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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 2013

Holiday Children’s Party

Holiday Happy Hour

December 14 – 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

December 13th – 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Candy Cane Express Train, Holiday Crafts, Balloon Artist, Santa Photo Station, Tattoo Station and Snowman toss game. This is a free event, no advanced sign up is necessary and guests are welcome!

On December 13th Arbor Greene would like to host an evening of friendly gathering at the Community Center from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, sponsored by Cornerstone Properties and Investments, LLC. Light Hors d’oeuvres will be provided, just bring your favorite beer or wine for an evening of socializing with both new and old friends alike. Must be 21 years of age or older to attend. Please R.S.V.P. to by December 9th.




Date Day Time

CDD Meeting




CDD Meeting




Upcoming Events: Tampa Bay Bucs Day............... 11/17 Holiday Happy Hour............... 12/13 Children’s Holiday Party.......... 12/14 January Blood Drive................ 01/25

HOA Design Review Board (DRB)




HOA Meeting




Run Club.................................... TBD (see page 2) If you have any event ideas, or are interested in sponsoring any future Arbor Greene CDD events, please contact Community Manager, Jason von Merveldt at

Hello New Residents! The Arbor Greene website: has useful information to help with your transition to our community. You will find information related to the CDD, HOA, including meeting dates and past meeting minutes. Additionally, there is community information, a calendar of events and an online newsletter.

Welcome to Arbor Greene! The final approved CDD Meeting and CDD Workshop Minutes are published on the Arbor Greene website at Interested in joining the Arbor Greene Run Club? Send an email to with specific days and times that would best fit your needs, so we can plan what is best for the community. This is a free and healthy social event open to all ages, running levels and abilities.



Ever feel like you’re the only mother who stays home? You are not alone! Join the MOMS Club of New Tampa. It’s a great way for you to meet other stay at-home mothers in the area, as well as a great way for your children to meet new playmates and engage in stimulating activities while encouraging their social skills. We offer support for at-home mothers through: planned monthly activities calendar, ageappropriate play groups for your children, monthly Moms’ night out, service projects within the community.

For more information contact: Whitney Tanenbaum • 486-3095 Email: Website: PAGE 2

AG CDD Board of Supervisors Nathan Clawson, Supervisor (Term ending to 11/14) Toby Thomson, Vice-Chairman (Term ending 11/14) Adam Tanenbaum, Chairman (Term ending 11/16) Steve Eckhardt, Supervisor (Term ending 11/16) Michael S. Candella, Supervisor (Term ending 11/16)

Seat #1 Avalon Seat #2 Avalon Seat #3 Preserve Seat #4 Enclave Seat #5 Preserve

Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors Sean Kiehl, President (2015) Parkview Judith Swartz, Vice President (2014 Parkview Mike Konicek, Treasurer (2015) Landing Sheryl Greenlee, Secretary (2014) Parkview Dhanni Sukhai, Director (2014) Enclave Paul Boucher, Director (2015) Parkview Patricia Chung, Director (2014) Enclave Greeneacre Properties, Inc. 600-1100, ext. 163 Mark

Devonshire HOA Board of Directors Stuart Marofsky, President Julia Rogers, Vice-President Nick D’Andrea, Secretary Robert Hennig, Treasurer Melody Peterson, Board Member at Large Wil Alvarez, Unique Property Services, 879-1139

Carriage Homes HOA Board of Directors Bruce Metts, Board of Directors Craig Silverstein, Board of Directors Bob Winter, Board of Directors Laurie Dykeman, Board of Directors Lorraine Thomas, Community Manager, Rizzetta & Company, 813-933-5571

Arbor Greene CDD Staff Community Manager Jason von Merveldt 991-9226 Club Manager Mike Candella 991-9741 Maintenance Manager Gary Smith 991-9226 Administrative Manager Claudia Mayo 991-9226 Newsletter Editor 991-9226


