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May 2012 Summer’s Almost Here!

WHERE’S THE WATER? Tampa Bay is in the midst of an extreme drought, with only 3.65 inches of rain falling from January through March, compared with 17.87 inches of rainfall during that same time last year. You only have to look at our ponds to see the effects of such little rainfall. Living in a semi-tropical region, we typically experience a wet and dry season, and the pattern has been atypical since 2009. The water level of our ponds is regulated by SWFWMD and NPDES. We pump well water into Pond 60, near the Community Center, and the use this supply for most of our common ground irrigation water for the community. (Pond 60 connects to pond 40 via an underground culvert.) ALL other community water bodies are dependent upon Mother Nature’s rainfall; AGCDD has neither the ability, nor the legal right, to pump water into, or out of, any other ponds. Traditionally the “wet” season starts in May and continues through September. During that time, almost daily rainfall, combined with the occasional tropical storm, will help refill our ponds. So don’t panic, according to the calendar, the rains should be on their way! If the current drought becomes more severe further water restrictions may be mandated. We will keep you posted!

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Start of Summer in AG

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What Banks Don’t Want You to Know Neighborhood Watch Message


HOA Design Review Board

5-22-12 Tuesday


HOA Meeting

5-22-12 Tuesday


Community Activities

AG CDD Board of Supervisors John Brickley, Chairman, Seat #5 Christine Nelson, Co-Vice Chairperson, Seat #1 Dorsey Yawn, Assistant Secretary, Seat #4 Adam Tanenbaum, Assistant Secretary, Seat #3 Toby Thomson, Assistant Secretary, Seat #2

The final approved CDD Meeting and CDD Budget Workshop Minutes are published on the Arbor Greene website at

Attention New Residents! The Arbor Greene website: has useful information to help with your transition to our community. You will find information related to the CDD, HOA, including meeting dates and past meeting minutes. Additionally, there is community news, a calendar and an online newsletter.

Welcome to Arbor Greene!

Free Notary Service for Arbor Greene Residents Contact Claudia Mayo or Geri Burke Monday - Friday from 9AM-4PM, in the Administration Office. Please call 991-9226, before arriving. Photo ID is required Arbor Greene Landscape Maintenance MAY 1 -5 COMPLETE PALM TREE TRIMMING, TREAT TURF AND SHRUBS FOR INSECTS, MOW PONDS. MAY 7 – 12 RE-FERTILIZE ANY OFF COLOR TURF AREAS, ADJUST IRRIGATION SYSTEM FOR THE DRY WEATHER. MAY 14 – 19: TREAT TURF FOR BROADLEAF AND WEEDY GRASS WEEDS, SPRAY ROUND UP HERBICIDE IN PLANT BEDS. MAY 21 – 26: FERTILIZE SEASONAL COLOR BEDS, RE-TREAT ISOLATED TURF AREAS FOR INSECTS, MOW PONDS.

The Arbor Greene Newsletter is on-line GO GREEN!! If you would like to stop receiving a hard copy of the AG Newsletter, please e-mail the Newsletter Editor, at: PAGE 2

Avalon Estuary Preserve Preserve Avalon

Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors Sean Kiehl, President Betty Jackson, Vice President Mike Konicek, Treasurer Sheryl Greenlee, Secretary Dhanni Sukhai, Director

Heather Sound Landing Parkview Enclave

Greenacre Properties, Inc. 600-1100 x163 Contact: Marc Eary -

Arbor Greene CDD Staff General Manager

Bob Farrell


Club Manager

Mike Candella


Maintenance Mgr.

Gary Smith


Administrative Mgr.

Claudia Mayo


Newsletter Editor

Geri Burke


Arbor Greene Activity Directors Book Club BUNCO Girl Scouts Infant Swim Lessons Mahjong Meditation Class MOMS Club Neighborhood Watch Personal Training Personal Training/Boot Camp Scrapbooking Social Activities Swim Team/Lessons Tennis Triathlon Coaching Yoga Zumba

Diane Wheeler 994-9262 Carol Trzaska 994-7312 Rhonda Hess 929-3062 Emma Grynbal 748-6142 Julia Rogers 994-2507 Jeremy Williams 528-6285 Kristin Van Gerpen 527-6777 Paul & Hally Boucher Davida Constant 240-1375 Meg Clawson 333-2800 Annie Duncan Valerie Casey 317-8886 Julia Lamb 240-9428 Alan Williams 610-7301 Doug Kugley 995-4628 Ruben Vasquez 727-771-3612 Maguie Blasini 732-7011

