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December 2012 - Happy Holidays!

The Arbor Greene CDD Wishes You A Safe & Happy Holiday Season! We ask that all residents please be aware of an important change to the speed limits within Arbor Greene. As mentioned in previous issues of the AG newsletter, and further outlined on page 9 of this Newsletter, effective Thursday, December 6, the speed limit on single-lane, each direction, roads within Arbor Greene will be reduced to 25 MPH! Arbor Creek Drive, from Cross Creek to the Enclave/Estuary circle will be the only road in Arbor Greene to remain at 30 MPH. The CDD feels the safety of the residents of Arbor Greene is important! A slower speed limit may help alleviate the small mishaps we’ve seen in the community, and also keep our children, pets, bikers, walkers and joggers safer. Please make a conscious effort this holiday season to obey the new speed limits; thereby bringing a greater degree of safety to the community.

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The final approved CDD Meeting and CDD Budget Workshop Minutes are published on the Arbor Greene website at

Attention New Residents! The Arbor Greene website: has useful information to help with your transition to our community. You will find information related to the CDD, HOA, including meeting dates and past meeting minutes. Additionally, there is community news, a calendar and an online newsletter.

Free Notary Service for Arbor Greene Residents Contact Claudia Mayo or Geri Burke Monday - Friday from 9-11:30 AM & 1-4PM, in the Administration Office. Please call 991-9226, before arriving. Photo ID is required Arbor Greene Landscape Maintenance December 3-8: Fertilize seasonal color flower beds. Complete mulching of planter beds. Apply fungicide on turf and shrubs. December 10-15: Apply insecticide on plants where needed. Remove low hanging tree branches on roadside and sidewalks for high vehicle clearance. December 17- 22: Fungicide and fertilize seasonal color flower beds. Mow ponds. Re-fertilize any off color turf areas. December 24- 29: Treat turf for broadleaf weeds. Apply herbicide in planter beds.

AG CDD Board of Supervisors Michael S. Candella, Seat #5 Steve Eckhardt, Seat #4 Christine Nelson, Seat #1 Adam Tanenbaum, Seat #3 Toby Thomson, Seat #2

Preserve Enclave Estuary Preserve Avalon

(supervisors listed alphabetically until after November Board mtg.)

Arbor Greene HOA Board of Directors Sean Kiehl, President Betty Jackson, Vice President Mike Konicek, Treasurer Sheryl Greenlee, Secretary Dhanni Sukhai, Director Greeneacre Properties, Inc. Mark

Parkview Heather Sound Landing Parkview Enclave 600-1100, ext. 163

Arbor Greene CDD Staff General Manager Bob Farrell


Club Manager Mike Candella


Maintenance Manager

Gary Smith


Administrative Mgr.

Claudia Mayo


Newsletter Editor Geri Burke


Arbor Greene Activity Directors Book Club BUNCO Girl Scouts Infant Swim Lessons Mahjong Meditation Class MOMS Club Neighborhood Watch Personal Training Personal Training/Boot Camp Social Activities Swim Team/Lessons Tennis Triathlon Coaching Yoga Zumba

Diana Wheeler 994-9262 Carol Trzaska 9947312 Rhonda Hess 929-3062 Emma Grynbal 748-6142 Julia Rogers 833-7314 Jeremy Williams 528-6285 Anna Iwanski 973-8983 Paul & Hally Boucher Davida Constant 240-1375 Meg Clawson 333-2800 Valerie Casey 317-8886 Julia Lamb 240-9428 Alan Williams 610-7301 Doug Kugley 995-4628 Ruben Vasquez 727-771-3612 Maguie Blasini 732-7011

Devonshire HOA Board of Directors Stuart Marofsky, President Julia Rogers, Vice-President Nick D’Andrea, Secretary Robert Hennig, Treasurer Melody Peterson, Board Member at Large Wil Alvarez, Unique Property Services, 879-1139

Carriage Homes HOA Board of Directors The Arbor Greene Newsletter is on-line GO GREEN!! If you would like to stop receiving a hard copy of the AG Newsletter, please e-mail the Newsletter Editor, at: PAGE 2

Bruce Metts, Board of Directors Graig Silverstein, Board of Directors Bob Winter, Board of Directors Laurie Dykeman,Board of Directors Lorraine Thomas, Community Manager, Rizzetta & Company, 813-933-5571


Community Activities Message from the Arbor Greene HOA


Happy Holidays from your HOA board!