Greetings from the HOA We have two call-outs this month for Homeowners: SUPER INSPECTION RESULTS: We had our second “super inspection” back in August. More than 400 individual violations were sent out to AG homeowners. More than ½ of these violations were cured within the 1st two weeks. THANK YOU! These inspections reflect the core role that the HOA plays in Arbor Greene. Our function is to maintain a high standard and appearance for all individual properties, with the intent of maximizing neighborhood home values. If you have received a violation, we want to help you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mark Eary with Greenacre. Let us know that you are on board and we will give you the time or help you need. We are going to continue with a monthly focus area and two super inspections per year. Tree trimming will be the focus area for November. NEW PAINT BOOKS: Great news! The new paint books have arrived. These are located in the CDD office, Sherwin Williams at BBD and I-75 or at the Greenacre offices. The HOA has clarified the process for painting as follows: • Any existing paint scheme (body + trim) for any of the villages is deemed PRE-APPROVED. Homeowners still need to complete the DRB application for formal approval. None of these existing color schemes will be denied. • Any AG village paint scheme is pre-approved, not just the original colors for a particular village. • DRB Approval can be sought for colors or combinations not included in the books. The DRB has done a great job of helping homeowners navigate the process and they are happy to help. Please be aware that the DRB will limit approvals of new combinations to earth tones so that we maintain the heritage and fabric of the community. • Paint books must not leave their location. Pages cannot leave the books. We want to make sure that everyone has complete access to all colors all the time. Sherwin Williams has color cards and sells test colors to help with choosing and finalizing paint colors. ~ Sean Kiehl ~

Message From the Chairman Dear Fellow AG Residents: As our Community Manager alluded to in last month’s newsletter, AGCDD is fortunate to have first-class, resort-style facilities for use by residents and the public. He and the AGCDD Board are working diligently together to repair, update, and improve our public spaces and equipment to ensure an encounter with AGCDD facilities today is as special as one 15 years ago. You can help. If, while you are using the clubhouse, the pool, a tennis court, or even a sidewalk or road; you see something in need of attention or improvement, please contact us as you observe the issue (but not while you are driving). An email only takes a couple minutes, and our address is easy to remember— An email to that address automatically goes to all members of the Board and to the Community Manager. Understandably, many residents are busy and do not have time to fuss about ways, ideally, their community could be even better. Others are just reticent to “complain.” Yet when I am fortunate to have a one-on-one encounter with a resident and I ask how we are doing as a CDD, invariably thoughts and ideas flow. Over the next few months, I will start walking door-to-door in our neighborhoods; and walking around the clubhouse, pools and tennis courts; in an effort to more directly engage with residents and solicit comments and recommendations. The goal is to talk with you, as neighbors, and get an honest assessment of how the CDD and the Board are doing and for where improvements and innovations can be made. I hope you will give me a few minutes of your valuable time if we run into each other. Together, let us preserve our special community for years to come. The advent of a new solid waste service and its oversized trucks last month highlighted the safety issues associated with improperly trimmed and neglected verge trees. The FY2014 budget has money set aside to begin trimming the village verge trees most in need in an arborist- recommended manner to encourage proper growth and to develop a safe-but-aesthetic canopy on our village roads. At the same time, the Board is moving forward to renovate the clubhouse, starting with the exterior. The exterior renovation will be expensive, and it will include roof improvement and likely replacement. Soon the Board likely will have to consider the best, financially sensitive balance to strike between these two cost-intensive projects. As always, your comments are welcome. Finally, a shameless plug. At Arbor Greene, we have a real gem as a neighbor—the New Tampa Regional Library, one of the busiest libraries in the county. Many of us and our children (including mine) use this library on a regular basis. We are fortunate to have, just around the corner, such a well-run and welcoming public space devoted to reading and enrichment programming. Did you know there is a tangible way to be a supporter of our local library? If you would like more information on how to join Friends of the New Tampa Regional Library, please email me at Have a delightful and bountiful Thanksgiving!

