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June 2011 Happy Father’s Day Top Five Father's Day Gifts 1. Time Dad likes nothing more than to learn his normal "honey do" list has been temporarily put on hold. He can do what he wishes for the whole day. This gift is often not really seen as a gift but more of a standard guideline for his special day but, he will love it none-the-less. 2. Outdoor or Summer Items Father’s day has been strategically placed in the beginning of summer to the benefit of the manufacturers of seasonal items to help move along all of those hammocks, grills and lawn mowers they always seem to have too many of. Buying Dad a summer item is easy because they are stationed in the front of almost any hardware store and sometimes even in the parking lot. He will be able to use whatever it is right away. Nothing is more annoying that to receive a gift that you are excited about and then have to wait weeks until the weather is good enough to use it. 3. Auto add-ons If your dad is like most dads he has a special relationship with his vehicle (or, in some cases vehicles). Whether he is the neat type that will run it through the car wash every weekend and vacuum the inside regardless of whether it needs it or not and changes the oil every 3,000 miles because the engine stays cleaner that way . Or, if he is the hobbyist that likes to tinker and collect cars no matter what shape they are in. He will love anything and everything to do with his mode of transportation. 4. Electronics What man doesn’t love an item that can be plugged in? If your dad is not up to speed in the latest electronic items out there then there is plenty for you to choose from. A new computer or LCD TV will bring a tear of joy to his eye. A Navigation system for his car or a digital camera could be his favorite gift of all time. 5. Sports Okay. This was a no brainer. Take your dad to a sporting event and make a memory. This especially works out great for a Father-Son activity. There is nothing like sharing some Dogs at the ball park to bring two people closer. As they say in those Visa commercials "Priceless". Community Meetings 1. The next CDD Budget Workshop will be June 16th at 6:30PM in the Gathering Room. 2. The next CDD Meeting will be June 20th at 6:30PM in the Gathering Room. 3. HOA Meetings: The HOA Design Review Board will meet at 6:00PM on June 28th followed by the HOA Meeting at 7PM.

IN THIS ISSUE… Community Activities.…………......................2, 3 Animal Waste and Our Water…………………..10 Message from the HOA……...………...……...3 Keep your children safe………...………...............11 Thought of the day……….......................…......5 Arbor Greene Activities ..…..….............................15 Who Do I Call…………………………..……..6 End of the school year………..……………….......16

Community Activities

The final approved CDD Meeting and CDD Budget Workshop Minutes are published on the Arbor Greene website at

Attention New Residents! The Arbor Greene website: has useful information to help with your transition to our community. You will find everything from CDD Meeting and Budget Workshop Minutes, babysitting and pet sitting, to residents’ recommendations for a reliable landscaper. You will also find links to important City and County services, including Police, Fire, Schools and Waste Management, etc. Additionally, there is a community bulletin board to see what is on the minds of your fellow residents.

Welcome to Arbor Greene!!

AG CDD Board of Supervisors John Brickley, Chairman Christine Nelson, Co-Vice Chairperson Dorsey Yawn, Assistant Secretary Adam Tanenbaum, Assistant Secretary Toby Thomson, Assistant Secretary

Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors Lisa Tesh, President Betty Jackson, Vice President Mike Konicek, Treasurer Sheryl Greenlee, Director Dhanni Sukhai, Director Frank Trovato, Director Sean Kiehl, Director Greenacre Properties, Inc. Mike Spall, Property Manager

Parkview Heather Sound Landing Parkview Enclave Estuary Parkview 600-1100 600-1100 ex 154

Arbor Greene CDD Staff General Manager

Bob Farrell


Newsletter Editor

Geri Burke


Administrative Mgr.

Barbara Koscinski


Mike Candella


Club Manager

Maintenance Mgr.

