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Angels and Demons: Through the looking glass

Arbiter st 1 Semester Editorial Staff Aleli Santos Editor-in-Chief Mai Reyes Lay-out Artist Tin Espiritu Moderator Contributors Suzie Abella Luz Baldueza Mycah Figueroa Rose Sagun Enrico Cervantes

Paradigm shift: Reaching new heights, moving mountains *** “Doing things changes things; not doing things... leaves things exactly as they were� –very inspiring *** After a lot of text brigs and a whole lot of scheming ways to unleash that “soul of a writer� among ABAMers, Arbiter’s 1st ish for this sem is here at last! In line with this sem’s slogan: “BREAKING GROUNDS AND PUSHING LIMITS�, this ish embodied the very essence of overcoming barriers and maximizing potentials. Packed with so many features, we hope this will be one way of immortalizing that ABAM memory you love; nostalgic, ‘ayt? This’ll be your time capsule; it’s yours to keep! *** Mountains will always be about challenges; and this sem will be full of ‘em, don’t you worry. And we ABAMers love them. [Admit it.] We decided to jumpstart this sem by inviting you to a journey [cue for Miley’s THE CLIMBhaha]

• NEW EXECORE. We said goodbye to last sem’s execore – Tim, Ace, Jay-ar, Adz, Ian, Caloy and Emm. And now we welcome our new set of leaders that will direct this sem’s trekking – Nico, Suzie, Tin, Diane, Mycah, RC and Oskie. They are here to spearhead the organization’s realization of goals and visions. Yes they have big shoes to fill, but get to know them more by reading their sabaw profiles. You’ll discover that they’re part-human, too! [kailangan ko na ba matakot para sa buhay ko pag nabasa nila toh? • TRANS-formers. Here comes the exciting part: we also have a new set of transitionals! Yay! This sem promises to be extra special, what with the all-new line-up of events and seminars, all for the transitional process! Now we will have new faces, new potentials and leaders-in-the-making. Let’s show ‘em transitionals the ABAM culture; our own way of being a family and still emphasizing that “WE MEAN BUSINESS.â€? To you, future ABAMer, keep the passion burning and enjoy! Wear a smile coz one size fits all! [uyy 172. Haha] •

Exciting NEWbies. This sem’s got that good feel, one where you see adrenaline and pulse! Could it be because of the fully-loaded line-up of events in store? Is it because of this ground-breaking theme? Or is it because of let’s all find out [Plug: what I’m sure of is, SE will have to defend its TBS crown well, come July 13. There will be cutthroat competition; y’all excited? You must be.] Arbiter, Stripped. That’s all.

Enjoy this 1st ish, and the rest of this 1st semester. Get ready, our future awaits. PS Let me share this super one-liner from a super Arbiter ish last 2005: ABAM – college based org na university-wide ang impact. Bentaaaaaa. Love, A. Holler your feedback, comment or suggestions, email at

ent: d i s e r Hey there ABAMers! he P t Welcome to a new issue of the Arbiter! Inside you'll m Fro find nothing but the very best from ABAM's greatest literary minds or maybe just a whole load of gossip and half-baked pieces rushed to meet the deadline. Hahaha. That's what you get when every ABAMer is welcome to submit anything they want for publication. Good thing we've also got the best editorial team around to make sure what ends up in print is actually worthy of such an honor. So find a nice comfy seat, sit back, relax, maybe get yourself a little snack, and enjoy the ride y'all. -Nico Salvador UP ABAM President

HRD TBS is love

THE DEAL. - Last May 9, 2009, we at Human Resources and Development Department went to La Mesa Ecopark for a By: Aleli Santos whole day team-building session. The objective is to bond HRD members and enable teamwork to take place even before the regular sem starts. Organized by HRD Vice-president Diane Reyes, this jam-packed day proved fun and challenging due to a series of activities and games. Nico Salvador, Suzie Abella and Adz Garcia also participated in the activities. SHIMMY SHIMMIES.-Here are some of the higlights:


Pula vs. Puti. HRD was divided into 2 groups: TEAM MEMS (white team, composed of Issa, Aleli, Suzie and Nico) and TEAM TRANS (red team, with Jam, Tim G, Jesse and Treisha). To fuel everyone’s team spirit, we started with the staple cheer! Team TRANS showcased their skills in spelling by acting out the letters T-R-A-N and ending with a wind-your -body letter S! [Sample, sample!] . Team MEMS countered with a show-stopping “Sa Pula, sa Puti, tanggal ang pula!� Competition’s tough, eh?

• Game on! Diane then prepared games with lessons in the end. The Amoeba Race, *yes, you read it right,haha* stressed the importance of team work and participation; the food relay helped us moderate our greed, haha. Kidding. It taught us the value of work distribution, of delegating tasks. Then the oh-so-difficult 8-legged race challenged out-of-the-box thinking. After each activity, may heartto-heart talk. Me like. •

Suicidal. Issa’s the energizer bunny that day; because of her, HRD afternoon went fullspeed ahead! Haha. We went to try Zipline and Paintball Challenge. Wow. Fear-factor.

•Grand Pakain: Buffet. Ate Adz then gave a wonderful treat after the extra-challenging session: a grand pakain! Cool-down ito, sa bahay lang, chillax. Kwentos and some catching up, a perfect way to cap the day. [Thanks mother Adz.] Nothing beats a happy experience at your happy place with your happy people. [did I mention na happy kami? Okay.] With all the invaluable lessons and insights we gained, plus some adrenaline rush over a pulsating suicide-like zipline, HRD TBS will never be the same again. HRS is love.

