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the arcadia key club newsletter vol II issue III

MAY 2018



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a message from the news editor

Aloha seals!

SCHOOL IS OVER! That means fun in the sun and days spent lazing around! Or, if you're me, that also means summer school :( But it's okay! We can still enjoy ourselves at Key Club events. Even if school is out of session, Arcadia Key Club isn't. This past month and a half, we have had a variety of events, including the National Letter Carrier Drive, Bike MS, D35W Banquet, and more! And coming up we have Division OTC, where there will be workshops and fun activities that teach you all about what you can do for Key club. This event is for ALL members, not just officers! Please try to stay active over the summer! We are trying our hardest to incorporate fun events for you to volunteer at. It's never a bad time to have fun and make new friends at Key Club events! Stay cool, Arcadia Key Clubbers!

Until next time,

Charisse Liu


national letter carrier drive 5.12.18 CLUB EVENT

At the letter carrier drive, we helped out by packing donated food into boxes and storing them in usps delivery trucks. The work was very fast-paced and hard, but ended up being extremely rewarding and fun. The people hosting the event were very kind and hospitable, because they provided food and also helped us do the work. It is one of my favorite events during the year. -Jordan Lam, AKC Treasurer


At the National Letter Carrier Drive we sorted 3 different kinds of foods into boxes. The 3 kinds were the canned foods, the dry foods, and liquid/jarred foods. We finished about 2 hours early, so they asked us to go to another location at Altadena. The event was litty!!! -Kevin Song, AKC ICC representative

may dcm 5.19.18 DIVISION EVENT

"The May DCM was a really fun bonding event where we were entertained with the movie, SPLIT. We also got to enjoy an endless amount of snacks to munch on during the movie for just a donation of $5. What other great way to bond with fellow D35W members than with unlimited snacks and a horror movie?" -Jacy Hung, AKC Historian


bike ms



"Similar to Walk MS in May, this event spreads awareness of multiple sclerosis and brings everyone together by cheering their friends and family on. But what stood out to me about this event was a display right before the finish. We set up pictures of victims of MS so that the bikers could see them while riding towards the finish line. I thought the display was so sentimental and sweet!" -Charisse Liu, AKC news editor


"It was great to see all those bikers coming together for a great event. I had a lot of fun setting up and talking to the people there. Hopefully more of our members can go next time?" -Bobby Kong, AKC member

d35w banquet 6.03.18 DIVISION EVENT

"Arcadia took a sweep at the division banquet! We were able to get many awards, one of them being club of the year! I was also able to reunite with some friends at the banquet and was able to reflect on many events throughout the last term." -Andrea Zhang, AKC publicity commissioner "At the banquet, a lot of awards were presented to both individuals and clubs. Arcadia received Club of the Year there; that was a big surprise to me (not in a bad way). There was also a PowerPoint of pictures of this past term, and it was really nice to just look back at everything." -Victoria Wang, D35W Video Media Editor


book & bike safety fair 6.09.18 DIVISION EVENT

We were in charge of distributing coloring books and a national park activity book, but there were other booths where kids could play games, get their faces painted, and meet police officers to ask questions. It was fun seeing so many kids get excited over book, some started reading right when they picked it up! At the end of the fair there were some books left over and the people in charge let us take some home which was pretty exciting. -Celine Win, AKC member



calendar june

ARROYO KEY CLUB is opening up their event, PASADENA CHALK ART FESTIVAL, to the division! The dates are June 16 & 17!

June 23, 2018 Division OTC (Officer Training Conference) June DCM


contact us Mr. Fujiwara, club adviser

Alvin Tran, president Megan Chao, vice president Sandy Chien, vice president Jackie Auduong, secretary

credits News Editor Charisse Liu Historians Gabriel Chung Jacy Hung

media Arcadia Key Club 2017-2018

Jordan Lam, treasurer Charisse Liu, news editor Gabriel Chung, historian Jacy Hung, historian Andrea Zhang, publicity commissioner Jason Chang, activities commissioner Kevin Song, ICC rep/Kiwanis ambassador



Arcadia Key Club

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May | Arcadia HS  

The newsletter for the month of May (and a couple events in June too hehe). Hope everyone's having a great summer!

May | Arcadia HS  

The newsletter for the month of May (and a couple events in June too hehe). Hope everyone's having a great summer!