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Arborist Climbing Line ATP stocks a wide range of climbing lines from the extremely strong Arbormaster to the super lightweight Velocity and Blaze. Whatever line you use, it is important that it complies with the ANSI standards for Arboriculture. (See below.) These standards were developed with the input of professionals in tree care to reflect the best and safest work practices. All climbing lines sold by ATP meet these standards.

ANSI Z133.1-2006 Arborist Climbing Line Standard: “Arborist climbing lines shall have a minimum diameter of ½ inch (12.7 mm) and be constructed from a synthetic fiber, with a minimum breaking strength of 5,400 pounds (24.02 kilo newtons [kN]) when new. Maximum working elongation shall not exceed 7 percent at a load of 540 pounds (2.402 [kN]). Arborist climbing lines shall be identified by the manufacturer as suitable for tree climbing. EXCEPTION: In arboriculture operations not subject to regulations that supersede Z133.1, a line of not less than 7/16 (11mm) may be used, provided the employer can demonstrate it does not create a safety hazard for the arborist and the arborist has been instructed in its use. The strength and elongation ratings of the line selected shall meet or exceed that of ½ inch (12.7mm) arborist climbing line.”

The New BIGFOOT color for ArborMaster® Rope 120’ BF12 HK$857 150’ BF15 HK$1059 200’ BF20 HK$1392 600’ BF60 HK$4162 Bulk BFB HK$7

BIG FOOT Climbing Rope - ATP Catalog 2009