Devonshire HOA Board of Directors Stuart Marofsky, President Julia Rogers, Vice-President Robert Hennig, Treasurer Nick D’Andrea, Secretary Melody Peterson, Board Member at Large Wil Alvarez, Unique Property Services 879-1139

Carriage Homes HOA Board of Directors Jeffrey Sbrocco, President Bruce Metts, Vice-President Gloria Maione, Secretary Craig Silverstein, Treasurer Director At Large – Bob Winter Lorraine Thomas, Rizzetta & Company 994-1001


Community Activities Arbor Greene Book Club The Arbor Greene Book Club will meet on May 7th, at 7pm in the gathering room. Our selection this month is IQ84, by Haruki Murakami. All are welcome to join us and/or to make book suggestions for future discussion. Please contact Diane Wheeler 994-9262.

Message from the Arbor Greene HOA PARKING UPDATE The HOA wants to let all residents know that starting soon we will begin more vigorous enforcement of the Parking rules for Arbor Greene. Street parking is not allowed in Arbor Greene. The parking rules are clearly spelled out in the covenants that all home- owners received at closing. Our streets are not wide enough to handle street parking, and we have several safety and emergency access concerns with the current situation. The renewed parking enforcement will include towing cars that are parked illegally. Stepps Towing will begin placing signs throughout the community. We encourage any resident that is currently parking on the street to make other arrangements. We appreciate your help in this matter. All planned changes to the exterior of your home must be submitted to the Design Review Board (DRB) via an Alteration Application. And, DRB approval must be obtained before any work is begun. All Arbor Greene HOA documents and forms can be found on-line at Click the “Resident Login” link at the top of the page to sign in. It is each homeowners responsibility to know what is covered in the Declaration of Covenants (Deed Restrictions) and Design Review Board Standards.

LATE-BREAKING NEWS 4-12: Congratulations to the Arbor Greene Women’s 3.5 night team, the “LOVAs” , for winning their Spring season, undefeated at 7-0. They beat an also undefeated team from WestChase, @Westchase. Playoffs versus the “day” team are scheduled for May 6th. Arbor Greene residents/members included: Geri Burke (co-cap), Sophie Cocard, Eileen Farrell (cap), Mary Jo Lefcourt, Kathie McDaniel, Patty Peterson, Tracy Tupler, Elvie Virgili, Grace Wang, and Amy Williams.


Scrapbookers Card Makers & Paper Crafters It's time for our bi-monthly crop! Gather your supplies and stop by the community center for great company, creative inspiration, and time to work on those amazing projects! We will have a simple make-and-take for all who attend. Put your name in a drawing for a prize (must be present to win)! When: Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) Time: 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM An RSVP is not necessary, but appreciated. If you think you may be able to attend, or if you have any questions, recommendations, or comments, please let Annie Duncan know by emailing her at: MAH JONG at Arbor Greene Would you like to learn to play the ancient game of Mah Jong? Or if you’re already a player would you like to join a Mah Jong group? If so, please contact Julia Rogers, 994-2507 or via e-mail: MOMS Club Ever feel like you're the only mother who stays home? You are not alone! Join the MOMS Club of New Tampa. It’s a great way for you to meet other stay at-home mothers in the area, as well as a great way for your children to meet new playmates and engage in stimulating activities while encouraging their social skills. We offer support for at-home mothers through: * Planned monthly activities calendar

* Age-appropriate playgroups for your children * Monthly Moms' night out * Service projects within the community For more information contact us via: Email: Website: PAGE 3



MOBILE MASSAGE THERAPIST Types of massage available: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aroma Therapy, Corporate Seated, Pregnancy, Sports & Injury Rehab Mon, Tues & Wed. 9am -9pm $55 for 1 hour! References available. 727-372-6389

Arbor Greene Resident




Jane Crabtree Broker Associate 20+ Years Experience What is your home worth? Call for A FREE market analysis (813) 943-5477 Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. 19026 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Tampa, FL 33647

The Official Start to Summer in Arbor Greene Starting Memorial Day weekend, the Arbor Greene lifeguard staff, will be on duty from 8am-8pm at the fitness pool on weekends. With the end of school on June 8th, the pool will then be staffed on a daily basis. AG’s lifeguards, under the direction of Jeff Bone, are also CPR and AED certified. Parents, did you know that AG Lifeguards are available to supervise your pool parties? So if you’re planning a pool party, why not arrange to hire a Lifeguard and have them poolside to alleviate safety worries for you and your guests. PAGE 6


GATE CODE CHANGES The AGCDD would like to thank those residents who have voluntarily complied and have changed their village entry gate code! Resident safety is a top priority!