All planned changes to the exterior of your home must be submitted to the Design Review Board (DRB) via an Alteration Application. And, DRB approval must be obtained before any work is begun. All Arbor Greene HOA documents and forms can be found on-line at Click the “Resident Login” link at the top of the page to sign in. It is each homeowners responsibility to know what is covered in the Declaration of Covenants (Deed Restrictions) and Design Review Board Standards.


Adam S. Tanenbaum Chair, AGCDD Board of Supervisors


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Your Arbor Greene Neighbors




What The Banks Don’t Want You To Know Debt Reduction While Increasing Personal Wealth (Part-R1) Last month’s installment of this series of articles offered a perspective into how some of our grandparents viewed debt as a result of surviving one of the worst economic times in our nations’ history. The lessons of the Great Depression are a valuable historical reference, but may not provide enough motivation or insight for us to begin reducing our debt. The motivation to reduce or eliminate our debt typically comes from experiencing and understanding the financial hardships that most debt can lead to. Consider reading on for a chance to find your own motivation before experiencing your own financial hardship. Before reading further, please note that if you have a critical financial situation, this article is not meant to address it. I would strongly urge you to avoid any hesitation and sit down immediately with a financial manager, your current lender, or a debt consolidator. If you’re not in a critical situation, read on for a few tips to help possibly put debt into a new perspective. The key to debt reduction and elimination is not as simple as family budgeting or reducing a car payment. Although these are necessary financial tools and avenues, the key to debt reduction begins with a critical change in mindset. The mindset of how we spend money. To do this, we have to understand what our debt means and why we need to avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Try this simple quiz. Do you own a home? Do you own a car? Did you answer “yes” to one or both of these questions? It empowers us to believe we own these things. However, do you have a home loan or car loan? If you also answered “yes” to these questions, you don’t actually own your home or car, the bank or other lender does! Unfortunately, when we rely mostly on credit to make these and many other purchases, we wind up leasing or renting-to-own much of what we have today. We can turn this around! Why do we stress over the next promotion, the next pay raise, or even a possibly reduced salary? For most Americans, it’s not just the feeling of achievement, but largely to earn the extra money necessary to keep up with accumulated debt, and for many, to “afford” the next loan. Take a moment to calculate your total debt paid on a monthly basis. Sadly, usually less than 50% of that money is actually going towards your equity, or ownership of your property. Can you imagine how much less income you might actually need to earn if you had less, or even NO debt? This is possible for everyone, NO EXCEPTIONS! It starts with the fundamental change in our concept of spending and investing. However, for most of us, this is harder than physical work; it’s a change in mindset and takes commitment. Did you know that while we fight for anything close to 1% return on our bank savings, we are losing a great deal more due to inflation? We are led to believe that we’re actually making money with our savings deposits. The truth is, savings accounts should only be for our emergency funds, and the interest we earn is the bonus for keeping our money some place other than in our mattress or buried in our back yard. A savings account should actually be a small part of our investment portfolio. What, investment portfolio? How can we have an investment portfolio if we’re in so much debt, with a home mortgage, car loan and credit card debt? Every one of us that currently have, or have had, any form of debt, have literally had the most amazing opportunity to invest, and most of us never realized it! Most people don’t know that their own debt is actually their best investment, with the very real and easy potential to earn some of the ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE • NOvember 2013