Finance TBS: Bankrolling By:

Mycah Figueroa

What: A whole-day event for the Finance department featuring a Tokyo Tokyo lunch meeting and a four-part "Amazing Race" Challenge around MOA. FREE Fin Manual, Timezone credits, and Pizza snack included. =) The "Photo Challenge" requires team members to capture photos required in a given list (e.g. barkada ng foreigners); in the "Timezone Challenge", each team accumulates "Fin Money" by winning various Timezone games; "FINakamakapal Challenge" requires each team to come up with the most number of 25cent coins; and the "Eating Challenge" has 2 members to help feed 2 "blindfolded" teammates in the shortest time possible. BTW, the classic race is given a new twist as the winning team chooses one player from the losing team in exchange for a team member. This shuffling results in all members getting to be teammates with everyone. In the end, the TBS achieves its objective of forging friendships and teamwork among the Finance Department through healthy competition and by trying to get along with different kinds of people in the TBS Challenge. a n When: 2009 June 06, Saturday. 11:00AM - 5:00PM. ong pa it ed ang Where: SM Mall of Asia lalo a t A ic d t a loob Fin! g de s Comments from the Fin Mems S ng t sobran it na na a ang B T ng e a es, kah masam a m ng y a a g eng , at ulad ng s -nah. A il game ng chall allenges rience t , at sa M ile a c y s M ah ch expe ideoke lahat " na ya d one . The ang pasa tment sa kakaiba emorable ps" sa v n ng bola atafor a fun-filled TBS w r k a , a m m a tuh y nak Hu a ll dep ng mall aming a a "ba ing e of us. W experie s "My s sa r kami on. Ma arry ng Benson s chine. M ng team na bers nergy fr ith the a nce a h a e H a g a m e n i n r in a e n o , p ro n yung pictu BS nta chall swin neither m all th mazagka a paglala na nila —nagpa sot sa an ng T sa em e flu p t h e lu n it a in emsure a t g rain r ir d scar k n a e i is a e yp ar m as am partm clos made e stoppe nor the h arang m pangyay ara lang Sa pam e mga e in D ts ang ing p . a p " F g y a t it m g r c ward and co the tea d us. It is ig n b m r wang rs ng art sa "cele madala ga proje ork, pag at one. to mor zy. Look eal w e m t , e y m s r s a g o e TB in Go f p ilan -ang tea hallenge hit na pictu , sana n a a in! p S lik g fork g a c e a ma lk e th a nila rienc at s na. sa rcefu at expe ABAM a ipinakit me" esou ssured pt! r a g n g e e " in r es pagig rang p GO Fin D malilimu- valu g b Hinding-hindi ko in GO g O la De Benson. Grabe! G Fin VR. TBS namin sa ng tan yung araw ng from Fin TBS da ko pa sobra an g-t an nd Ta t. is m partmen umaga, so neve work. ng ulan noong I kn ore th r ex lakas ng buhos y eh. Ngunit an w w ow ulo tut p e ma na e a di c t i mga akala ko nga hin wha her wa ted it t t would orth a d pagmamahal ng ing s t tind o ay o ma be f sa w glo be dahil e gupit ng very Dept, kahit pa ha enga had tha omy bu that m un, but ff ya sa members ng Fin r a pe Su t it’s t da uch. gin I pa uungin. Haha! T a kalikasan ay sus s sa was rt of a g, and t y. All the n irony he ny t m building activitie h tea a a o mg s u ng a ta g e ever talag f apicture yon un as am, f h I did sks w to gmula sa pagpap Mall of ASia, ma g humpay na thusias e com doing acilitatin n’t get t ere lan wa la, kila ka o be g tic. A petitiv it, se sa exci sa mga hindi ein the te fte e, ezone, hanggang paglalaro sa Tim at pagnguya ng boy I kno d to wo r the d very e g each tasks a r o, a w t and he k with y, I ca ger a paglamon, pagsub ang itlog at santol. better nilag and depar these n’t help nd engeth n bawang, buong ma t p na m eop e will but a-saya. Kaya le jus r with be su ent t Haha! Ang say sana ay masubu- ho t recen our ha rely de his sem because na ko ge ura co t tha p r l ineen e i nid v ga e s a e mg w t g orkin r res er is ence an doe that th t we kan at maexperi u g ito s h S dahil hindi lang thing this mo e depa ad our VP. I k lts totong klase ng TB r tme ito o now , T r din e ce B an it ch S di, o nts ge fte , wn e it super fun kung hin mas makilala vent ts ever n and , not o but I do at s ing t nd r bo m n s y ka e l o a y s a para ma n s k n a o e mg e u it a mot wan of the d relie ang iyong iv re rs, tad ir v mo pa ng husto ay o acade es eve ated fo gular ya naman para r m r f y kasamahan! Ka fun a o ic th ang nangyaring nyw lives. Wne from eir sa akin da best ay? th Hehe ! h Fin o Go in. H am d ehe. oesn e Fin TBS sa ’t

