily Au Yeung, Lin Chen, Anna Ching, Lily Fung, Felice Kwan, Angela Su, Yate-Ching Yuan Nana Shen, Takako Iwasaki, Felice Kwan, Sharleen Nakamoto Nana Shen, Ling Ling Chung, Lily Fung, Takako Iwasaki, Felice Kwan, Claire Lo, Sharleen Nakamoto, Catherine Tong, Sherry Wang Maria Lau, Janet Au, Felice Kwan, Beatrice Lin, Anna Ching, Claire Lo, Angela Su Gina Chen & Angela Lim, David Chan, Elaine Forsyth, Eva Kum, Susan Liu, Lindsey Vong, Ying Zhang Kathy Yamane, Helen Xiong Caroline Wu, Melissa DeSurra, Mark Kennedy Beatrice Lin, Janet Au, Emily Au Yeung, Lin Chen, Felice Kwan, Maria Lau, Claire Lo, Helen Xiong Winston Lim Doug Failing, David Chan, Michael Huang, Agung Imansjah David Chan, Michael Huang , all OBD committee members

Photography Stage/Props/Instruments Security & Clean-up Names in bold print denote Committee Chairperson

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event a great success! 13

Jack Taylor

Master of Ceremonies

Mr. Taylor, Music Director of the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra, is now recognized as one of the top music educators in Southern California. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Southern California and a Master of Science in Music Education from Southern Oregon University. His background of excellence in music training and his passion for teaching students provide a well-balanced approach for music education. Mr. Taylor has taught music in Temple City for twenty years at the elementary and intermediate school levels. His groups consistently receive superior ratings at area music festivals. In addition to his groups at Temple City, Mr. Taylor serves as the conductor of the Pasadena City College Community Concert Band and the Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra.

Artwork By: Nikki Yang

Artwork by: Rose An 14

2015 Guest Artist: Jason Arimoto

Originally from Hawaii, Los Angeles-based Jason Arimoto, also known on YouTube as “facemeltingukulele,” is a featured artist on the Na Hoku Hanohano Award-winning album, Abe Lagrimas, Jr. and Friends – Solo Ukulele: The King of Pop, and is a two-time winner of the Ukulele Underground Award for Best Vocal Performance of the Year. He has attracted a following for his blues ‘ukulele covers of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” and John Mayer’s “Gravity,” which was featured as one of Jake Shimabukuro’s top picks on YouTube in 2011. His original music blends his island roots with reggae and blues, with soulful vocals combining with a bluesy ‘ukulele tone. Jason has performed across the U.S. including the Bean Blossom Blues Festival in Indiana and Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California as well as internationally at the Cairns Ukulele Festival in Australia.  Jason performs weekly at Don the Beachcomber restaurant in Huntington Beach, California. Jason is also a lead instructor of ‘Ukulele Creations, a comprehensive music program developed together with six-time Grammy award winner Daniel Ho.  Jason was invited to teach at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion as part of the Music Center of Los Angeles’ Active Arts Program and was voted as a top-rated instructor by participants. In addition to his work as a solo artist, Jason performs in a ‘ukulele-percussion duo with percussionist Brad Ranola. Jason is also one of the original members of the Los Angeles-based reggae/blues/ rock band, JMD. JMD has attracted a loyal following for their inventive fusion of Bob Marley, Sublime, and Jimi Hendrix using three-part harmonies and three instruments: a ‘ukulele, bass and drums.  JMD has performed in venues across Southern California. We welcome Jason Arimoto’s performance at the 2015 Arcadia High School Orchestra Benefit Dinner.

Distinguished Guest Artists from Past Years 1995 John Krovoza, Cello 1996 Todd Miller, French Horn/Percussion 1997 Alex Iles, Trombone 1998 Kurt Curtis, Trumpet 1999 Sal Lazano, Woodwinds 2000 John Stothers, Voice/Piano 2001 Armen Ksajikian, Cello 2002 Billy Hill & The Hillbillies 2003 Billy Mitchell, Piano 2004 Craig & Mary Durst – 2AZZ1 2005 Gregory Maldonado Baroque Quartet 2006 Alan Mautner and Vio-Fonik

2007 Felix Bullock, Guitar 2008 Tom Sauber, Fiddle Patrick Sauber, Guitar/Banjo Mark Graham, Harmonica 2009 Drew Tertick, Violin 2010 Hutchins Consort, String Ensemble 2011 The Backbeats, A Cappella Group 2012 Oak and Gorski, Cello Rock Duo 2013 High Fidelity Brass 2014 Bella Electric Strings 15









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, on your achievements in music! Best wishes for a Great Performance! Love,

Mom & Dad 25





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Arcadia High School Orchestra Benefit Dinner Menu February 28th, 2015 Strings in Paradise Menu


Shrimp Ceviche Peach Salsa Served with Chips Stuffed Spinach Boreg with Sweet Cheese in Pastry Flakes Don Ho’s Favorite Cocktail Egg Rolls with Sauce