Rick’s Pressure Cleaning LLC. Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Paver Sealing - Pressure Washing Driveways  Homes  Pool Enclosures Phone: (813) 404-2526 Licensed & Insured Free Estimates

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St채rka Fitness Boot Camp Lose 5-10 pounds Reduce Body Fat Tone your muscles Increase Strength Lose inches in the mid section Improve mental well-being

A dynamically designed program that is packed with fun and motivational fitness instruction. With Starka Fitness Boot Camp you will get inspired and have fun while participating in a fantastic total-body workout led by fellow Arbor Greene Resident & Certified Fitness Instructor, Meg Clawson. Get toned, lose inches, and have a great time while doing it. Each For more information call us today 813.333.2800 & ask about our Arbor Greene resident package special with sessions as low as $8.75.

Visit us online @ ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE MAY 2012


What the Banks Don’t Want You to Know DEBT REDUCTION WHILE INCREASING PERSONAL WEALTH—Part 1B DEBT REDUCTION WHILE INCREASING PERSONAL WEALTH Last months’ installment of this article focused on setting the foundation required to change our basic financial mind set. Without changing our financial mind set, we’re less likely to break the cycle of revolving debt. As a society, we’ve been taught to exercise the concept of “Buy Now Pay Later”, keeping a majority of Americans in various levels of revolving debt. It’s this revolving debt that keeps the banking industry earning billions of dollars while most Americans are struggling to make the mortgage payment. If we don’t break the cycle of revolving debt, we’re almost surely doomed to a life of financial dependency. Changing our financial mind set can break this cycle and lead us on the path of financial independence. Before reading on, please note that if you have a critical financial need, this article is not meant to fulfill it. I would strongly urge you to avoid hesitation and sit down with a financial manager, your current lender, or a debt consolidator. If you’re not in a critical financial situation, consider reading on for the keys to understand how to gain back your financial freedom. The first and most important step in achieving financial freedom and independence is through the reduction and ultimate elimination of debt. If we’re used to simply maintaining our current debt, what becomes the motivation to reduce or eliminate it? The answer is one that the banks don’t want you to know. What if you learned that you could earn multiple times more money for every dollar by investing in your own debt as opposed to the money earned on your bank savings or average stock returns? Most Americans are unaware that their highest return investment is actually their own debt. How is this possible and why don’t more people know this? This is what the banks don’t want you to know. Take a look at how much total interest you pay to your bank and credit card companies on a monthly basis. When we take the time to calculate this interest, it should become obvious how lending institutions benefit from keeping us in debt. The interest that banks earn from our debt is what has caused the banking industry to grow to immense proportions over the past 50 years. So how do we invest in our debt and begin to take back our financial freedom? Read on. Before anyone can effectively reduce any personal debt, a budget must be outlined. For some people, this invokes the same feeling that a used car salesman conjures when driving onto a car lot...painful! This is usually because a budget will highlight areas of overspending that some people don’t want to reduce. This is a jagged pill that most people have a hard time swallowing. Creating a budget though is only half of the solution. Sticking to it is the more difficult task. Creating a true budget usually becomes a clear eye-opener for most people when structured properly. This should not be a hefty undertaking. The key is to simply work with two basic columns on a sheet of paper, one labeled Needs, and the other labeled Desires. This is where most people have a hard time and tend to convince themselves that their desires are really needs, when that’s not the case. A $200.00 cell-phone bill with internet access, texting, and 4 family lines, is not likely a need, especially if you also have a home phone. A $150.00 T.V. service package isn’t a necessity when you can settle for a basic $50.00 package or even remove the package and buy an inexpensive T.V. antenna and watch broadcast T.V. for free. Do you need to spend several thousands of dollars on remodeling your bathroom and kitchen, or can you make do with an older style until your finances are under control? The key is to realize that debt is usually caused by overspending and needs to be stopped. By outlining your true basic needs, you can begin to chip away and reduce your extra, sometimes frivolous spending that leads to the “buy now, pay later” mentality. OK, so you get your budget set and realize that you were spending hundreds [or even thousands] of extra dollars on unnecessary items. Now what? How do you stick to your plan of reduced spending? The first tip is to put credit cards away and begin using cash [or checks for mailed bills] for purchases whenever possible. This forces you to concentrate on the cash leaving your wallet, typically reducing the out-of-site out-of-mind spending attitude that credit cards create. Another tip is to hang a new copy of the budget on the refrigerator every month, checking off items you’ve satisfied, and highlighting those that weren’t. One of the most useful tips is to reward yourself for staying within your monthly budget. Rewarding good behavior doesn’t just work when teaching our children, behavioral rewards significantly increase the probability of an adult remaining on a budgetary track. A small reward like renting a movie, going to a movie, or going out to eat, can be all that it takes to stay on track. Just remember that the reward isn’t meant to use up the funds you’ve just saved and isn’t rewarded daily or weekly, but rather monthly. The best rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of your increased cash-flow to your personal reward. So, a new car is probably not the best reward for someone trying to reduce debt. So, you’ve successfully outlined a budget and now find that your spending is under control. Now you can begin to tackle your own personal debt reduction. This article will start you off with debt reduction against something that most of us are led to believe we are powerless to change: Credit Card debt. Did you know that most of us have the ability to negotiate a better interest rate with our credit card companies? This is actually one of the functions of a debt consolidation specialist and is something that each of us have the same ability to negotiate. These companies know that when a debt consolidator calls them, the next step for you may be bankruptcy, so the banks will typically negotiate rather than lose out on the chance to make money on the debt you have. Remember, the banks and credit card companies make their money on the interest from your debt. What this means is that each of these companies want your debt. If you have more than one credit card, you can offer a good business deal to one or more of your credit card companies by requesting a free balance transfer of other credit debt to one of your cards in exchange for a better rate. You have the negotiating power because you are bringing them more business. It’s in their best interest to increase your credit limit and transfer another credit balance to their company to make more interest on your consolidated debt. Try not to settle for less than a free balance transfer and a reduced rate for at least a six month period of time or more. Armed with the knowledge that these credit card companies need your business to survive, you can increase your confidence in negotiating better deals with them. Your confidence is key! Just remember, without your money, these credit companies would go bankrupt themselves. Credit Card rate reduction is only one of the lucrative debt reduction techniques that nearly everyone has available to them. Next month’s article will reveal one of the biggest secrets that the banks don’t want you to know: the seemingly impossible mortgage debt reduction with the very real return of 200%-800%! It’s real, it’s legal, and it literally returns you more money then you could ever wish to make on the best stock-market returns. So why don’t you already know this and why isn’t this advertised? The banks don’t make money when you know how to legally keep them from getting a majority of the interest you would normally pay them. Stay tuned for the details.