SE TBS honors national and org pride By: Luz Baldueza

KAMI MISMO. Aalalahanin at ipagmamalaki namin ang kasaysayan ng Pilipinas at ang kulturang Pilipino, habang nagchecheverloo [team building] sa gardens ng Intramuros. Kebs. - ABAM Special Earthlings ast June 13, just a day after the actual Indepence Day celebration, the SE Department members led by their luscious VP Oskie invaded Intramuros, Manila as they had their Department TBS slash postIndependence Day celebration. UP ABAM President Nico, Externals EVP Suzie and Special Guest from HRD Ron also graced the short yet fun-filled afternoon TBS held in Fort Santiago within the walled city that is Intramuros. SE VP Oskie prepared various games and value-adding activities for the members. The TBS began with a short introduction by each individual present via the story of his or her name. Then, an interesting game followed. The game required members to form a circle and juggle some Christmas balls around from one member to another. The game began with only one ball being passed around, and as time went on, more balls were being juggled around. The rule of the game was simple: to call out the person’s name before throwing the ball at him or her. But as the game progressed, it became so confusing to a point that one person’s name would be called out simultaneously by three different persons. The game ended when each player had only one ball. Following this, the ABAMers tested their skills in finding 3D visuals in The Big Book. This activity proved to be fun and exciting for some, but others found it rather frustrating and depressing. [In fact, the frustration carried on even after the TBS itself. J]It was not easy to find the inner 3D picture within the larger picture of seemingly just repetitive pictures or elements. However, the activity still developed the value of focus and determination of each of the participants. Several activities followed like the Knot Tying game, wherein the members were divided into two teams. Both teams played as life-sized ropes in which the goal of the game was to create a knot in the middle of the life-sized rope. There was also an activity which involved forming a line in numbered sequence, depending on the number the person was given at the start of the game. The catch: all of them were blindfolded and they had to communicate with one another without speaking a word. In yet another activity, they were divided into two teams in opposite sides of a line. Each three-membered team had to cross over to the opposite side without stepping off the designated path. The last activity involved getting to reverse a tarpaulin that lay on the grass, by using only their feet. After the last activity, the ABAMers took a much deserved break and indulged themselves in the food. But just as they were about to take the bite, a guard shouted and halted their fun and laughter. It turns out, it’s closing time for the place. However, before heading out, in true ABAM fashion, the special earthlings took some last minute photos. In their own SPECIAL way, these ABAMers were able to hold their very enjoyable TBS in a rather different and unique way, truly representative of the ABAM spirit. They immersed themselves in the Philippines’ rich culture and revisited its wonderful history, having fun and learning at the same time. They were able to do this because they really are special!

On an unassuming sun-drenched Sunday afternoon, people of all ages and from every walk of life gathered together at the Academic Oval to play the Philippines’ most beloved game, patintero. On n June 21 from 3:30 to se Sagu 5:30 By: Ro P.M., college students, orgmates, alumni, officemates, families, and friends abandoned all inhibition and embraced their inner child to play patintero in the streets of U.P. Bystanders, joggers, and even cameramen from TV Patrol and Pinoy Records curiously watched and documented the throngs of excited players as they sprint, scamper, shout, scream, and squirm their way around a seemingly endless line of patintero. How did this once-in-a-blue-moon event come about? Yabang Pinoy, a youth-driven movement that advocates for Pinoy pride, and our very own U.P. ABAM joined forces to organize the longest patintero game ever: TODO PATINTERO! Fourteen (14) teams of six to eight players, armed with their Yabang Pinoy abaca wristbands and color-coded team armbands, came out to play. The game was simple enough to understand: The first round was a face-off round that pitted one team against another. In true Pinoy fashion, whoever won bato-bato-pik was to decide if they wanted to play offense or defense first. The first round lasted fifteen full minutes of running, tagging, and the occasional screaming. The second round commenced shortly thereafter, with the winning teams from the first round remaining. In the end, four (4) teams emerged victorious: in fourth place, paTEAMtero; in third place came Mai-team, and tied for first were Team Kho and Rats. The tie-breaker was quite the nerve-wracking experience as the team leaders dueled on top of a makeshift podium in the most aggressive, hardcore, guns-a-blazing bato-bato-pik you would ever see in your lifetime. Pauses lengthened and pulses raced as we all carefully watched whether it was to be a rock, paper, or scissors. In the end, Team Kho emerged the jack-en-poy and the TODO PATINTERO champion. No love lost though, as all teams who participated got loot bags from our sponsors, and the winning teams were also awarded with cold, hard cash. The winning team got 4,500 Php, the second place got 2,500 Php, and the third place was nonetheless awarded with 1,500 Php. Never had there been a game of patintero played with such energy, excitement, and reckless abandon. On that Sunday afternoon, people of every age, inclination, and walk of life came together for love of the game- that much was obvious. But, above all, we came together for love of what is truly Pinoy! TODO PATINTERO was brought to us by Go Nuts Donuts, Hidden Spring, Unang Sibol, Magic Flakes, Nova, R.O.C., Circuit, University Rock, and V-cut.



Patient: “You have a big 'keep out' sign stapled on your forehead.” Dr. House: “That explains it. I told them to put it on my door.” *** So there you are walking, all perked up like a ray of sunshine and then suddenly a booming voice or 2 will blurt out: “Join UP ABAM! Dali na sali ka na, eto na yung form o!” And so from living without a purpose, hiding under a rock, wandering around aimlessly and chasing pavements [okay so spot the hyberbole. Haha], you made the best decision of your college life: become a transitional. So many choices, so little time. [Nope, not an allusion to your love life]. With so many options for your 1st organization, you are overwhelmed like a kid on Christmas day. Each organization is selling itself as “the only blah-blah-blah” in the whole universe. Each one promises to bring out the potential leader in you. After submitting all your initial requirements, you now have a crossroad right in front of you – towards continuity or towards disappointment, so back to square one. And so you chose UP ABAM – an organization that prides itself as the only association exclusive for BA majors and home of holistic leaders. In other words, “sariling atin!” in here you get to know gorgeous earthlings with super powers! [Seriously. We mean business. ] You enter the tambayan as if you belong there ever since. With so much challenges and opportunities that will enable you to flourish, the transitional experience is one that’s for keeps. So that’s just me blabbering. [I ran out of words na, haha.] To give you a better picture of the TRANS experience, here are some testimonials from true-blue-and-yellow peepz from ABAM, who poured their hearts out [background music please] to answer this: “Bakit abamasayang maging transitional?”