Fresh Fruit Medley Spring Mixed Greens with Pineapple, Apples, Pumpkin Seeds With Orange Pineapple Dressing


Fresh Wild Maui Salmon Glazed with Teriyaki & Sesame Seeds Oahu’s Tender Pulled Pork


Tender Crisp Zucchini, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Mushrooms, Glazed Carrots, Herbs Veggie Lasagna Napolitano Carnavali Fancy Rice (with raisins & almonds) Hawaiian Sweet Rolls


Waikiki’s Favorite Upside Down Pineapple Cherry Cake


Starbucks Coffee/ Iced Tea Hot Tea Bottled Water Catered By B.C. Continental Creations (626) 437-6193


“Strings in Paradise” S T UDEN T E N S E M B L E S

Under the Sea – Menken, arr. Rosenhaus Doris Li, Danielle Velarde – Violin Jerry Chang – Viola Cameron Wang – Cello Regina Wang – Bass

Flower Waltz – Joseph Reinagle Justin Chou, Alvin Zhao – Violin

Nocturne – Mendelssohn

Ariel Chan, Taliya Hatchett, Rose Pwint, Adrian Lim, David Wang, Iris Yee – Violin

Praeludium 1. Prelude – Shostakovich arr Arovmyan Caroline Lee, Kimberly Lo, Abbie Yip – Violin Winnie Lai – Piano

Quataor Op.18 No.4 – Beethoven

Stella Chen, Andre Ching – Violin Hannah Zhang – Viola Vanessa Chung – Cello

Duo for violin and cello Op.7 – Kodaly Lilian Wang – Violin Nikki Yang – Cello

Welcome to the Jungle – 2 cellos Elizabeth Tseng, Bruce Xu – Cello

Spring – Piazolla

Kelly Hui, Leanne Chen – Violin Elizabeth Tseng – Cello

Passacaglia – Handel/Halvorsen Samuel Kou, Danna Xue – Cello

Trois Duos Op.99 Mvt.1 Allegro – Haydn Leanne Chen, Vivian Chou – Violin

Trio in D minor – Arensky

Evan Chuu – Violin Danna Xue – Cello Jonathan Chang – Piano 32

“Strings in Paradise” G U E S T A RT IS T

Jason Arimoto

Tonight’s program will be announced from the stage.

F IN A L E Polovtsian Dances from “Prince Igor” By Alexander Borodin. Arr. By John Kember Over the Rainbow By Harold Arlen. Arr. By Bobo Phillips & Andy Beck Hawaii Five-O By Mort Stevens. Arr. By Larry Moore

Performed by the 330 Musicians of the Arcadia High School Orchestras The Arcadia High School Orchestras would like to thank the Arcadia Music Club, Arcadia High School, Arcadia Unified School and the City of Arcadia for their many years of support and encouragement. Your efforts are truly appreciated!


Thank you for supporting AHS Orchestras!





ARCADIA HIGH AD.pdf 1 1/27/2015 2:47:21 PM



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開啟的骺軟骨 閉合的骺軟骨

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緩解 壓力

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益人的核心專利天然複合營養, 不但同時改善身高,更可促進大腦 的成長。 -韓國科學部的專利及研究成果GF-185 -促進生長激素IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1)分泌 -刺激生長板,促進生長激素IGF-1分 泌,有效提高生長板軟骨細胞增殖 -促進骨骼生長,促進促骨增生蛋白 BMP-2 (Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2)分泌,提高軟骨細胞增殖 -保護腦神經細胞,改善記憶力 -增強兒童體質

2015 NEW

益人天普店 綠島餐廳隔壁

益人聖蓋博店 聖市順發超市

9560 Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780

1635 S. San Gabriel, San Gabriel, CA 91776



主要成分:山茱萸,桑葉, 桑椹,石菖蒲,當歸等





Artwork By: YanHui Li 40









Student Artwork 48






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b&w 54

Dear Dear Jannell, Jannell, You have mademade us allus all You have proud. proud. GreatGreat job! job! KeepKeep it up!it up!

Dad, Mom & Wayne Dad, Mom & Wayne

Congratulations Casey!

For great accomplishment on your orchestra journey! We are so proud of you! Love,

Michael, Melissa and Calvin



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Motorcycles 3001 W. Main St. Unit A Alhambra, CA 91801 626-282-2233

Artwork by: Kelly Chen

Artwork By: Amanda Jackson

Artwork by: Chelsea Lai

Artwork by: Naomi Silver 58


1045 W Huntington Dr. Suite #200 Arcadia, CA 91007

Phone: 626-447-7888 www.transpacificagency.com




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Heart Care – Heart Failure Gold Plus Award by the American

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Bariatric (weight loss) Surgery Center of Excellence – designated

American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer



as a primary stroke center and the Gold Plus Award by the

American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association

Profile for Arcadia Music Club

Orchestra Benefit Dinner 2015 Program Book  

2015 OBD Program Book

Orchestra Benefit Dinner 2015 Program Book  

2015 OBD Program Book