January “super” inspection As everyone knows, Arbor Greene is a deed restricted community. There are certain maintenance and upkeep standards that are dictated by our covenants that apply to all homes in the community. The primary responsibility of the Homeowners Association is to insure covenant compliance by all residents. The key to effective covenant enforcement is consistency. We must insure that every address throughout the community is complying with the covenants in a similar way. The recent housing crisis delivered us a setback. With more than 50 foreclosed and abandoned homes in Arbor Greene, it became very difficult to deliver a consistent enforcement standard. For our regular readers of this space, you are aware that in 2012 the HOA has completely changed its approach. We are now abating homes that are not complying with our community’s covenants. We have effectively managed around our primary roadblock to consistent covenant enforcement. Now that we are able to deliver consistent covenant enforcement, we are going to conduct a “super” inspection in January. Every address in Arbor Greene will be inspected against all of our covenants, including yard condition, clean driveway, sidewalks, exterior paint, and other miscellaneous violations. We are going to return to the consistent covenant enforcement that you would expect from a deed restricted community. After January we will return to the monthly priority. This will allow us to keep Arbor Greene at a good level of maintenance while providing residents with a clear and transparent set of expectations.

The results are in and the Arbor Greene CDD is pleased to announce the election of their two newest board members: Michael S. Candella and Steve Eckhardt. Other members of the current Arbor Greene CDD Board of Supervisors include: Christine Nelson, Adam Tannenbaum and Toby Thomson The Board of Supervisors would like to thank it’s two retiring board members, John Brickley and Doresey Yawn, for the years of service and commitment they gave to the Arbor Greene Community. The new board held their meeting on Tuesday, November 20th and new officers were selected; results will appear in next month’s newsletter. The CDD Board meets monthly (as noted on page 1 of the newsletter) and invites the community to join them.

The Arbor Greene Book Club

All residents are welcome to attend meetings. If you wish to dispute a violation, you can contact Mark Eary at Greenacre or attend and address the Board. We look forward to returning Arbor Greene to a more consistent level of covenant enforcement from the Homeowners Association.

The Arbor Greene Book Club will meet on December 3rd, at 7pm, in the Gathering Room to discuss: Born to Die-The Montauk Murders, by local author, Lois Lewandowski.

All planned changes to the exterior of your home must be submitted to the Design Review Board (DRB) via an Alteration Application. And, DRB approval must be obtained before any work is begun. All Arbor Greene HOA documents and forms can be found on -line at Click the “Resident Login” link at the top of the page to sign in. It is each homeowners responsibility to know what is covered in the Declaration of Covenants (Deed Restrictions) and Design Review Board Standards.

Please contact Diane Wheeler for more information about the Arbor Greene Book Club at: 994-9262

Follow the City of Tampa permitted watering schedule as outlined below: At addresses ending in 0, 1, 2, or 3 Mondays and Thursdays; At addresses ending in 4, 5, or 6 Tuesdays and Fridays; At addresses ending in 7, 8, or 9 Wednesdays and Saturdays. No household watering on Sunday! All irrigation must be accomplished between 12:01 AM and 8 AM, or between 6 PM and 11:59 PM on the allowed day.