MESSAGE FROM YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH DIRECTORS PAUL AND HALLY BOUCHER HOME SECURITY “SPRING CLEANING” Hello Arbor Greene (AG) Neighbors. It’s that time of year when many of us decide that we need to clean our homes, garages, and yards. Seldom do we think of home security when we take on these other Spring Cleaning projects, but this is the perfect time to do so. Below are some tips to help you verify the security of your home and family. Outdoor clean-up with a security focus: This is the time of year when trees and shrubs experience major growth spurts. Consider trimming trees around your home to ensure a clear view of your property and also allow home and street lighting to reach further. Trim shrubs to expose windows and doors, preventing thieves from being able to hide behind them while trying to enter your home. Check and repair door and window locks: Consider taking time to walk through your entire home and verify the security of each window and door. Repair any broken or worn lock, door-knob, seal, or hardware. Check garage doors to ensure they can’t be open unless door openers or locks are activated. Consider repairing lanai door locks and hardware. Many burglars enter homes through the sides and rear of homes that have overgrown trees or shrubs or broken locks; repairing these locking mechanisms deters crimes of convenience. Check and repair home lighting: Take the time to walk around to verify the proper functioning of each outdoor lamp. Replace or repair broken lamps to deter night-time surveillance or potential break-ins by burglars. Consider installing photo-sensitive switches, allowing for automatic day/night light activation. Consider adding motion activated assemblies for existing or new lamp assemblies. Test and repair home security systems: If your home alarm is monitored, contact your security company to request a free system check. Most monitoring companies will repair or upgrade these systems at little or no cost. If your alarm system is not monitored, review your alarm’s paperwork and perform a system check to ensure all sensors and functions are working properly. You can also contact an independent alarm technician who may do this work for a small fee. Most homes in Arbor Greene were initially built with alarm systems. If you’re not sure if your house has an alarm, check the walls near your main entrances (front, utility, and garage doors) or master bedroom for keypads. Small metal boxes are often mounted on closet walls, indicating the presence of an alarm system. Consider testing, repairing, or upgrading these systems to allow you to fully secure your home. Contact Neighborhood Watch if you have further questions. If you would like to receive more security tips and other relevant data from the TPD, please email us at Joining this email distribution group does not obligate you to any other NWA activity, but should help you and your family to stay better informed and more secure, making Arbor Greene an even better place to live.