By: A leli Sa ntos

Top 3 answers: experience. y is a one-of-a-kind 1.“The trans journe nds, disfrie w ne ention, meet get to You get special att wly slo ’s really about, and cover what ABAM You’ll never ily. fam AM AB the be incorporated in cause you derappreciated be – warm feel alone nor un you ABAMers around always have the your negaver co un to t ge u’ll and supportive. Yo ABAM will of yourself, coz tive misconceptions (Chos! Sa u. yo in out the best always always bring Hahaha! But ! ad rklo wo ng yu s totoo lang kasi les Ocampo seriously.)” –Chloe like a long mes you right away lco we 2.“Coz ABAM ” – Rose Sagun -lost relative. Hehe! ! ABAM fed its trans as babies ts trea AM AB z 3.“Co ning me to ho s thu nts nt of nutrie me the right amou nues for ave n be. Maraming be the best that I ca ns, matra ang s bie ba hil da growth. At syempre Hahaha. n! nga ila g lan h kasi wa sarap magka-crus – Jam Baltazar

“Kasi mafi-feel mo pano maging baby ng ABAM, haha”. –Gelai Bersaba “the best thing ng pagiging trans ay may chance ka makausap ang crush mong ABAMer. Pa-sign ng tablet, konting chika pag events and boom! Friends na kayo ni crushie! – Tin “KOBE” Espiritu

“Dahil ito ang ”Masaya maging tanging paraan trans dahil ikaw para maging part ang isa sa mga ng pinakamababy ng ABAM. sayang org sa BA: Masaya dahil ang ABAM!!” – priority ka!” – Mina Balico Issa Roldan “Kasi lagi kang inaalagaan at VIP lagi ang treatment ng mems sa trans! – Jho Joson

”Dahil transitional ka at hindi lang APPLICANT!” –Erielle Pineda

“Dahil feeling mo baby ka ng ABAM kahit matanda ka na. hehe” – Suzie Abella “Dahil pakiramdam mong ikaw ay isa sa mga batang inaaruga ng mga ate at kuya ng ABAM! – Oskie King

“What I loved from being a transitional once was the crazy and familial atmosphere the people, members and fellow trans alike had brough to the org. Applying to ABAM is probably one of the best decisions I made throughout my college life. I did not just find a family in ABAM, I’ve also found my future family through it. *WINK* -Miles Ramos

Hindi ko alam kung ilang beses akong sumigaw nang mapanuod ko ang pelikulang “I know what you Did last summer”. gayunpaBy: Dora with the purple bag Pero man, hindi naman ako nagka phobia sa summer. ABA! Sinu ba namang estudyante ang ayaw ng summer ano? Hindi man ako napatakbo kakaiwas sa killer gaya nang sa pelikula, napalundag naman ako sa falls at napa-aakyat sa bundok at napasakay sa taas ng jeep, napanganga sa ganda ng nature at napasigaw sa tuktok ng bundok ng “ANG GANDAKO!”. Syempre, maraming sumang-ayon kasama na diyan ang puno, hangin, ilog at iba pa. Thanks to my BANAHAW AaDVENTURE with my PI100 friends and classmates. Nairelease din last summer ang aking unang pelikula na hindi makikita sa Philcoa care of Hapon10 class na araw-araw kong pinapasukan sa AS room 428, alas-syete impunto ng umaga. Kaya naman natapos ang aking summer nang may ngiti sa aking labi, maging sa mata, ilong, pisngi, paa, lungs at kung anu ano pang body parts. Pero sure akong hindi lang ako ang nag-fun fun fun under the sun! Alamin natin ang mas nagpainit ng summer ng ating fellow ABAMers habang sinasagot natin ang pinakasikat na tanong sa essay tuwing pasukan noong High School na  “HOW DID YOU SPENT YOUR SUMMER VACATION?”.

I know What you Did Last Summer

Gen O.: Asidefrom trying to attend all my classes everyday, I have spent my summer reading novels with my roommates. We love to stay in and read in bed especially when it’s raining hard outside. Nothing beats a day of fiction. (Me: Winner si Gen dahil isa essay nga ang sagot niya. Haha.=)) Reden: habang nagsasaya ang karamihan, ako ay nasa Boni Ave at nagpapakahirap sa internship. Ngunit wag mabahala, nag-leave ako sa trabaho para magpakasasa sa Boracay! Haha. ! =) ME: Don’t worry..hindi kami naba-

Janica: naglandi to the Highest level! (ME: ayfun nga yan. Productive ang summer! Congrats!)