MOMS CLUB Ever feel like you're the only mother who stays home? You are not alone! Join the MOMS Club of New Tampa. It’s a great way for you to meet other stay at-home mothers in the area, as well as a great way for your children to meet new playmates and engage in stimulating activities while encouraging their social skills. We offer support for at-home mothers through: planned monthly activities calendar, age-appropriate playgroups for your children, monthly Moms' night out, service projects within the community. For more information contact us via Email: Website:


SIDEWALK SAFETY: BICYCLES When riding on sidewalks or in crosswalks, a bicyclist has the same rights and duties as a pedestrian. A bicyclist riding on the sidewalks or in crosswalks must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and must give an audible signal before passing.

ARBOR GREENE HOLIDAY HOURS Please note our Holiday hours for the Arbor Greene Administration office and Community Center Fitness Rooms and Pools: The Arbor Greene Administration offices will be closed December 24th & 25th, and December 31st & January 1st. The Community Center, Fitness Rooms and Pools will be closed on Christmas and New Years Day, but open from 8am-3pm on December 24th and 31st.



New 25 MPH Speed Limit As referenced on page 1, the following are recommendation from the City of Tampa’s Transportation Division: “…Based on a field review of existing speed limit sign placement, the number and distribution of the individual villages (inclusive of single family homes, condos and towns homes), the surface road network, its cross section(s) and its interconnectivity, the observed pedestrian and bicycle use/demand as well as existing crosswalks at several intersections within the Arbor Greene Community, we recommend and support the following: -Arbor Greene Dr between Cross Creek Blvd and Estuary Dr remain posted as 30 mph speed zone -Arbor Wind Dr between Arbor Greene Dr and Shadow Branch Dr may be reduced to a 25 mph speed zone -Arbor Creek Dr between Arbor Greene Dr and Evergreene Hill Dr may be reduced to a 25 mph speed zone -Arbor Run Dr between Arbor Creek Dr and Whisper Point Dr may be reduced to a 25 mph speed zone We would support the additional posting of 25 mph speed zones within each of the gated villages, if that is the desire of the Arbor Greene Community. Please let this email stand as an official record of the City's review of the Arbor Greene Community's request to lower its speed limit along the above outlined roads…” Effective December 6th, the new speed limit will be 25 mph. As you can see from the above, only Arbor Greene Drive from Cross Creek Blvd to the Estuary Dr./Enclave circle will remain at 30 mph.


Rick’s Pressure Cleaning LLC. Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning Paver Sealing - Pressure Washing Driveways  Homes  Pool Enclosures Phone: (813) 404-2526 Licensed & Insured Free Estimates


MOBILE MASSAGE THERAPIST Types of massage available: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aroma Therapy, Corporate Seated, Pregnancy, Sports & Injury Rehab Mon, Tues & Wed. 9am -9pm $55 for 1 hour! References available. 727-372-6389 Lic # MA47546

NOT A DOUBLE TURN LANE When exiting Arbor Greene onto Cross Creek Blvd., please remember it is not a double “left turn” lane. As per the double signage as you come up to the light, please remember that when you’re in the right hand lane you must turn right, and when you’re in the left hand lane you must turn left. Let’s do our best to put safety first at Arbor Greene!

Holiday Stress? There are many times throughout the holiday season that we start to feel stressed out. Did you know that Arbor Greene offers a Yoga class on Monday evenings and a Meditation Group that meets on Sunday mornings. What a great way to relax and de-stress during the busy holiday season!

LOST & FOUND Where are those towels, goggles, sunglasses, and car keys??? Have you checked the Arbor Greene Lost & Found? All items turned into the attendant on duty in the Community Center, are logged in and held for 2 weeks waiting to be claimed. All unclaimed items are then donated to Goodwill. PAGE 6