Free Notary Service for Arbor Greene Residents

Avalon Estuary Preserve Preserve Avalon

Gary Smith


Arbor Greene Activity Directors

Contact Barbara Koscinski Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. 9AM-4PM, in the Administration Office. Please call 991-9226, before arriving. Photo ID is required

The Arbor Greene Gazette Newsletter The CDD is attempting to save money by reducing our mailing and printing costs. Read your Gazette online. The next month’s Gazette is posted on the Arbor Greene Website,, by the third week of the month. Go Green!! Save time, trees and money. If you would like to stop receiving a hard copy of the newsletter and read it online in color earlier than your neighbors, please e-mail Sheena, the Newsletter Editor, at:, or call 991-9226. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011

Aerobics Book Club BUNCO Girl Scouts Infant Swim Lessons Mahjong MOMS Club Neighborhood Watch Personal Training PT/Boot Camp Social Activities Swim Team/Lessons Tennis Triathlon Coaching Yoga Zumba

Open Diane Wheeler 994-9262 Carol Trzaska 994-7312 Rhonda Hess 929-3062 Emma Grynbal 748-6142 Julia Rogers 994-2507 Stacie McIntyre 994-9605 Paul & Hally Boucher Davida Constant 240-1375 Meg Clawson 333-2800 Valerie Casey 317-8886 Julia Lamb 240-9428 Alan Williams 610-7301 Doug Kugley 995-4628 Ruben Vasquez 727-771-3612 Maguie Blasini 732-7011

Devonshire HOA Board of Directors Stuart Marofsky, President Julia Rogers, Vice-President Robert Hennig, Treasurer Nick D’Andrea, Secretary Melody Peterson, Board Member at Large Wil Alvarez, Unique Property Services 879-1139

Carriage Homes HOA Board of Directors Jeffrey Sbrocco, President Bruce Metts, Vice-President Gloria Maione, Secretary Craig Silverstein, Treasurer Robert Winter, Director at Large Nick Disparte, Rizzetta & Company 994-1001


Community Activities


Arbor Greene Book Club

Ever feel like you're the only mother who stays home? You are not alone! Join the MOMS Club of New Tampa. It’s a great way for you to meet other stay at-home mothers in the area, as well as a great way for your children to meet new playmates and engage in stimulating activities while encouraging their social skills. We offer support for at-home mothers through: * Planned monthly activities calendar * Age-appropriate playgroups for your child(ren) * Monthly Moms' night out * Service projects within the community For more information contact us via: Email: Website: The next meeting is June 9th from 7:30-10PM, in the Gathering room.

The Arbor Greene Book Club will discuss, The Geography of Bliss By Eric Weiner on June 13th, so please join us. We meet in the Gathering Room of the Community Center at 7:00pm on Mondays each month with the exception of July and August. All are welcome to join us and/or to make book suggestions for future discussion. Point of contact is Diane Wheeler, 813 994-9262. Our Schedule Follows: September 2011– Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Message from the Arbor Greene HOA Driveways Please take a moment to look at the paved surfaces (driveway, walkways, sidewalks) around your home. Many of them throughout the Community are in need of a good cleaning (power washing). If you have not performed or scheduled this service recently, please take the time to do so. As a reminder, The Declaration of Covenants, Article VIII, Section 1. B. states “… All driveways and sidewalks on a Residential Unit shall be constructed, reconstructed, or repaired with the materials and in the manner in which they were originally constructed, and no colors, coatings, pavers, epoxies, or similar treatments shall be permitted without DRB approval.”

Arbor Greene Landscape Maintenance Schedule for June: June 5 - 10: Change out seasonal color beds, Treat turf for broadleaf weeds. June 13-18: Re-fertilize any off color turf and shrubs, Mow pond banks. June 20- 25: Fertilize and fungicide seasonal color beds, Treat turf and shrubs for insects. June 26- 30: Apply herbicide to planter beds, Mow ponds.