Chloe: Last summer I took French10 and Psych101. Super fun subjects and unoable! Haha. Naintroduce din ako sa facebook so FB lang ako all summer long.=)) (Me: Aba..GC na bata. I bet kilala mo na si Mercy Buko. Hahahaha. Welcome to facebook!) Rose: Summer School. Marketing. Reuniting with old friends. Pigged out. Yay! ME: sarap kumain!=) Tim: I went to Davao then had my PI summer class. Fun kasi namundok tayo. (ME: Told youmasaya sa bundok kasi kasama ako.haha)

Nico: Camsur!! Wakeborading til I drop! (ME: sosyal! Yun lang=))

Tin: Nung summer, binayaran ako para kumain, magfiledtrip at magbeach! Haha. Syempre nagtrabaho din ako. (ME: Makapagtrabho nga diyan 1 time. baka pati pag-upo may

Emm: Bum. Pagala gala with gay friends. Internet. Nood TV. Tulog. (ME: haha. Isa kang certified TAMBAY!)

Ghea: Learned how to ride a motorcycle! (Me: Exciting ‘yan lalo pag isa lang ang gulong.=))

Diane: Nag-intern sa Del Monte. Nagpataba. Nagpaganda. (ME: Nagpatabacheck. Nagpaganda halfcheck for the effort. =) Aleli: nagpakalunod sa tatlong bagay: 1) sa mga sinasabi nila Marx at Durkheim last summer para sa Socio101! 2) sa vodka, sa dami ng reunion na napuntahan ko 3) sa pool.haha. summer’s finest! ME: Dapat naghanap ka ng gwapong lifeguard na

Wendy: Last summer I became a teacher! I taught in 2 camps! (ME: naku, may natutunan ba sila wendy?)

ture: LA Lakers defies gravity; a e F l a i Spec

By: Isabel Bryant A f t e r claims championship seven looong years, at long last, the Lakers have finally won their 15th Champion- m u c h ship. They truly deserve it, more than t a l e n t , any team in the NBA. They've had heart- passion breaking losses these past seven years, a n d but the great thing about the Laker team drive in is that despite these heartaches and order to it despite the millions of doubting win Thomases out there who were always all. And waiting for the Lakers' next wrong move, indeed, each of them has won it all. I feel so proud of each and the Lakers stood with their heads up high, ready for whatever challenge that every single one of them, they have awaits them, and always ready to prove made it. They truly were destined to shine. those doubters wrong. Congratulations to the Los Each Laker has undeniably contributed to the betterment of the en- Angeles Lakers, NBA Champions for tire team. Each has played each game 2009 (and for the years to come) <3 as if it were his last, playing with so

Madalas akong dumaan sa kantong iyon Papunta sa kahit saang destinasyon. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang dahilan Kung bakit iyon ang pinipiling daan Marami namang posibleng ruta Pero doon pa rin ang aking punta. Malamang may rason nang pagpili natin Sa daang ating gustong tahakin Ngunit sa pagkakataong ito Hindi ko maintindihan at mapagtanto Kung bakit dito ang laging tungo Marahil dahil sa bugso ng puso Siya nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit ganon Mas nais lakbayin ng paa ang kantong iyon? Noo’y di pansin, subsob sa paglakad Siya nga ba itong nakaguhit sa palad Sa haba ng biyahe, tumatag ang tuhod Dahil sa babaeng aking nilulugod Pagsintang sa malayo’y aking naaaninag Mananatiling sa malayo ako’y iyong bihag Pabilis nang pabilis ang pintig ng puso Kaya pala pagdating ay laging hapo Ngayo’y alam ko na ang tunay na dahilan Kung bakit ang iyong kanto’y binabalik-balikan.