Guest Verification System (“GVS”) In order to assist us in providing quicker and more efficient service to Arbor Greene residents and their guests, we will be implementing several very important changes. The first will be the Guest Verification System, or GVS, for after hour’s visitors at the Guard House. For this, if you anticipate *ever* having visitors between 10pm and 6am please provide us the telephone number that you would like to use for such purpose. The GVS should be operational by mid January. Effective January 14th 2013, we will call the number that we have on file; the gate guards will no longer accept numbers provided by the visitor. If a call is unanswered, access will be denied (only from 10pm until 6am). This new measure will create an increase in night time security. If you have visitors or guests that you would like to have added to an “always admit with no call” list, you will need to provide each visitor’s/guest’s name and address. This information will then be compared to the person’s driver’s license for verification. If a match, they will be admitted; no match: no admittance. Please provide this information by January 4th, 2013. The Administration Center will also be setting up a quick and easy way to contact our residents with important announcements via email. Should information arise that needs to be quickly distributed, we would do so by sending out an email blast. Residents may submit information to update their records in any of the following ways: 1. Provide your information using the CDD Service Request Form, found on the Arbor homepage. ( 2. Call 991-9226 with your email information; 3. E-mail,, with your information.

Thank you for the opportunity to make Arbor Greene the best place to live! PAGE 8


A SEASON OF GOOD RETURNS Now in its fifth year, “A Season of Good Returns”, has become a traditional AG holiday charity tennis event. The afternoon of ladies “fun tennis” has raised money for a number of Tampa area charities. On the afternoon of December 2, for a second year in a row, they have chosen to support Joshua House. Located in Lutz, Joshua House is a safe haven for abandoned, and neglected children. Players are asked to donate $10 and items needed by Joshua House. The winner of the day’s scramble is given the honor of making the donation to Joshua House, on behalf of all those who have played!

Morris Bridge Park

Please e-mail or if you want to get in the holiday With the weather getting cooler, and school vatennis spirit of playing and giving back! cation breaks coming up for the kids, it’s a great time to explore Morris Bridge Park, part of the Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Park system, and close to home.

PET BOARDING & DOG WALKING Are you planning a holiday vacation or going on a business trip? Do you need a Pet Sitter?

at your home.

Located in Arbor Greene, we offer a cage free “pet vacation” at our house. We can also walk and care for your pet (dog or cat)

Please contact me to determine your pet’s needs! Randy Kriesel at : or call 813-777-6573(cell).

Located at 13330 Morris Bridge Road on the Hillsborough River, this 106 acre park is best known for its river fishing (check FL permitting requirements first). Alligators, turtles, water snakes, frogs, fish, hawks and wading birds are commonly seen here. You can kayak and paddle on the Hillsborough River Canoe Trail. There are fishing docks on each side of the river, covered shelters and picnic areas. Bird watching is also popular at Morris Bridge. The park is home to Site 101 of the western section of the Great Florida Birding Trail. Off-road cyclists, trail runners and hikers can enjoy the Wilderness Park Off Road Trails System. Winter is the best time to get outdoors in Florida!

AG Guest Pass Requirements With the holidays approaching, we’d like to remind our residents, a guest pass is required for the use of all club facilities, including the fitness & weight rooms, pools and tennis courts, by your guests. A guest pass must be obtained at the community center in advance of the day(s) of use and presented upon arrival at the Community Center. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE DECEMBER 2012