************************************************** Exterior Painting All homeowners who are repainting the exterior of their house need to fill out a DRB application and attach paint samples to the form. Paint samples are no longer required to be painted on houses. Paint colors must be chosen from the Arbor Greene Paint Book. No other paint selections are allowed, including the current colors of your house if they are not in the Arbor Greene Paint Book. Homeowners can view the Arbor Greene Paint Book at the Community Center or at Greenacre Properties, Inc. Please remember that ANY changes, improvements, alterations, additions, modifications, etc. to the exterior of your house or lot need prior DRB WRITTEN APPROVAL before any work begins. ************************************************** Website All Arbor Greene HOA documents and forms can be found online at Click the “Resident Login” link at the top right of the page to sign in, or to login for the first time, click on the “New User” link. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to know what is covered in the Declaration of Covenants (Deed Restrictions) and Design Review Standards.



Stärka Fitness Boot Camp Lose 5-10 pounds Tone your muscles

Reduce Body Fat Increase Strength

Lose inches in the mid section Improve mental well-being

A dynamically designed program that is packed with fun and motivational fitness instruction. With Starka Fitness Boot Camp you will get inspired and have fun while participating in a fantastic total-body workout led by fellow Arbor Greene Resident & Certified Fitness Instructor, Meg Clawson. Get toned, lose inches, and have a great time while doing it. Each Boot Camp program meets three to five days a week (one-hour sessions) over a four-week program. Our program fits all fitness levels. For more information call us today 813.333.2800 & ask about our Arbor Greene resident package special with sessions as low as $8.75.

Visit us online @



New Barcodes Effective May 1, 2011: Residents purchasing a new barcode for their vehicle need to provide their vehicle’s registration.

Arbor Greene Resident

This change allows the Arbor Greene staff to better identify the vehicles upon which barcodes are being placed.

Arbor Greene Monthly Rainfall Comparison February 2010 - 2.51 in February 2011 - 0.61 in March 2010 - 8.16 in March 2011 - 9.78 in April 2010 - 5.01 in April 2011 - 0.95 in

Thought of the day/week/month: Innocent enough…. Just going to drop my daughter off for school.. I’ll just swing around the front, flip a U turn… And just as I’d stopped right near the sign.. WHAM!! I’d just been rear ended…. My daughter was thrown out of the car... She landed on the concrete at the edge of the road… My heart was in my throat…. Oh no….dear God…what have I done? I’m in a No Parking/ No Standing Zone.. I’ve been rear ended…my daughter is _____ (injured/maimed or worse??) Is this story familiar? The reason for the no stopping/standing zone is for safety –Not to inconvenience anyone.. Convenience VS safety….which is more important? Please don’t stop or stand there; it’s both illegal and, more importantly, Unsafe!

Storm debris disposal options available to residents are as follows: McKay Bay Transfer Station: With a current City of Tampa utility bill and driver’s license, residents may drop-off brush and large bulky items free of charge. Hours of Operation: a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7 Wednesday, Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4:30

p.m. Sunday: Closed Holidays: Opening and closing hours vary Manhattan Brush Site: With a current City of Tampa utility bill and driver’s license, residents may drop-off brush and yard waste free of charge. All tree limbs must be four feet or less in length and tree stump must weigh 100 pounds or less. Hours of Operation: p.m.

Monday through Saturday: 8 a.m. to 6 Sundays: Closed Holidays: Closed

Curbside Pick-up: City of Tampa residents may place storm debris curbside for collection. Debris should be placed away from obstructions such as mailboxes, parked vehicles, fences, water meters, storm drains, etc.

Do you know that there’s a drop off circle at Benito Park with a Boardwalk that leads right to Benito Middle School? ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011




Have a Concern? Who do I Call?