Ligaw-tingin Enrico Cervantes

be disappointed chief of the Daily Bugle in the Spiderman films. will be read• Camerlengo – I cannot get over the isn't s glas fact that the screenwriter changed his g in name to Patrick. Why, what’s the problook the lem with Carlo? I don’t think it h g rou made any difference but still, s: Th spiritu n o m E e e x - why the name change? in D T : nd By actly a movie Anyway, I’d just like to els a Ang review, but instead, I'll share how hot (oops, be listing the things that caught sorry) this camermy attention. I'll be comparing the movie lengo is. Hindi baadaptation with the book as well. Random lang 'to, gay mag-pari haha. promise. Baka kasi mag-expect ka ng full length Especially in the scene where he review ;) Popcorn ready? Here we go... opened the main • Leonardo Vetra- For those who have read door tapos may the book, Leonardo Vetra is the father (or nag- super wind effect adopt, I really can't remember) of the lead female pa, tapos yung character, Vittoria. Na-frustrate lang kasi ako na b u h o k nihindi sinama ung character niya sa story; his con- yaaaaa. Can i tributions to the plot were instead assigned to a just melt? character who was Vittoria's colleague. Na5 t h kakalungkot lang kasi ang laki ng part na ginam- • panan ni Leonardo (ehem, first name basis) dun sa Brand – comment ko ganito yung plot ng story. But then again, I understand the lang, bakit nagging th screenwriter's dilemma kasi nga naman it would've hitsura nung 5 brand? It’s kindah ugleh esp. Kung taken a lot more time if Leonardo's character were iccompare siya sa book. included, to think na two hours lang naman ang • Antimatter – OMG. Kung may epic fail, dapat usual running time ng isang movie. meron ding epic win; and the antimatter was an • M a x i m i l l i a n EPIC WIN. Sobrang galing. As in to the point na Kohler- isa pa 'tong ‘breath-taking’ na ang pagdescribe ko sa scene na hindi sinama ng toh. 5 thumbs up (lol) sa gumawa ng antimatter s c r e e n w r i t e r . special effects. Panalo! Hmph, screen- • Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra – i was writer, namumuro soooooo glad na hindi na pinagpilitang isama sa ka! HAHAHA, screenplay ang love story ng dalawang to. Kasi peace. F o r naman sa book, mehn, pinagpilitan talaga. Eep. those wondering who the •Hassassin – Among the many frustrations I’ve heck Maximil- had with this film, this has got to be the ultimate! I lian Kohler is, know i am not alone in saying na sobrang hina ang he is the inimagine kong magiging itsura ng hassassin. By director of the way, yung hassassin ang mamamatay – pope CERN (the sa movie. Kasi naman, ang pagkakadescribe sa s c i e n c e kanya ni Dan Brown ay malaking mama (as in ung r e s e a r c h maski barilin na ng 10 bazooka ay nakatayo pa rin) institute where the na medyo Arabian-looking. Basta yung tipong pag antimatter was first generated). nakia mo ay alam mo na agad na siya yung killer. Malaki din ang role niya sa story sa Imagine my shock when I saw for the first tiem, the book eh. At saka, mas masaya ung film kung may guy who played the hassassin. Mehn, mestiso ang Master na naka-wheelchair na kalbo na character. hassassin! At eto pa, naka-suit sya! Naman! Hindi naman nakakatakot yung dating niya. Ka-crush Parang Professor X lang ang dating. crush pa nga ang itsura niya. Boo! • Commander Olivetti- Nafrustrate din ako sa Over-all comment about the film: in fairness kanya, not because he wasn't included in the film, okay siya, maganda and entertaining. Kahit na but because he wasn't what I imagined him to be maraming naiba sa characters and plot, i under(nyak parang ideal man ah haha). What I meant stand kasi nga naman 2 hours lang ang film at was, when I was reading the story, Dan Brown kung isasama lahatnung nabanggit ko sa taas au described him as someone who's a perfect epti- aabutin na ng 10 hours. I definitely recommend na ome of a military commander-in-chief. Basta panoorin niyo kung di niyo pa napanuod. Panoorin parang ganun. Na-imagine ko sobrang tangkad mo ulit kung otherwise. By the way, pasensya na niya na never nagsslouch, and, crew cut ang hair- sa pagiging sabaw at sorry sa mga na-spoil ko. style niya. The perfect person to play the part (in Haha. Wala kasing SPOILER ALERT sa taas. my opinion) is the guy who played the editor-in- Haha. Don't if what you i n g

Name: Ma. Suzette F. Abela Nickname: Suzie Know your Execore! And Secret talent: gymnast habang natutulog brace yourself for the most Super power:  loud voice! Haha. revealing answers ever known A-B-A-M means: Ang Bahay sa Alinmang to mankind. This is a once in a Mundolalim.haha. pinilit ko yung ABAM. lifetime Q&A from your leadSana ako na lang si Kris Aquino. Gusto ers, and because of that, they ko maghost ng The Buzz. Haha. dare to bare all. Fellahs, inSa execore: dulge! ang palaging late sa meetings ay si Oskie? Haha. ang pinaka maingay ay siRC, Oskie at ako. ang pinakamakulet ay si  ako ulit? Haha. Kung ang execore ay mga non-living Name: Nico things: Nickname: Nico Si Nico ay kulot na walis tambo . Haha. Secret talent: Un trac eur, un qui pratiGusto ko lang. Lagi kasi siyang naglilinis que l'art de parkour sa tambayan. Hehe. Super power: Super synchromesh revSi Tin ay isang espiritu.haha. joke. Si tin ay matching Rexona deodorant. Never lets me A-B-A-M means: All Boundaries Are down.haha. Meaningless Si Suzie ay isang makulay na medyas na Sana ako na lang si: Keiichi Tsuchiya glow in the dark din. Haha. Agaw panSa execore: sin.hihi. ang palaging late sa meetings ay si: RC Si Diane ay isang industrial fan. Lakas! ang pinaka maingay ay si: RC at Oskie, Haha. tie Si Oskie ay isang Barbiehahadahil ang pinakamakulet ay si: Diane Barbie din si Marian!haha. Kung ang e Si Mycah ay isang kawayanpwedeng xecore ay mga non-liv ing things: alkansya.haha. payat din siya. Si Nico ay: Camshaft Si RC ay isang bola. No need to explain. Si Tin ay: Intercooler Choose 1. Si Suzie ay: Exhaust manifold 1. Twilight o Harry Potter? Harry Pot- Si Diane ay: Ignition coil Si Oskie ay: Compres ter..kasi mas maganda at mas madsor belt Si Mycah ay: Injector aming special effects.haha rail Si RC ay: Valve tappe t 2. Jollibee o Mcdo? Aba..Jollibee. Choose 1. Love your own. Tsaka mas gusto ko 1.Twilight o Harry Po tter? ‘Arry Pot-ta! nang matabang bubuyog kesa nakaka- 2.Jolli bee o Mcdo? Depende sa inoortakot na clown. der 3. BA 172 o BA 177? Hindi ako 3.BA 172 o BA 177? 177 kasi wala ak makapili! Sorry I love sir Jet! Pero nun 4.Facebook o Multip love ko sin si sir acedera! haha ly? Plurk! 4. Facebook o Multiply? Facebook 5.Angels & Demons o Transformers? Autobots, roll out! kasi mas madami akong friends 6.A BAM o ABAM? ABAM dun.haha. Tsaka daming nagkocom. ment sa status ko. 5. Angels & Demons o Transformers? Transformersdahil hindi ko pa napanuod ang Angels and Demons. hahaha 6.ABAM o ABAM? Aba ABAM. Grabe ang daming choices ah. Na-eexercise ko ang freedom ko dito.