WHAT THE BANKS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW Debt Reduction While Increasing Personal Wealth (Part-7) Last month’s installment of this series of articles provided a few examples of how to benefit from using some of the tools that many financial institutions employ to earn large profits while keeping us in debt. These institutions are motivated by the large profits they stand to earn from us when we take advantage of the seemingly unbelievable, but carefully crafted and calculated loan and credit offers. To maximize financial institutions’ potential profit, they offer “deals” after employing a well-known, but often misunderstood tool, our credit scores. Consider reading on to gain a basic understanding of the background and significance of monitoring and maintaining a good credit score. Before reading on, please note that if you have a critical financial situation, this article is not meant to address it. I would strongly urge you to avoid any hesitation and sit down immediately with a financial manager, your current lender, or a debt consolidator. If you’re not in a critical situation, consider reading the examples below to learn how to begin the journey towards financial independence while using the very tools that financial institutions employ to earn large profits while keeping us in debt. The system of credit has been in use for thousands of years, but until the early 1980’s, individual financial institutions and businesses used their own unique ways to gauge a person’s ability and willingness to pay their debt, better known as credit worthiness. In the early 1980’s, several major financial institutions collaborated and began to use a common credit scoring system that would allow, with a persons’ permission, any of these institutions to have access to this credit scoring data. The purpose for this system was simply to provide financial institutions with a tool to gauge a person’s trustworthiness, or ability and willingness to stay true to their obligations and pay their debt. However, as with many good ideas, this system has transformed into much more. Not only does the credit scoring system aid in increasing bank profits, but it has a much larger impact on our finances than most of us are aware. Credit scores have become the financial industries’ self-licking ice-cream cone. A student graduating from high-school or college is told by most lenders, that they need to build their credit history to acquire loans for cars, homes, or even credit limits on credit cards. So, from the start, lenders encourage us to acquire debt to build a good payment history, to be eligible to acquire more debt later. Unfortunately, this is the system we have to work with, and without proper restraint and financial guidance, will lead most Americans into a life-long battle with revolving debt. Lending institutions reinforce the desire to stay in debt by offering lower interest rates to those persons who have a better and more complete credit history. However, financial institutions will still lend to those with poor, little, or no credit, but at much higher interest rates, increasing the profit margin while using the excuse that the lender is taking more of a risk. There is some truth to this explanation; however, the result is that higher interest rates are used by lenders as motivation for people to acquire more debt in order to better a person’s credit score. The truth is, small student loans, low balance credit cards, and lower to moderate auto loans are perfect ways to build a solid credit score and history. Lenders and some financial advisors typically state that little or no debt is bad and leads to a negative credit score. This is incomplete advice and misleading! The facts are that with little or no debt, a person’s credit score might never reach the highest potential score and the credit agencies will typically report “Not enough revolving debt” on your credit profile. However, consider how many lenders are waiting in line to offer you that next loan! The banks need your debt and by understanding your options, you will find that some of the best credit rates will likely be available to you. Now, you understand some of the basic history and uses of credit scoring; however, are you aware how your finances are affected by your scoring? Initially implemented by the banking industry for use by Con’t on page 11 PAGE 10


Con’t from page 10 lenders, credit scores are now used by many insurance agencies (home/auto), employers, and rental property agencies and owners, to name a few. Many independent studies have shown that the care taken with a person’s finances is a fairly good indicator of how a person might act when driving (insurance), their work-ethic (employment), and how they may care for their property (rental agencies). Unfortunately, the good idea of the early 1980’s has found a way to affect many financial aspects of our lives. With this in mind, we need to understand the importance we place on fulfilling our financial promises and obligations, will have significant and long lasting effects on our lives. Consider obtaining your 1 free annual credit report from each of the 3 major credit agencies throughout the year and become familiar with what your profile says. The financial decisions we make affect each person differently based on age, years of credit, amounts of loans, defaults, missed payments, etc., but will not be covered in this article. However, understanding the importance of your credit profile while making efforts to improve it, will have long term benefits that will pay dividends to you in the future. Lastly, please be careful of who you take your financial advice from. Before accepting debt reduction or investment advice, ask your advisor if they are completely debt free. Many of us believe we own our home and vehicle, but in reality, a loan means that the lender owns these assets. If your financial advisor is not truly debt free and still has a mortgage or vehicle loan(s) or other loans, you should be very cautious about taking debt reduction or debt elimination advice from them. Please watch for future articles meant to further assist you on your way to financial freedom. Please support our Advertisers, tell them you saw their advertisement in the Arbor Greene Gazette. Remember ,they help make our community newsletter possible!