All “Homeowner Issues” are handled by the Homeowner Association If your concern is: 1-Neighbors dog barking. 2-What landscaping can I install. 3-Neighbors pet not on a leash or in a fenced area. 4-Resident throwing yard waste in conservation area or pond. 5-Owner not cleaning up pet waste. 6-What color do I paint my mailbox. 7-Excesive noise from your neighbor. 8-What color can I paint my house. 9-Neighbors trash not in a container. 10-What type of fence can I install? Call the Homeowners Association (HOA) 300-1100 ext 154 and ask for Mike Spall The Community Development District (CDD) takes care of common areas and general maintenance. If your concern is a problem in the community such as: 1-Streetlight out / globe missing or broken. 2-Common area landscaping. 3-Barcode not working. 4-Trash or algae in pond. 5-Pond bank not mowed. (not behind your home) 6-Road kill. 7-Document to be notarized. 8-Problems with playgrounds. 9-Club, pool, tennis court hours. 10-Water leaks / broken sprinklers. (common property) 11-Village gate not working properly 12-Damage to community property. Call the Community Development District (CDD) at 991-9226 (weekdays 9-5pm), or 991-9741(5pm-10pm, M-F)

I.A.C. Painting & Waterproofing Mission Statement: ” E xcellent Performance On Time ”

*Arbor Green Resident Owned Exterior painting

Drywall repairs

Interior painting


Self cleaning Sealers

Pressure washing

Wallpaper installation

All floor Coatings

Dirt and mold free driveway, walkway, pool deck, walls and roofs up to 5 years GUARANTEED!!, after we clean and seal them. 100% MAINTENANCE FREE, 100% environment friendly

*Licensed *Bonded *Insured *EPA Certified Renovator* Simix Professional Applicator *References available

Phone (813) 347-0723 Fax (813) 472-9821 ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011

Is your homeowner’s insurance premium increasing? Are you being cancelled by your current carrier? WE HAVE A SOLUTION Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t have to be stressful! Insurance New Tampa just saved your neighbor on Deercliff Drive over $724 on their insurance! Call today for a free quote and see how we can help YOU! Contact Robert Black – Agent and Arbor Greene Resident


Home – Auto – Motorcycle – Boat – RV Commercial – Life Mon-Fri 9-5:30

Sat 9-1 Appointments available PAGE 7

Personal Training One on One Individual Training Programs Buddy Training and Small Group Programs Sports Conditioning 4 Performance Enhancement Sports Injury Prevention Training

ARBOR GREENE — PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIAL $39/PER SESSION ENHANCE — MOTIVATE — STRENGTHEN Whether you are just starting a fitness regimen, need a little extra motivation to get into the gym, or you’re a seasoned athlete looking to progress to the next level, Fellow Arbor Greene Resident & Certified Personal Trainer Meg Clawson will design a workout program specifically tailored to target your individual needs. Programs are designed for all ages and fitness levels and will help you to achieve your goals in a safe and structured manner. For More Information call Meg today 813.333.2800

Visit us online @

Jane Crabtree Broker Associate

20+ Years Experience What is your home worth? Call for A FREE market analysis (813) 943-5477 Owned And Operated By NRT LLC. 19026 Bruce B. Downs Blvd. Tampa, FL 33647

No Amplified Music REMINDER: The CDD Board of Supervisors instituted a change to our noise policy: amplified music is no longer permitted at parties in the Gathering Room or Resort Pool. (eff. 12/1/10) E.g. No speakers, bands or D.J.’s Thank you for your cooperation in sharing our facilities, and respecting our neighbors. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011

Speed limit changes: Effective June 1st the speed limit in Arbor Greene will decrease from 30 MPH to 25 MPH. This change will be strictly enforced by the Tampa Police Department (TPD). Please drive safely! Not only for yourself but for the people around you.