highest returns on every dollar invested! Banks have always been a pivotal part of most any nations’ economy, and the last 10 years have made this even more clear to Americans. The instability of major U.S. banks is almost always felt by American families that are simply trying to make ends meet. Our reliance on these banks is a large part of why our families are affected when our banks experience problems. In the simplest of terms, banks are businesses that run largely on the interest earned from all of our debt. The interest we pay the bank on a home loan can be 1 to 4 times the originally loaned amount. This means that a mortgage for $250,000 could effectively earn the bank up to 1 million dollars in interest over the life of the loan…yes, 1 MILLION in interest that we will never see again and we actually had in our hands over the life of the loan! So, why doesn’t our $250,000 mortgage contract read 1.25 MILLION if we’re paying that amount over the life of the loan? The banks don’t want us to focus on the interest that we pay them. If our contract read 1.25 MILLION, we might focus more on the interest and may learn how easy it is to keep them from getting this money from us! Until we learn how to keep from hemorrhaging our hard earned money to pay great amounts of interest to our lenders, we become dependent and owing to the banking industry. Before learning the process of saving this interest, our concept of spending and investing must change. How can we change our concept of spending and the belief that we need to accumulate debt to have what we want? One of the most commonly successful ways is to begin with a methodical review of all spending, using a budget. Our budget allows us to outline our needs versus wants, and provides us a starting point for making adjustments to our spending. Consider a possible budget adjustment for the upcoming tax year. Do you budget for, or look forward to a tax refund each year? Many people like to receive this check to pay bills or buy new things. The government used and invested your tax payments all year and only pays you back what you’ve overpaid, WITHOUT INTEREST. Consider consulting your tax advisor, or tax software, to determine what exemptions you can claim, or adjust, in order to slightly reduce the taxes you pay monthly. Ensure you put this saved tax money in a bank account that YOU CAN’T TOUCH. At the end of the tax year, if you end up paying taxes, you’ll have earned interest on your own money and only have to pay the taxes you owe. Now your tax money is making money for you. This is one of several personal financial tips that many of us can take advantage of. Changing our financial mindset is not easy, but can start with small steps like this one. Lastly, be careful of who you take your financial advice from. Before accepting debt reduction or investment advice, ask your advisor if they are completely debt free! Most Americans believe they own their home and car, but in reality, the bank still owns them if a loan exists. If your finance advisor is not truly debt free and still has a mortgage or car loan, you should be very cautious of taking debt reduction or elimination advice from them since these are usually the most lucrative of investments anyone can make today. Don’t allow debt to continue ruling your life, debt investment can help you to regain full control of your financial destiny. Stay tuned for future articles detailing additional techniques designed to help reduce, consolidate and eliminate your debt.

~ Paul Boucher PAGE 5

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Message From Your Neighborhood Watch (NWA) Coordinators - Paul & Hally Boucher “Supporting Our First Line of Defense” Many of us moved to Arbor Greene (AG) for the added security that the gates and guards afford. Unfortunately, we can become a bit too reliant on our gates and incorrectly believe that the gates should prevent all crime in our community. Our gates provide a large deterrence to many potential criminals but unfortunately the gates don’t prevent all crime. However, each of us have an important part to play in this process and can help to maintain a high level of criminal deterrence. Our periodic work with AG gate personnel has allowed us to provide feedback to both AG community leaders and guard personnel. What we’ve observed is that most residents do the best they can to follow the rules; approaching the gate at the posted 10 mph or below and ensure they have a working barcode on their vehicle to activate the gate. However, some residents lose sight of these basic rules and are unaware of the problems they unfortunately cause our guards as well as the entire community. A non-working (old or dirty) or non-existent barcode, tailgating too closely to the vehicle ahead of you, or approaching the gate too quickly, may not activate the gate entry arm. During periods of high traffic at the entry gates, this situation can cause a long back-up of vehicles in the resident lane as a guard tries to gather the required data from each driver before allowing entry of a vehicle that hasn’t activated the gate. When the gate is not activated, the reason may also be that a non-resident is trying to enter our community through the resident lane. By ensuring basic rules are followed, we can help to speed operations at the gate and prevent non-residents or potential criminals from improperly gaining access to our community. Residents who choose not to purchase a barcode need to remember they are not able to activate the gate through the resident entry lane and must use the visitor lane. The guards are required to gather information on everyone entering the community that doesn’t have an operating barcode. Please remember that following the rules and being supportive of our guards and gate procedures is an important role each of us play in ensuring the overall security of our community. Likewise, if you observe questionable operating procedures at our gates, please pass this information on to the AG community management to ensure our security is properly maintained. Other ways to help maintain AG security: if you see suspicious person(s) or activity, immediately call the Tampa Police’s Suspicious Activity line (813-2316130). If you think a crime is about to be committed or has been committed against person(s) or property, then immediately dial 9-1-1. In either case, call police from a safe location and do not confront suspicious person(s). The police will ask if you know the suspect(s) gender, age, race, clothing, height, weight, etc. and suspect(s) vehicle (including make, model, year, color, license plate number, etc.), if any, so be prepared to provide a description(s). Tampa Police repeatedly ask us to inform AG residents that they need us all to be their “eyes and ears”, watching for and reporting suspicious activity and crimes right away. Our reporting of this type of activity helps the Tampa Police deter would-be criminals and may lead to arrests, preventing many additional crimes throughout our community! Finally, to stay informed join your AG Neighborhood Watch Association (NWA) e-mail distribution group. If you do so, you will receive emails about suspicious or criminal activity in AG and New Tampa, additional security tips and other relevant information from Tampa Police Department. Please email us at with your full name and AG sub-community you reside in. Joining this email distribution group does not obligate you to any Neighborhood Watch activity, but should help you and your family become better informed and more secure.