HCTA/Force Charity Tennis Event Eight ladies doubles teams from Arbor Greene participated in the 5th annual HCTA/Force charity tennis tournament, held at Hunters Green, the weekend of October 20th. Of the eight Arbor Greene doubles teams that participated, three came away with significant results. The winners in the 3.0 division were Beth Keenan/Janice Bodley, runners up were Melissa Kandell/Melissa Sheridan, and consolation round winners were Beth Hart/Mendy Westlund. Other AG participants were Susan Sommerfield, Eileen Farrell, Kristin Cherry, Amy Williams, Geri Burke, Caralyn Paul, Donna Doyle, Patty Peterson and Tracey Tulper. Bob Farrell served as tournament director and was assisted by AG residents Jorge Tirado, Frankie DeJoseph, Andy Huang and Nick Burke. Cheers to the winners, the participants and volunteers that make this charity event so much fun!


Arbor Greene Resident

Arbor Greene Monthly Rainfall Comparison August 2011 - 8.25 August 2012 - 18.21 September 2011 - 5.93 September 2012 - 2.02 October 2011 - 5.33 October 2012 -1.26



“HOLIDAY SAFETY/SECURITY TIPS” It’s that time when families do holiday shopping, travel to visit with family and friends, etc. Here are tips that will hopefully keep you and your family safer during the holiday season.  Light up your home (inside and out) when it is dark outside. Close and lock windows and doors, including garage doors. Set your alarm even if you are at home; about 80% of home burglaries occur during the day. Turn on TVs or radios to give the appearance that someone is at home. Limit the number of persons you tell about your plans to be away from home.  Pay attention to your surroundings; don’t make yourself an easy target criminals. While you are at home, shopping, traveling, etc. look for suspicious activity or person(s); criminals or their associates often watch a person or place before they commit a crime or during the commission of a crime to avoid being caught. Please avoid opening your door for people you don’t know and verify identity before opening. If you see suspicious activity while in a store, e.g., someone continually watches you or your children, or someone follows you when you leave a party, immediately notify store security or the police. Don’t let your personal or phone conversations or texting distract you. Don’t allow tiredness or alcohol to impair your senses.  Before you leave home, take only items that you will need, including your cell phone. Don’t bring too many credit cards or too much cash. If you have to get cash from an ATM, use one in a public and well-lit location, preferably indoors. If possible, avoid using a large purse and don’t ever leave it unattended. Make sure to get your credit card back from cashiers and don’t allow others in line to see your credit card numbers or PINs.  When parking, pay attention to where you parked so you can return quickly to your vehicle. Park close to entrances of stores or homes and in well-lit areas when possible; stay away from isolated locations or near shrubbery where someone could hide. Lock your vehicle, roll up windows, and set the alarm even if you are only going to be gone for “just a second.” 

When you get ready to leave a store, holiday party, etc., have your vehicle keys ready and ask someone to walk you to your vehicle if you are uneasy about returning to it alone. Don’t wait until closing time or the very end of a party to go to your vehicle. If you are traveling from one location to another, take your valuables inside or place them in your vehicle’s trunk. As a very last option, cover your valuables with a blanket or similar item.

If you would like to receive more security tips and other relevant data from the TPD, please email us at Joining this email distribution group does not obligate you to any other NWA activity, but should help you and your family to be better informed and more secure, making Arbor Greene an even better place to live.



ARBOR GREENE TENNIS Winter Junior Tennis Junior Tennis continues through the winter at Train Smart Tennis! Coached by Alan and Kathy Williams and Peter Chow, twice weekly clinics are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays on a drop-in basis. Junior Future Champs (young beginners 5-7 years old) meet from 4-5pm Junior Group (intermediate to advanced 8+) meet from 5-6:30pm

10 and Under Tennis Looking for a fun introduction to the game of tennis for your child? AG resident, and tennis coach, Dennis Kirchoff, is launching AG’s first USTA 10 and Under program. Reduced sized courts, lower nets, smaller racquets and soft balls make learning tennis FUN! Instruction will be offered on Monday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Contact Dennis at: 973-0293 to enroll your child or to discuss the 10 and Under format for your child. A poster with full details on the program can be found beside Court 1.