Rick’s Pressure Cleaning LLC. Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Paver Sealing - Pressure Washing Driveways  Homes  Pool Enclosures Phone: (813) 404-2526

Licensed & Insured Free Estimates PAGE 8



All vehicles (Resident or Guest) passing through the visitor lane are required to stop and be logged in by the Guard on duty. Please help keep our community safe. Barcodes are available to residents as a convenience. SEE LEFT

Animal Waste and our Water System It's first thing in the morning and the dog wants to go out right NOW, the cats are standing by their litter box waiting for some fresh kitty litter and your toddler is demanding a trip to the park to feed the ducks. While none of these activities some like a major threat to the environment, animal waste is one of the many little sources of pollution that can add up to big problems for water quality and may cause human health problems as well. While most people connect animal waste problems to agriculture, studies have shown that pets, waterfowl and other urban wildlife waste can cause significant water pollution problems. Animal waste contains several types of pollution that contributes to water quality problems: nutrients, pathogens, and a naturally toxic material, ammonia. When animal waste ends up in a lake, stream, or Long Island Sound, it decomposes, using up oxygen and releasing its pollutant load. During summer months when the water is warm, the combination of low oxygen levels and ammonia can kill fish and other aquatic organisms. The nutrients cause excessive growth of aquatic weeds and algae. Pathogens, the disease-causing bacteria and viruses associated with animal waste, can also make water unsafe for human use. If pathogens or the indicator bacteria associated with animal waste are found during water testing, shellfish beds may be closed to harvest, beaches may be closed to swimming and drinking water supplies may require expensive filtration or disinfection. Fortunately there are some simple practices everyone can do to help prevent pollution by keeping animal waste out of the water. While it may seem easier to ignore the problem of animal waste, remember that you are protecting not only the environment but also your own health.

1. Pick Up After Your Pet 2. Keep Your Yard Clean 3. Don't Feed Waterfowl 4. Dispose Of Kitty Litter Properly ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE â—? June 2011


Keep your children safe!! Most drowning incidents occur in swimming pools; However, young children can drown in less than two inches of water. Pool drowning with children happens quickly and silently, with most child drowning victims missing from sight for less than five minutes. Fences barriers and alarms add an extra layer of protection.      

Install fencing, pool alarms, door locks or other barriers whenever possible. Always secure safety covers and barriers to prevent children from gaining access to pools, spas or hot tubs when not in use. Never disable an alarm or prop open the gate to the pool area. Learn to swim and teach children how to swim. (Did you know that we have instructors onsite to help assist with this?) Flotation devices and swimming lessons are not a substitute for adult supervision. Remove toys from in and around the pool area, especially riding toys, when not in use.

Each year children drown in bathtubs, buckets, coolers, ponds, ditches, fountains, hot tubs, toilets, pet water bowls and wading pools. Most childhood drowning deaths occur when the parent or caregiver becomes distracted by the phone, doorbell or chores around the home. Children can drown in a matter of seconds. If a child is missing check the water first.  Children must always be supervised by an adult when playing in or around the water.  Never allow a young child to be responsible for a younger sibling or playmate.  Empty buckets immediately after use and store them upside down and out of a child’s reach.  Keep toilet seats down and consider using a lock or toilet clip to keep the toddlers from opening the toilet.

Being certified in CPR and First Aid is highly recommended when caring for children.