Thank you! ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE • NOvember 2013

Fall Time Change The fall time change, or the change from Daylight Savings Time back to Standard Time occurs on Sunday at 2:00 am. Move clocks back 1 hour before you go to bed.. This is an excellent reminder to change the batteries on your smoke detectors and other household devices, before enjoying that extra hour of sleep!

November Landscape Maintenance November 4 – 9: Refertilize off color turf areas. Begin installing Pine Bark mulch in the planter beds. November 10-16: Continue the Pine Bark installation. Install seasonal color flowers in the flower beds. Apply insecticide on turf and plants where needed. November 18-23: Apply broad leaf and pre-emergent on turf areas. Complete the Pine Bark mulching. November 25-30: Cut and remove any low hanging tree limbs for high vehicle clearance. Cut back any overhanging limbs on pond bank areas.

Save a Life - Donate Blood! As a collective power within Arbor Greene we have the ability to save another person’s life. We are planning to have the “Big Red Bus” parked at the Community Center for residents to participate in a communitywide Blood Drive on January 25th, from 10:00am-2:00pm. If you are interested in donating, please send us an email with your name and address so we can add you to the list.

Trash Dumpster The Arbor Greene trash dumpster is for the Community Center Use ONLY! Several Residents have been witnessed dumping their trash in this dumpster. Please do not use this dumpster for your personal trash or recycle disposal. PAGE 11

Social Media Board supervisor Toby Thomson (cf Chairman’s message, p.3) is sprucing up our social media outreach programs. Please forward any items of general interest to Toby at Please invite residents, employees, contractors, etc. to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter

No Time to Clean



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PET BOARDING & DOG WALKING Are you planning a vacation or going on a business trip? Do you need a Pet Sitter? Located in Arbor Greene, we offer a cage free “pet vacation” at our house. We can also walk and care for your pet (dog or cat) at your home. Please contact me to determine your pet’s needs! Randy Kriesel: or call 813-777-6573(cell)

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November 17th – Arbor Greene Invades Raymond James Stadium! Get a group of fellow resident or non-resident Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans and take advantage of group ticket pricing being offered for the November 17th game vs. the

Atlanta Falcons. Visit the Arbor Greene Website, Facebook or Twitter page for the link to purchase tickets. Discount Code: ARBOR. For youth priced tickets, ADA seating and groups over 10, please contact our group sales representative Seth Shuman at (813) 870-2700 ext. 2212.

Happy Thanksgiving Arbor Greene The Arbor Greene CDD and staff wish the residents of Arbor Greene a

Happy Thanksgiving! The Arbor Greene Administration offices will be closed on November 28th-29th; the Clubhouse, Fitness Center and Pools will also be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but will be open on Friday from 8am to 3pm. Enjoy!!