Winter Adult Tennis Clinics Tuesday

8-9am Ladies 10 S FIT 10-11:00am Ladies Advanced Beginners 7-8:00pm Men’s Work-Out Thursday 9-10:00am Ladies Advanced Beginners Friday 9-10am Ladies Advanced Please call Coach Alan for Ladies Beginners and League Groups at 610-7301. Upcoming Tournaments 12/5-9/12 Train Smart Tennis Winter Championships Men’s and Women’s Open Singles and Doubles 1/5-7/13 USTA Girl’s 14 and under Sectional Championships 1/14-16/13 Arbor Greene Adult Championships: Men’s Open, 35, 45, 55 and over (singles only) Women’s Open, 35, 45 and over (singles only)

3 Arbor Greene Teams in Fall Playoffs! Fall USTA League play has ended on a high note for 3 of our Combo teams! The Ladies 7.5 and 6.5 “red” teams will compete in playoff action on December 1st, here at AG. The Men’s 7.5 Combo team are already in the midst of their round robin playoffs!

The following USTA Winter Season leagues will begin in January. Beth Keenan ( ) Monday morning Ladies 3.0 Nancy Pluchino ( Tuesday morning Ladies 3.5 Eileen Farrell (lovatennis@ Tuesday night Ladies 3.5 Kristin Cherry Thursday night Ladies 4.0 Paul Williams ( Saturday morning Men’s 4.0 Susan Sommerfield ( Sunday Mixed 7.0 Combo Paul Williams ( Sunday Mixed 8.0 Combo The following ALOT teams are full, but are always in need of subs. Please contact one of the team captains if you are interested in subbing on a team; it’s a great way to meet other AG players! MaryJo Lefcourt - ALOT “A” (3.5 & 4.0 players) Caralyn Paul - ALOT “B” (3.5 players) Beth Hart - ALOT “C” (3.0-3.5 players) PAGE 14


For most up to date information, please see online calendar here:

Book Club Bunco Girl Scouts Infant Swimming Mahjong Meditation Class Mom's Club Personal Training Scrapbooking Club Starka Boot Camp Starka Personal Training Starka Pilates classes Swim Team and Lessons Tennis Triathlon Yoga Zumba

December 3rd @7PM in the Gathering Room Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Sundays at 10-11:30AM in the Aerboics Room Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Please contact activity director for more info Mon thru Sat 5:30AM and 8AM Please contact activity director for more info Mon & Wed 7:30-8:15PM Individual lessons by appt only Please contact Alan Williams for more info Please contact activity director for more info Monday @6PM Mon, Wed and Fri 9AM, Tues and Thur 7:30PM

Check reservations online here:

The activities listed above are privately run and any questions pertaining to them should be directed to the individual activity directors. Please see page 2 for a list of Activity Directors. ARBOR GREENE GAZETTE DECEMBER 2012

Fitness Pool Hours November—March Day




6:30 AM

9:00 PM


9:00 AM

9:00 PM


9:00 AM

7:00 PM PAGE 15


Community Center 18000 Arbor Greene Drive Tampa, Florida 33647 Phone: 813-991-9741 Fax: 813-973-1609

Children's Annual Holiday Party Please remember, Santa will be stopping by Arbor Greene for our Annual Children’s Party on Saturday, December 1st from 10AM-Noon. Bring the kids out so they can tell Santa what’s on their list. Along with Santa, there will be snacks, games, crafts & a train ride too!

This event is free to residents and their guests, so come enjoy the fun!!! PAGE 16


The Arbor Greene December 2012 Newsletter Gazette  
The Arbor Greene December 2012 Newsletter Gazette  

The Arbor Greene December 2012 Newsletter Gazette