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Four crucial things to know about your personalized hand sanitizers Health is wealth and sanitizing hands accounts more for how your health is. According to a report published in a leading medical journal, more than half the total number of common infections spread through contaminated hands. Therefore, many leading health organizations such as world health organization stress on proper hand hygiene as an important first-line defense against the spread of a number of contagious diseases like swine flu. For a good health, proper hand washing is very important. But ordinary soaps and liquids are enough and do not work as expected. This is why you need hand sanitizer. But before you have personalized hand sanitizer bottles, here are some crucial thing to know about them.

Effectiveness Microbiologists believe that sanitizers are more effective in clean hands in case your hands are not so grimy. They emphasize that sanitizers clean hands much better than soap and water based hand washer. Thus, applying them can reduce the germs count to a greater extent than soap and water. Also hands remain clean and germ free for longer time. However, some people think that sanitizers are all that effective. Despite a few negative comments, it is the best way to clean hands. Whether hand sanitizers cause super bacteria or not Some people believe that frequent use of hand washers make bacterial resistant, which is a bogus. The [way sanitizers work] is based on cellmembrane disruption by the alcohol, and that is not something that bacterium can acquire resistance to. It is not physically possible. Mild on skin compared to soap and water Custom hand sanitizer contains emollients that improve skin instead of

causing problem like soap containing chemicals. So while that may seem counterintuitive because effective sanitizers contain so much alcohol, several studies have proven that these formulas are actually better for skin than soap. If a study made in 2004 is to be believed, soap is not only harder on skin but also not very effective in killing germs present on the hands. This is why all health care organizations prefer to use sanitizers than use soap and water. Easy to use Compared to soap and water, hand sanitizers are easy to use. In addition, if you want, you can get them customized in order to promote business. As it is easy to use and mild on skin, it is the most preferred way of people to clean hands. By getting labels on personalized hand sanitizers, you can advertise your business among a wide range of people. For more information visit us:

To Know four Important Things About Your Personalized Hand Sanitizers  

Microbiologists believe that sanitizers are more effective in clean hands in case your hands are not so grimy. They emphasize that sanitizer...