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aravind patnaik

DATE OF BIRTH 21st October 1985 SEX Male NATIONALITY Indian [ passport no. - F 6829333 ] LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY English, Hindi, Oriya, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Bachelors of Architecture Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad. Academic semesters from 2003 - 2010 COUNCIL OF ARCHITECTURE Reg No. - CA/2010/50961 SOFTWARE PROFICIENCY Auto CAD, Adobe Suite, Google Sketch Up, Prezi, Microsoft Office 2012., iWork



Brand Aid Pvt. Ltd Ahmadabad, India ( August 2011 – present ) Ideator and Sr.Content Writer

Participated in a social service project to improve a Municipal School at Saraspur, Ahmadabad

Centre for Research Development and Consultancy – Utpal Sharma Ahmadabad, India ( November 2010 – July 2011) Architect and Project Consultant Vartula Collective Ahmadabad, India ( August 2009 – October 2010 ) Feelance Concept and Graphic Designer. Centre for Research Development and Consultancy – Utpal Sharma Ahmadabad, India ( October 2008 - April 2009 ) Architect and Concept Designer

Workshops – took part in an Indo Mexican architectural joint venture. The intent of this workshop was to share and explore the attributes of quietitude, exactitude and restraint as a common ground through the simultaneous presentation of the work of Luis Barragan. Part of a joint design studio with ETSAM University, Spain to understand the city process and networking of essential services. Culminated in the design of an utilitarian residential complex in the old part of Ahmadabad. Designing of posters and banners for various college events.

Madhubharati Sharma Ahmadabad, India ( March 2009 - April 2009 ) Documentation

Part of the Organising Committee for the Kurula Varkey Design Forum (Feb 2006, Feb 2009) and the Roots Cultural Festival (2004 - 2009)

Hiranti Welandawe Architects Colombo, Sri Lanka ( June 2006 - November 2006 ) Architectural Intern

Documentation work (RSP) – measure drawing and photo documentation of villages, towns and cities in various stages of urban development.


iNDEXTb - IndiaChem 2011 GIDC - VIbrant Gujarat 2013

EVENTS Sadakaal Gujarat Roadshow GSPC Gas Co. - Dedication Ceremony GSPC Gas Co. - Entertainment Evening Audi - Launch of the new A4

EXPLORATIONS 079 - The Design Store


Urbanista Image Consultants 079 - The Design Store Bandish Projekt Zheia Jeans



Global Bird Watchers Conference



Master Plan for Patna 2020



Brand Aide + Brand Aid Events Enterprising Gujarat SME Awards Blue Snail FIlm Festival mediaCON - media conclave jazzbaAD - jazz festival Projekt Unplugged Zach Abraham Photography Roots 2007

academics DESIGN

Regal Mediatheque


Terrain Vague - Marginal Spaces in the Urban Fabric

Deeg Palace, Rajasthan

* please refer to the last page for a comprehensive list of all the projects involved in a professional capacity.


Exhibition : Stall Design

The competition project involved the design and execution for a exhibition stall for the IndiaChem 2011 Expo. The Government of Gujarat, being clients wanted a clean minimalistic stall that gave visitors space to explore and understand what the state had to offer in terms of the petroleum, chemical and petro-chemical industry. The stall was designed to be a free flow space with various points of pause. Understanding that such an exhibition was oft used for B2B meetings - open and closed meeting areas were provided. The imges above are the design of a 400 stall designed for the Vibrant Gujarat celebrations and is expected to be constructed in early 2013.


Installation : GBWC - 2

The inauguration of the second edition of the Global Bird Watcher’s Conference, organised by the Tourism Corp. of Gujarat and FICCI involved the conceptualization, design and execution of various elements - the logo, stage set up, the main entry, mobile gallery, directional elements, branding, etc. The bare site was transformed within a period of three days into the inauguration area for the event. The storyboard gives a brief outline of how the project unfloded from site reconaissance, to development of the design concepts, to the final executon and the main event itself, while highlighting the development of specific elements. This event was managed by Brand Aid Pvt. Ltd.


Events : Corporate

As part of the Brand Aid Events team, my involvement has included conceptualizing, the design, execution and management of both corporate events and rural activation projects. Showcased here are a promotion roadshow on Gujarat and its culture for the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat, the dedication ceremony of a CNG gas station in a rurban area (Botad) followed by an evening entertainment show for over 15,000 villagers; and the soft launch of the new Audi A4 for select customers in Ahmedabad and Surat.


