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Stitl Li{c First Flace

I\atalie Featherston Harmony and elegance were the guiding principles behind Natalie Featherston's Mwm's th e

Word. "Ithink that a lot of what I was after in this piece has to do with the mood," says Featherston, a longime New

Yorker who recently moved to Princeton, NewJersey. "For example, the background sets up the ambience. It's kind of rich and quiet, with the neutral gold panel and the mahogany tabletop. The light also has a lot to do with the overall effect of the

painting-the juxtaposition of the darker, richer tones with the light raking across the objects and the flowers." Featherston based the painting's composition on the figure of a triangle. "The mums are the focal point," she says, "and you've got the very

bright napkin, which is making a triangular shape and leading the viewer's eye in and back out. I also set up a visual contrast between the actual flowers and the blue and white flowers painted on the vase." As she does with all her florals, Featherston made a rough, linear charcoal sketch on her canvas to establish the general shapes of the objeas. "I start with a toned background," she says. "Then I block in everything except the

flowers. In fact, I dont even buy the flowers until I complete everything else. The flowers are done allaprima,without any drawing. I move

from flower to flower, bringing each one to fullfinish as I go."


First Place Mum's theWord (oil, 20x16) by Natalie Featherston.

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Natalie Featherston - The Artist's Magazine - December 2001