Holiday Lights & Décor The Holiday season is almost upon us! With that in mind, the Arbor Greene HOA would like to remind our residents that the installation of holiday lights and décor around the outside of your home should take place no earlier than six weeks prior to the holiday and must be removed three weeks after the holiday. Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Play Tennis Arbor Greene! Upcoming Tournaments 11/30 - 12/1 Train Smart Tennis NTRP Winter Championships (USTA Sanctioned) Men’s Singles:

3.0,3.5,4.0,4.5,5.0 (with first match consolation)

Men’s Doubles:


Women’s Singles:

2.5,3.0,3.5,4.0,4.5 (with first match consolation)

Women’s Doubles:


Go Arbor Greene!!!



You SHOULD KNOW! New Solid Waste Vendor in Arbor Greene.

Our new waste removal vendor in Arbor Greene is Republic Waste Services. If you have having trouble being picked up, please contact: Hillsborough County at 813-272-5680 or Republic Waste Services at 813-265-0292.

Looking for Lawn Watering Information? Go to for most recent information.

Arbor Greene Activities & Program Coordinators November 2013 Book Club............................................................................ Diane Wheeler 994-9262 Bunco................................................................................... Carol Traska 994-7312 Girl Scouts............................................................................ Infant Swim Lessons.............................................................. Emma Grymbal 748-6142 Mahjong............................................................................... Julia Rogers 833-7314 Meditation Class (Sun @10:00 AM in Aerobics Room........... Jeremy Williams 528-6285 Mom’s Club.......................................................................... Whitney Tanenbaum 486-3095 Neighborhood Watch, Hally & Paul Boucher Personal Training (by appointment)....................................... Davida Constant 240-1375 Social Activities..................................................................... Valerie Casey 317-8886 Swim Team and Lessons (lessons by appt.)............................ Julia Lamb 240-9428 Tennis................................................................................... Alan Williams 610-7301 Triathlon Coaching................................................................ Doug Kugley 995-4628 Yoga (Monday @ 6:00 PM)................................................... Ruben Vazquez 727-771-3612 Zumba (M,W,F @ 9:00 AM and T, Th @ 7:30 PM)............... Maguie Blasini 732-7011 The activities listed above are privately run and any questions pertaining to them should be directed to the individual activity directors. For the most up to date information, please see online calendar at:

Fitness Pool Hours • November 2013-March 2014 Day Open Close Mon-Fri

6:30 AM

9:00 PM


9:00 AM

9:00 PM


9:00 AM

7:00 PM




Community Center 18000 Arbor Greene Drive Tampa, Florida 33647 Phone: 813-991-9741 Fax: 813-973-1609

Advertising in the Gazette If you are interested in publishing in the Gazette, e-mail copy ready advertisements to the Editor by the first Tuesday of the preceding month. Advertising prices listed below include tax. Please include your name, street & e-mail address and phone number so you can be contacted if necessary. AGCDD reserves the right to deny any advertising submitted for publication. For more information, please call the Editor at 991-9226 or e-mail:

AD Type/Size

1 Month

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Business Card




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Disclaimer: Paid advertising is presented as a service to our readers. Listings herein do not reflect an endorsement of companies, products, or services by the Arbor Greene Community Development District. If you wish to voice concerns about ads or advertising in the newsletter, or on the website, please e-mail the Newsletter Editor at

Pet Waste Pickup As a friendly neighborhood reminder, please be sure to pick up after your pet. According to the Hillsborough County Municipal Code: Sec. 6-32. Animal waste removal. Any feces deposited by a dog, cat, or pet pig on public property, public walks, recreation areas or the private property of others must be immediately removed by the person who has custody or control of the animal unless otherwise authorized by the property owner. PAGE 16


Newsletter nov 2013  

The Arbor Greene Gazette November 2013 Newsletter