Explorations : 079 Interiors The clients brief required that a 2000 sq.ft. commercial space be revamped and converted into a store for designer luminaires. The entire space was first divided into a grid with defined areas for specific types of light fixtures. The central spine dividing the space was converted into an informal meeting area, while the office and store were kept confined to the back. A modular frame was installed under the ceiling for chandeliers and hanging lamps. The electrical layout setup allowed for independent and remote control to each fitting and to allow an undisturbed display of the products to customers, a black and white theme was selected for the display surfaces. Done in collaboration with a fellow architect the entire project took 60 days to design and execute.







_ SH








GRID: 5.0km X 5.0km





















Urban Planning : Patna Master Plan 2020

An invitation project by the Government of Bihar, it involved initally deliniating the extent of the Patna Metrolpolitan Region and then developing a comprehensive masterplan for the same. Part of the process involved visiting surrounding villages, confirming revenue plots, preparing assesment reports on infrastructure and calculating the projected population and density for the region. The final masterplan is still under preparation and is expected to be completed by 2013-14.


Brand Identity : Creation and Design

Work undertaken as a freelance designer, the clients were fresh enterpreneurs and artists. Urbanista Image Consultants, 079 - the design store and Zheia involved the creation of a new brand name, logo, custom text, a specific demographic identity, corporate stationery, as well as the production of the same for the clients. As part of the production crew for Bandish Projekt, there included the design of flyers, sets, photography, a press kit and related band merchandize.


Visual Identity : Logo Design The design of a visual identity is central to determining what a brand is all about. In light of this, each project is taken up with market research and developed keeping in mind the image that is expected to be projected in the market at large. Visual identities for various intellectual properties developed by Brand Aid Pvt. Ltd. These include amongst otehrs, jazzbaAD - the jazz festival, The Blue Snail Childrens Film Festival, Enterprising Gujarat SME Awards (EGSA), Projekt Unplugged - the traffic safety campaign and mediaCON - the media conclave. As the creative lead for Brand Aid Events vertical was instrumental in the design development of the new logo. As a freelance designer designed logo’s for the University Fest and other independent artists.


Design : Regal Mediatheque

The hypothetical project set in the heart of south Mumbai, primarily started out as a quest to give the city back to the people and in the process accrue diverse programmatic outlines within the specificities of the urban and the typological dimensions of organised high-rise conditions. Further, to understand collective and individual potentials of space formation in the present cultural and technological context, on which a juxtaposition of the new public and private realms can occur unhindered. The site chosen was Regal Theatre - the middle of Mumbai’s sensitive heritage precinct and the proposal involved tearing down the colonial era building and creating a new mediatheque in its place. Studies indicated that a huge financial influx would be needed to keep such a project afloat and accordingly space was kept aside for commercially viable functions while ensuring that all the functions of the existing building were integrated back. Existing laws dictated that a monstrous 8000 of built up space had to be developed on a site measuring just 2400 with a building height restriction of 18 mt. Site studies and design strategies led to the development of a single undulating envelope housing the functions and freeing up the ground for pedestrian movement.Additionally new technology allowed the entire building to become one large interactive screen for the city.

There are varied forces at play in the development of a city. The geographical



The city is fascinating—perverse, complex, sometimes maddening, sometimes startlingly beautiful, full of stories whose beginnings and ends one never sees. The city is all about maintaining the flow at maximum capacity. The ceaseless passage of people, money and traffic wears away at its fabric. New structures are built on top of the not-entirely-obliterated ruins. Cities provide a platform for social and cultural interactions and transformations to take place. Like a living organism, it grows, transforms, develops and dies, all the while providing sustenance for the existence of urban life.


location of a city is the loci from where an understanding of how cities are produced, more so in a context of social interactions that stretch beyond the limits of a physical city. Political and economic considerations are also important in defining a city’s character. The morphology of a city and the constituents of its built and un-built, largely defines the space within a city. However, there are certain anomalies, i.e. marginal spaces, in this machine generated system, that ensure a constant upheaval within, allowing for the changes necessary to ensure the continuity of the certain features by exploiting the loopholes that continue to get created.