G. Reyes Name: Diane Lourdes ne Dia e: Nicknam onating Secret talent: impers tive Power rac pe Hy r: Super powe a, Bakit Akoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;y MaA-B-A-M means: Ab Name: Cristina Isabel Esguerra Espiritu g Buhay Ay MasaAn ! ha ganda? Haha ya! Nickname: Tintin / Isabel (nge pauso) Secret talent: Has the ability to be at two ANGELINA JOLIE. Sana ako na lang si places at once hahaha Super power: Can read minds (parang execore: Sa edward cullen at clark kent lang haha) meetings ay si ang palaging late sa A-B-A-M means: Aba, Bongga Ang mga ss. Haha) cla y ma Mycah! (kasi Mems at trans! si Suzie (pero ay ay ing ma a ak ang pin Sana ako na lang si Miley Cyrus. LOL pre) em sy n may sense nama Sa execore: . (peace!) RC si ay let aku ang pinakam -living ang palaging late sa meetings ay si in non a mg Kung ang execore ay fairness, wala pa namang consistent things: na late no ay living Nico ay Kulot na Pu Si ang pinaka maingay ay si RC at oskie isang Kotse. mm Ah . thing pala yan ang pinakamakulet ay si oskie gebob tshirt, paSi Tin ay isang Spon Kung ang execore ay mga non-living pang tshirt. ano jama, tv at kung things: haha ne. ho rop mic Si Suzie ay Si Nico ay ruler. Hahahahaha! a. nd ga ma ay ne Si Dia Si Suzie ay gatas ng mga bata. rian Rivera collecSi Oskie ay isang Ma Si Diane ay encyclopedia. tible. haha Si Oskie ay mic. Mycah ay pera. haha Si Si Mycah ay manga book. ahaha Si RC ay pagkain! hh Si RC ay cola. Choose 1. Choose 1. Twilight o Harry Potter? Harry Potter r? HARRY POTTwilight o Harry Potte Jollibee o Mcdo? Kung burger, McDo, E! TER SYEMPR kung burger steak w/ rice (aka 39-ers), ako. llibee o Mcdo? MCDO Jo Jollibee syempre! 172 BA BA 172 o BA 177? ly for picBA 172 o BA 177? 177 (eh un kasi meltip Mu ly? ltip Mu Facebook o ron ako) tures. Facebook o Multiply? Facebook nsformers? gels & Demons o Tra An Angels & Demons o Transformers? Surkasi di ko pa Malay ko! Loser ako prisingly, Angels and Demons napapanood! ABAM o ABAM? o (nge, corny). Syembang org MaAM o ABAM? San pa AB pre ABAM. Remember: Aba, Bongga saya? Ang mga Mems at trans!

Name: Rudolf Conrad G. de Luna Nickname: RC Secret talent: secret kaya nga secret talent Name: Jan Oscar F. King haha Nickname: Oskie Super power: I can actually see visions Secret talent: ma galing mag-match haha aka manghuhula ako lalo na pag exam ng kung sinu-sinon g tao at bumuo ng A-B-A-M means: US the people behind it loveteams. haha who worked hard for it aka TAYO TAYONG Super power: Bumi rit at magreach ng LAHAT===ABAM high notes. haha Sana ako na lang si (abamer ba?) Si Abi! A-B-A-M means: An g Buhay Ay MaNumber 1 Idol ko haha. (Kung hindi abasaya, Masigla, Ma sagana, Mamer) Either Mohandas Gandhi of India bongga! ABAMm m! (The Mahatma or Great Soul) or si Lee Sana ako na lang si DARNA! (high Kwan Yew of Singapore (the benevolent pitched shout) dictator) given a chance. Magkaiba sila ng Sa ex ecore: way ng pagiging leader and I want to feel ang palaging late sa meetings ay si what it is to be them. I think I will really Mycah learn a lot . ang pinaka maing ay ay si RC Sa execore: ang pinakamakule t ay si Diane ang palaging late sa meetings ay si Oscar Kung ang execor e ay mga non-living King or Mycah Figueroa things: ang pinaka maingay ay si Suzette Abela Si Nico ay isang tin apay sa breadtalk ang pinakamakulet ay si RC haha na may kulot kulot na something sa Kung ang execore ay mga non-living things: ibabaw. Ndi ko ma lala yung name. Si Nico ay French bread (hard na tinapay haha! haha) Si Tin ay isang sp onge para same Si Tin ay ensaymada (soft and sweet and na sila ni Spongebob. haha cheesy) Si Suzie ay isang manika na nilalako Si Suzie ay monay (madaling makibagay sa palengke. Yung plastic na super kahit ano palaman) flexible at detacha ble ang body Si Diane ay pandesal (laging on the go) parts. Haha Si Oskie ay Spanish bread (may orange Cont. (Oskie) blood? Haha basta kulay orange yung Si Diane ay isang sampayan. Kahit bread yun na un haha) sino, pwede suma bet. haha Si Mycah ay pan de coco (petit) Si Oskie ay isang billboard. MapapaSi RC ay croissant (why? Dahil gusto ko lingon ka! haha lang walang kokontra haha) Si Mycah ay isang susi. Susi sa kahiChoose 1. rapan ng ABAM. haha Twilight o Harry Potter? HP, though Si RC ay isang ma laking lunchbox na pareho ko silang gusto talaga bonggang bongga ng pagkain ang Jollibee o Mcdo? Jollibee kapag chicken laman! haha joy, Mcdo kapag cheeseburger Choose 1. BA 172 o BA 177? 177 kung subject Twilight o Harry Po tter? Harry Potter matter, 172 kung fun at fun rin lang Jollibee o Mcdo? McDo. Facebook o Multiply? Facebook BA 172 o BA 177? 172 Angels & Demons o Transformers? A&D Facebook o Multiply? Facebo ok ABAM o ABAM? SYEMPRE! Naman Angels & Demons o Transformers? diba? ABAM ABAM at ABAM Transformers. ABAM o ABAM? ABAM!

