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How to select gloves for care homes

Wearing gloves helps to protect health workers ‘hands from getting in contact with harmful material that may cause infection to staff as well as patients. Putting on gloves is mandatory for any practicing clinics or employees working closely with chemicals or other toxics that infect hands when come in contact. While some toxic chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and provoke allergic reaction, in medical environment, skin contamination is the common cause of infection. Hence, it is the responsibility of every health professional to maintain health and safety and promote the infection control within care homes or health care environment. Promoting hand hygiene is the most effective way to prevent the infection within a care clinic. Hand is the easiest means through which transmission of infection occurs. But wearing latex disposable gloves is thought to reduce the risk of infection to a greater extend. Hand glove is intended to act as a barrier between hands and infection agents. It keeps your hands protected from microorganisms, which are commonly found in blood and body fluids and eliminate the risk of infection. Wearing gloves is useful for both patients and health staff because it prevents harmful bacteria present in blood and body fluids from infecting hands of these workers and vice-versa. You need to wear gloves every time when you will be touching blood, body fluids, body tissues, mucous membranes, or broken skin. It is very important to wear the gloves during performing any sort of test, even if patients are healthy and has no signs of any germs. Gloves come in different sizes and shapes, so make sure you choose the right one that perfectly fits into your hands. Also, ensure that the gloves you select are soft and stretchy. And this largely depends on the material used in the manufacturing. Heavyduty latex gloves are widely used for the material they are made of gives extremely comfortable and easy wearing for long time.

Whether you are a member of a team performing surgical work or assigned with task of testing blood or other body fluids, the chance of infections is always there. This is why, all health workers need to wear gloves to prevent infection from contact with blood and body fluids. But wearing for long time may cause fatigue and stress in hands, which results in poor performance. Also putting on and off the gloves frequently is not easy with ordinary gloves. However, it is no longer a problem with powdered latex gloves, which are designed to help reduce the muscle fatigue during lengthy procedures and may even aid in preventing permanent damage to your hands. Thus, while looking for gloves, keep these things in mind. For more information visit us:

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