Plan of Municipal Market


1. Physical Elements of Space. 1.1 Street location and pattern, width, gradient, curves, access, parking, materials, drainage, construction details. 1.2 Curb design, walkways, crossings, bike paths. 1.3 Landscaping, artificial textures, natural elements. 2. Activity in Space. 2.1 Programmed activity (organized street activity). 2.2 Spontaneous activity (informal street activity). 2.3 Safety, Maintenance, construction and repairs. 3. Surrounding Context. 3.1 Height/bulk of structures, setbacks, spacing. 3.2 Quality and style of built form, building materials. 3.3 Lighting. 4. Space Usage and Control. 4.1 Activity, occupancy of fronting lots. 4.2 Public signs, private signs. 4.3 Tourist information services. 5. Edge Condition. 5.1 Transit access, waiting space. 5.2 Service and loading areas. 5.3 Noise, air, water pollution.






6. Scale of Space. 6.1 Utilities (water, gas, electricity, fire, etc). 6.2 Art objects/installations. 6.3 Street furniture, rest rooms, shelters, etc.

Research : Terrain Vague - Marginal Spaces in the Urban Fabric The primary aim of the undergraduate research dissertation was to attain a perception of marginal spaces in the city, their scales of subsistence, the forms they manifest and the factors that constitute their coming into existence and continuation. The major objectives that were set out to be achieved included : • Identifying the generators and determinants of various levels of manifestations of marginal spaces. • Correlating city growth vis-a-vis that of marginal spaces. • Understanding the city planning process. The thesis concluded with the initiation of certain alternative approaches that may be used in the process of city design providing an open endedness to the system and setting guidelines, allowing for user initiated transformations to take place. Thus the exercise of un-building not only involved the handling of steel and concrete, but also dealing with those policies, traditions, ideas and commitments that have evolved and persevered in the socio-technical layout of cities. The dissertation guide was Prof. Utpal Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Planning and Public Policy at CEPT University, Ahmedabad.


The exercis references of an accura addition to t and an unde

Documentation : Deeg Palace, Rajasthan

se carried out as part of a related study program, involved a comprehensive study of the architecture of the period and an understanding of the historical that resulted in the development of specific elements that were native to the overall design layout. The documentation work entailed the preparation ate set of drawings of all structures in the palace complex. This included residential quarters, pavilions, archways, walkways and the landscaping. In the drawings, the entire complex was photo documented with special attention given to the detailing, stone work erstanding of how the structure came together.

BRAND AID PVT. LTD. 1. Blue Snail Childrens Film Festival Conceptual development and identity branding of the festival. Property is under development. 2. Conference on Branding for SMEs Conceptual development of the conference. MoU for 3 years signed with FICCI as a partner. 3. Media CON Conference on the different media and communication industry’s - identity creation and conceptual development. Property is under development. 4. Branding at GSPC Gas Stations Proposal to boost revenue at gas stations through innovative branding solutions. Proposal is under consideration for 1 pilot case gas station.

7. Global Bird Watchers Conference Design and execution of the stage and installations at the second edition of GBWC organised by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat.

13. Copy and Content Generation Web navigation and content development for various websites Blackpearl, Palm green’s Club, Career Craft, GSPC Gas, Elysium Pharma, etc.

8. Dedication Ceremony of GSPC Gas CNG Station - Botad, Bhavnagar Design and execution of the set up for the dedication ceremony and entertainment show - 25,000 people in attendance. Creation of a time lapse video of the same.

14. iNDEXTb Exhibition Stall Design and execution of a 504 stall at the IndiaChem 2011 show.

9. Enterprising Gujarat SME Awards Conceptual and Identity design of the property. Currently under consideration for partnership by FICCI and E&Y.

16. Jazz Nights - “Jazzabad” Conceptual and Identity design of the B2B property. Selection of a suitable venue partner under progress.

10. Animation & Digital Arts Conference Concept and Identity design of the property currently

17. “Kadai ki Ladai” Show Conceptual design of a cooking game show. Currently under consideration by a suitable production house.

5. Launch of Audi Q3 and A4 Setup and execution of both car models of Audi in Ahmedabad and Surat.

11. ICU on Wheels - Dedication Launch Execution of dedication ceremony and launch of 24 state of the art ambulances in Ahmedabad.