oa Angela Figuer Name: Mycah ycah Nickname: M piano! I can play the : zflying nt le ta Secret Facebook Qui to g in rd co Ac r: Super powe aya! ns: A-B-A-Mas —“Jumper” para I can A-B-A-M mea ice R lang si David Tipid sa Sana ako na enever I want! wh t, an w I er ev er travel wh transpo! iba iba e! ay si  uhm, Sa execore: gs tin ee m sa late ang palaging aingay ay si RC m ka na pi g an e ulet ay si Suzi : ang pinakamak e ay mga non-living things or ec ex g an ng Ku tse Si Nico ay ko ge bob! geas in spon on sp ay n Si Ti e icrophon Si Suzie ay m er! edal achiev m ay e Si Dian or sash?  ra wnor tia go ay ie sk O Si ime character Si Mycah ay an ball—bigatin ling Si RC ay bow Choose 1. ilight na rry Potter? Tw cheese burger Twilight o Ha except kung  ee llib Jo o? cd Jollibee o M ang topic! Sir Jeturian 177? 172 <3 BA o 2 17 BA ok mers iba pa ultiply? Facebo Facebook o M s o Transformers? Transfor on Angels & Dem tse! nsform na ko ABAM! rin ang nagttra uh ABAM?  ah n Uh ? M A AB o ABAM

Choices and Chances By Enrico Cervantes I looked at an open window and saw a bird perched on a branch as another bird came and sat down beside it. That instance, memories suddenly came rushing in. And it was this particular moment that I remembered it. The day when I met the person that I will truly share my life with and that someone who will make a huge difference in my life. It was the mid of summer where everyone seems to be enjoying the heat of the sun. I was walking along the pavement when a very strange girl caught my attention. She was wearing a black, hooded jacket and her face was covered by it. She was sitting on a bench and I heard her sobbing. Yes, she was sobbing that time. It was never my type to approach a stranger, nor get myself involved in someone else’s business, but during that time, it was different. It was as if something was forcing me to talk to her. And there I was standing in front of her, my hand outstretched, offering my favorite hanky. She stopped sobbing and looked at me. Those glittering eyes never left my mind ever since.

single tear which glided through my cheeks. She was stiff. She didn’t even show any emotions. She just wiped my tears with her thumb while touching my wet cheek. “I know it’s too much for me to ask you this, but I would be happier if you will start seeing other girls.” That was another struck that directly hit me. How can she say all of this when she means the entire world to me? How can she be so insensitive, trying to trap me with all of this crap, and telling me to leave her alone? I don’t know what to feel that time. I’m angry, at the same time, confused as to why she said those hurtful words. We had a good foundation and I know she felt the same way as I do, but I really don’t know why she did it. She hugged me tight and went away, but before she left the entrance of the park, she looked back at me and smiled. Even before she turned away, I notice tears from her cheeks. I tried to run after her but she disappeared instantly. That was the end of it. She was gone as fast as she arrived in my life. Even if it’s hard for me, I followed her wish. If that was the thing that would make her happy despite the fact that it would break me, I would sacrifice. I didn’t go back to the place where we usually meet. I delved into my work like a freak, trying to forget the girl whom I once believed to be for real. I even transferred to another apartment unit so as to forget the trace that she left in the old apartment. True to my silent promise, I started dating other girls. But even though most of them are gorgeous, even more beautiful than Felice, I can’t seem to forget her. I still feel the emptiness inside which only she could fill. But whenever I remember the time she broke me, I always get angry and I wanted to get even. I slept with the girls I met and continued going to bars every night and getting wasted. This had become my routine, until one morning, I woke up, and looked at myself in the mirror. I was a total mess. I asked myself, “What happened to you Brad? Where is the Brad I know from before who was neat and had direction in life? Where is he?” And again, tears rolled down my cheeks. I remembered Felice. ..

After sometime, I learned more about Felice, as what her friends fondly called her. From then on, we became close and we were always together during my breaks and when I don’t have work. One time, while we were sitting on our favorite spot in the park, a sudden seriousness broke the jovial atmosphere of the place. Felice looked straight to my eyes and held my hand for a few seconds and she spoke, “Promise me Brad that you won’t fall in love with me”. At first, as if the world around me stopped moving and I can’t seem to hear a word she said. Then, not getting any reaction from me, she repeated what she said, and I know I’m not dreaming or just imagining things. She really said those 6 words which made my life crumble that very minute, “Don’t fall in love with me”. And by the looks of her, she wasn’t kidding. I held her hands tighter and opened my mouth to speak, but no words escaped my lips. Then it came, Continuation on next issue... the only thing that would speak for me; that

Arbiter 1st issue AY 09-10  
Arbiter 1st issue AY 09-10  

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