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arcadetables Game Not Over Retro arcade games are enjoying a boom with sit-down video games tables back in production for the first time in two decades. Australian supplier Arcade Tables were the first to rework and revive the funky, clunky cocktail video games of that evocative period of history we longingly or cringingly refer to as the “80s”. The asobu table is a modern take on the old classic. Clean lines, cool design, quality workmanship, rugged construction. But at heart, it remains the familiar cocktail gamer we all knew and loved. Cooler than a plasma tele. Sexier than an Xbox. More stylish than a Corb chaise. More stimulating than an espresso machine. More engaging than Trivial Pursuit. More impressive than a home theatre! Today, you’ll find the asubo arcade table in offices, bars, cafes, shops and homes all over the east coast. The asobu is delivered with nine games of your choice, and another 30 are available, including all the classics: Space Invaders, PacMan, Galaga, Donkey Kong and Frogger. “Best of all, there’s never any need to update the games or software” director James McLennan adds. “After all, they’ve been out of date for years...” The unit comes with sleek black and stainless steel finish, 21 inch full colour screen, thumping speaker with volume control, tough stainless steel control panel, and toughened smoky glass. Commercial grade fittings and parts are standard. Also included are two black hourglass stools and 12 months warranty. Purchase one for $2980, or rent for $50 per week. >> Arcade Tables 1300 653 711 or

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