ARBOR GREENE TENNIS: Summer Junior Tennis Is Starting This summer Train Smart Tennis invites your children to join the fun of learning tennis at Arbor Greene. Our mission is to provide a systematic basic approach so your children have the opportunity to learn the game as quickly as possible. Our approach truly teaches children the fundaments to enjoy the life-time game of tennis and to build self-esteem. There is no substitute for a good beginning! Our training is designed so your children can follow a pathway to improvement and competition. The next step would be the Train Smart Players Program. We provide a system of training for your children no matter what their level of play. Summer tennis starts Monday, June 11th and continues for 9 weeks. There is no camp the week of of July 4th. Players can sign up for one week at a time and attend 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week. Days are Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thurs. Times are 5-7 years old 9:00 -10:00am. 8-12 years old 10:00-11:30am.13 & over 10:00-11:30am. Please call Coach Alan at 610-7301 for more information.

Arbor Greene Tennis Doubles Championships Mark your calendar for the Club Doubles Championship May 12 & 13. Play will be held Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. Teams can be made up of resident/resident or resident/guest. Format: All teams start in the championship flight then flow to flights A, B, and C depending if you win or lose. Refreshments will be served Sunday during the finals. To enter or for questions contact Alan at 610-7301.

Tennis Clinics : The following clinics are ongoing throughout the Spring: Tuesday

8-9:00am 9-10:00am 4-5:00pm 5-6:30pm 7-8:00pm

10 S FIT Ladies Beginners Junior Future Champs (young beginners) Junior Group (intermediate to advanced) Men’s Workout



Ladies Group (beginners)


9-10:00am 4-5;30pm 5-6:30pm

Ladies Advanced Beginners Junior Future Champs (young beginners) Junior Group (intermediate to advanced)



Ladies 3.5-4.0 Group

USTA SUMMER LEAGUES : The following USTA leagues will be playing this summer: The USTA Sr. Combo Leagues, (Men and Women) will be played this summer on Saturday mornings, with a tentative start date of July 13th or 20th thru August 31st. Please contact USTA Co-ordinator Barb Jones for more information: The USTA Adult Mixed Doubles league will start on June 3rd and will end at the end of August. Please contact Sylvie Roy for more information: PAGE 14


For most up to date information, please see online calendar here:

Book Club Bunco Girl Scouts Infant Swimming Mahjong Meditation Class Mom's Club Personal Training Scrapbooking Club Starka Boot Camp Starka Personal Training Starka Pilates classes Swim Team and Lessons Tennis Triathlon Yoga Zumba Zumba Toning

Monday,May 7th @7PM Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info contact A.D. for other times Monday @7:30PM Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info May 28th @ 6:45PM Mon thru Sat 5:30AM and 8AM Please contact activity director for more info Mon & Wed 7:30-8:15PM Individual lessons by appt only Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Monday @6PM Mon, Wed and Fri 9AM, Tues and Thur 7:30PM Tues and Thurs 9AM

Tennis reservations, see if the Gathering Room, Resort Pool are booked:

The activities listed above are privately run and any questions pertaining to them should be directed to the individual activity directors. Please see page 2 for a list of Activity Directors. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE MAY 2012

Fitness Pool Spring/Summer Hours April-October Day




5:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:00 AM

10:00 PM


8:00 AM

8:00 PM PAGE 15


Community Center 18000 Arbor Greene Drive Tampa, Florida 33647 Phone: 813-991-9741 Fax: 813-973-1609

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MEMORIAL DAY Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service and for those who currently serve in the military. To help remind Americans of the true meaning of Memorial Day, the "National Moment of Remembrance" resolution was passed in December 2000 which asks that at 3 p.m. local time, for all Americans "To voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to 'Taps." The AG Administration offices will be closed on 5/28. PAGE 16


The Arbor Greene Newsletter Gazette May 2012  
The Arbor Greene Newsletter Gazette May 2012  

Arbor Greene Newsletter Gazette May 2012