Message from your Neighborhood Watch: If you join the Arbor Greene (AG) NWA email distribution group, then you will receive Tampa Police Department (TPD) reports and notifications about criminal activity in the New Tampa area. You will also receive personal and home security tips. If you would like to get these tips and other relevant data from the TPD and NWA, please email us at to be added to the NWA email distro group. Please send us your full name and which sub-community (e.g., Enclave, Alcove, etc.) you reside in. Joining this email distro does not obligate you to any other NWA activity, but should help you and your amily to become better informed and more secure. One of the tips we pass to AG residents is when to call the TPD about an emergency or suspicious activity. AG residents should call 9-1-1 if there is a perceived threat to person(s) or property, i.e., if it appears a crime is about to be committed or just occurred. If you feel your phone call is important enough that you need to get through to the TPD quickly, then you likely need to call 9-1-1. On the other hand, residents should call the Suspicious Activity line (813-231-6130) if the activity is simply suspicious. In either case, you should call the TPD from a safe location and do not confront those person(s). The Suspicious Activity line is actually an “administrative” TPD phone line and so it could take a short time before your call is answered. The following are a few examples of non-emergency events which should be reported to the Suspicious Activity line: 1) Seeing a vehicle drive by slowly, multiple times and/or parking and not leaving their vehicles … more than what you would expect from someone simply trying to locate a residence or answering a phone call. 2) A "door-to-door" salesperson in your neighborhood after dark or who does not appear to have valid identification from the company he allegedly works for. Be especially cautious of persons who offer to sell or update your home’s security system and attempt to gain information about your current system. 3) Person(s) whom you do not recognize as being from your neighborhood or school-age children when school is in session, who climb over fences separating AG and other communities or parks and enter AG. How to get follow-up information on your call to TPD: If you want to be notified of the outcome of a police service call, you need to say that in your initial call; otherwise, the officer will not normally contact you about the result of your call. Not all patrol officers have city cell phones, so the officer may have a Communications Technician call and report the outcome to you. TPD personnel will call you if you are a witness who can possibly identify someone you saw and the TPD are now in contact with the suspect(s), especially if it relates to a crime against person or property. TPD dispatchers’ behavior: Our TPD liaison said if you deal with a TPD dispatcher who was rude, or asked the same questions several times, giving the impression the dispatcher did not care or listen to you, then that incident should be reported to a dispatch supervisor. The Captain in charge of TPD Communications investigates and corrects improper behavior as soon as possible. Communication Technicians are continually being hired because of the high turnover rate due in part to the stress of the job. So, if you are asked repeatedly for data, it could be the dispatcher is in training or is training a rookie. The Captain encourages groups schedule a visit to see how the TPD dispatchers operate.

Our thanks to all of our NWA members and AG residents who work to keep AG’s NWA program functioning successfully. Your communication and watchfulness has undoubtedly helped prevent crimes within our community. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011


Rate Increase? Non-Renewed?

We Can Help! Homeowners Auto

Insurance Services Risk Assessment - Risk Transfer Life Insurance is about how much risk you’re willing to keep and how much you want to transfer to an insurance company. We help with the transfer. Call today for a free, no obligation quote.


Frank McCarthy, CLU, RHU Mid Level Insurers of New Tampa


Direct Line: 813-951-5500

Contact us today New Tampa Wesley Chapel 813-973-8680 813-994-3900 8905 Regents Park Dr, Ste 250 28955 SR 54 Tampa, FL 33647 Wesley Chapel, FL 33543 ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011


Tennis Events: Arbor Greene USTA Teams Win 3.0 Day and Night Flights Arbor Greene 3.0 night captained by Theresa Mays and 3.5 night captained by Eileen Farrell won their flights and will play in the Hillsborough USTA/NTRP Play Offs. Great playing ladies! Train Smart Tennis Jr. Summer Championships June 4-6 Arbor Greene will host a USTA Junior Tournament Sat and Sun. June 5-6. For more information call Alan at 813-610-7301. Arbor Greene Juniors Do Great! Sam Chaffin playing his first year for Wharton High advanced to the state championships. Sam LaFrance won the Eastlake Rookie Tournament 10 and under flight. His brother Ben took the 12 and under flight. Great Playing! Summer Junior Tennis Is Starting This summer Train Smart Tennis invites your children to join the fun of learning tennis at Arbor Greene. Our mission is to provide a systematic basic approach so your children have the opportunity to learn the game as quickly as possible. Our approach truly teaches children the fundaments to enjoy the life-time game of tennis and to build self-esteem. There is no substitute for a good beginning! Our training is designed so your children can follow a pathway to improvement and competition. The next step would be the Train Smart Players Program which has produced some the top juniors in the area. We provide a system of training for your children no matter what their level of play. Summer tennis starts Monday, June 13th and continues for 9 weeks. Players can sign up for one week at a time and attend 1, 2, 3 or 4 days per week. Days are Mon., Tues., Wed., and Thurs. Times are 5 – 7 years old 9:00 – 10:00am. 8 -12 years old 10:00 – 11:30am.13 & over 10:00 – 11:30am. Camp will not meet the week of July 4 th.

