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My Design Progression The best way to get an idea of how the final design would look like on the actual side would be using the model from Sketch Up onto the photo of the actual site. In this image it is very dark and cloudy day. Also the limited material colour in this model makes it stand out from the surrounding atmosphere. I did consider the colours of the martials being used and its aesthetic side as well as the energy saving side. The L-shape of the footprint created a space area which could possibly be used for barbecues. It also an interesting geometrical feature of the house in a rectangular plan area. Because I was trying to have the window sizes in the golden ratio, there problems with the number of different window sizes being used on the four sides of the wall. Also, my aim was to use the window in a position of a room where there would be maximum amount of day/sunlight and good view from inside the house. Keeping reasonable amount of windows on the side of the house with equivalent amount of sun light for the lightning and thermal reasons as well as limiting the range of sizes of windows.

Initially I started with some rough sketches on the paper and then transferred them onto Sketch Up. I started with a rectangle, trying to keep the structure simple for construction . Following from the first Sketch Up model I got an idea of the aesthetic while applying the materials. Aesthetically the design did not pleased me. Also considering the plan of the floor, I change the whole footprint of the building. After having studied some contemporary designs I began to work my ideas around this concept with consideration of the plan. My intention from the start was to keep minimum windows on the northern side of the house (image on the right). It was not all about the outside or the aesthetic of the house that concerned me more in this design than the inside. The outside of the house was designed after I achieved a reasonable design of the inside. To get the windows of both levels of the house in line with each other I used vertical and horizontal lines, so that it looks organised and tidy.

Design Brief  
Design Brief  

Issues and considerations of my design so far