6. Sadakaal Gujarat Exhibition Design and execution of the Tourism Corp. exhibition promoting Gujarat the culture, tourism and industry in Mumbai.

12. Branding at Wellocity - Ekalavya Proposal for branding opportunities at Wellocity - the state’s largest public sports complex. Under consideration by civic authorities.

15. GIDC Exhibition Stall Design of a 400 stall for the Vibrant Gujarat 2013 celebrations.

18. Global Gujarati Facilitation Centre Proposal to develop centres of connect for NRG and their families. Currently under consideration by the State Department. 19. PAVIT Ceramics Logo redesign for a tile manufacturer in Gujarat.

20. FICCI - Executive Committee Meet 2011 Design, set up and execution of the event. Additionally design of an interactive presentation and stationary. 21. Surendranagar Marathon Conceptual design and execution of a green marathon for constituents of the Surendranagar district. Participation of over 5,000 people. 22. Brand Aid Pvt. Ltd. Portfolio Interactive presentation showcasing a smattering of projects done by the firm for various clients.

C.R.D.C 1. Patna Master Plan 2020 Conceptual design and inital planning process for the development of the masterplan. Research for the preperation of feasabilty and assessment reports. 2. Resedential Development in Guwahati Design of a high rise - high density resedential development at Kahikuchi. Design process in the development of a new community - sustainability and green building regulations.

23. Safety Dissemination Road Show Dessimination road show on the safe usage of CNG for the GSPC Gas Company. The roadshow covered 150 locations across Gujarat.

3. Heritage Precinct - Gandhi Ashram Proposal to pedestrianize and develop the Gandhi Ashram area into a heritage precinct. Development of supporting infrastructure facilities for local people and visitors.

24. Road Safety Campaign Conceptual design for a proposal to local civic authorities on creating awareness on road safety. Currently submitted for perusal to the traffic department.

4. Extension of CEPT University Proposal design for the extension of the university campus. Design for additional studios, administrative areas and supporting facilties.

25. Brand Aid Pvt. Ltd. Conceptualization and design of inhouse projects - presentations, brochures, company profile, porfolio, identity rebranding, etc.

5. Master Plan for Baddi - Barotiwala Design of a Comprehensive Master plan for the Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Development Authority in Himachal Pradesh.

VARTULA COLLECTIVE 1. 079 - The Design Store Identity branding and interior design of the store. Total area of the store was 2000 sq.ft. 2. Zheia - Brisk Apparels Conceptual design and identity creation for the apparel company. The brand was launched to cater to the untapped local female denim segment. 3. 24 Frames Design Studio Identity branding for an Ahmedabad based architect. 4. Ashirvad Industries Identity creation and branding. The client dealt in cotton ginning and toll collection on state & national highways. 5. Mystic Tunes Branding and flyer design for weekend poolside parties by DJ Namman Trivedi at the Taj Hotel in Ahmedabad. 6. Bandish Projekt Part of the band crew. Responsible for designing flyers, set design at gigs, developing the press kit, photo and videography, etc.

7. Zach Abraham Photography Identity design for an amateur photography studio in Chennai. 8. Urbanista Image Consultancy Identity creation and branding for an image consultancy firm based out of New Delhi. 9. Interior Design - Jadeja Residence Design and execution of the interiors for a 4 BHK apartment in Ahmedabad. (in partnership with an architect) 10. Bachelor of Planning - CEPT University Design of flyers and brochures for the 2011 admissions into the undergraduate program at the Faculty of Planning and Public Policy, CEPT University. 11. Fabricana Identity design and branding for a Couture store in Mumbai. The project is currently in progress. 12. Chocolatl Patisserie Identity design and branding for a bakery and confectionery shop in Pune. The project is in currently in progress.

Aravind Patnaik A - 82, Nebula Towers Nr. Grand Bhagwati Hotel S.G.Highway, Bodakdev Ahmedabad - 380054 Gujarat, India

B - 1603, Neel Sidhi Atlantis Apts, Plot - 49/1, Sector - 19A, Nerul(East) Navi Mumbai - 400706 Maharashtra, India [m] 0091 971 220 0550 [@]

Design Portfolio  

This portfolio showcases a brief glimpse of work done by Aravind through his time at CEPT University and as a design professional.

Design Portfolio  

This portfolio showcases a brief glimpse of work done by Aravind through his time at CEPT University and as a design professional.