Sign Up By Calling Coach Alan At 610-7301 The New Tennis Court Reservation System Started Advanced Reservations April 1st The new tennis reservation system is up and running. If you don’t make a reservation, you can sign up on the reservation sheet at the sun shelter bulletin board at Court #1. You must sign up to use a court. Court reservations are held for 10 minutes; after that, they become open/available. Children under 14 must be with an adult 18 years or older. ID tags are required for all residents and members. Residents must accompany all guests without a guest pass.

Top Ten Mosquito Prevention and Safety Tips 1. Prevent your swimming pool from becoming a breeding ground. 2. If you have Bromeliad plants in your yard, regularly rinse them out with a garden hose. 3. Protect your children from mosquitoes, especially at night, by applying a bug repellant. 4. Keep your rain gutters clean and clear of debris. 5. Take special precautions at dusk as this is when mosquitoes are most active. 6. In high populated mosquito areas wear long sleeve shirts, long pants, and mosquito nets when possible. 7. If there is a mosquito born disease warning in effect stay 8. indoors in the evening when mosquitoes are active. 9. Make sure window and door screens are “bug tight”. 10. Get rid of mosquito breeding containers. 11. Prevent puddles in your yard. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE ● June 2011


Lots of activities = New “Calendar” Format Normal Meeting/Activity Times Listed Below

Book Club Bunco Girl Scouts Infant Swimming Mahjong Math Class Mom's Club Personal Training Starka Boot Camp Starka Personal Training

Monday June 13th @ 7PM To continue in September 2011 Wednesday June 22nd 2:30PM and 5:00PM Contact activity director for more information Friday 1PM Tues and Thur 5:30PM Thursday June 9th @7:30PM Contact activity director for more information Mon thru Sat 5:30AM and 8AM Contact activity director for more information Summer schedule starts -6/13; M-TH 8AM to 12:30PM & 4PM to 6:30PM, Fri 8AM to 11:30AM, Sat 9AM to 11:30AM; Individual lessons by appt Swim Team and Lessons only. Tennis Contact activity director for more information Triathlon Contact activity director for more information Yoga Mon and Thur 6PM Zumba Mon, Wed and Fri 9AM, Tues and Thur 7:30PM Zumba Toning Tues and Thurs 9AM The activities listed above are privately run and any questions pertaining to them should be directed to the individual activity directors. Please see page 2 for a list of Activity Directors.


Fitness Pool Summer Hours April-October Day




5:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:00 AM

10:00 PM


8:00 AM

8:00 PM PAGE 15


Community Center 18000 Arbor Greene Drive Tampa, Florida 33647 Phone: 813-991-9741 Fax: 813-973-1609

No More Teachers, No More Books!!! Heads up: All Hillsborough County Schools finish on June 10th. If you are headed to the pools there will be a 100% ID Tag and cooler check at the gate, so please remember your ID Tag!! The purpose of checking ID Tags is to insure the facilities are used only by residents, members, and their guests. Remember glass is not permitted, no beer or wine bottles. There will be Club Attendants at the entrance gate, on June 10th, handing out Id bracelets so we can better identify residents and their guests!

Lifeguard Schedule: Lifeguards will be at the Fitness Poll May 28th thru May 29th, Then daily beginning June 10th thru Labor Day, from 10 AM to 6PM. Please remember to watch your children when lifeguards are not present.

Summer Pool Hours: The Summer Pool hours are now in effect! Monday thru Friday 5:30AM-10PM Saturday 8AM-10PM Sunday 8AM-8PM

This year if you are heading to either the Fitness Pool or the Resort Pool and you have a cooler IT WILL BE INSPECTED! No Exceptions Will Be Made! We will be checking for glass bottles/containers. Glass of any type is prohibited around the pool/deck areas. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE â—? June 2011


Arbor Greene Newsletter  

Arbor Greene Neighborhood Newsletter - June 2011

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