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Magnificent Nagapattinam Tourist Spots A prominent Sea port on the eastern peninsula of India, Nagapattinam tale is one of resilience that helped the coastal town rise from being one of the most widely affected costal town as a result of the underground Tsunami that hit the coastal town. The memories are fresh however the town crawled back within just a matter of months and the number tourists flocking also increased as a testimony to the undying spirit of this religious center. The coastal town is known for many historical references like the land of the mythological references like that of Nagas. The history of this place lies in the enwrapped with the era of the Chola kings to the Portuguese invasion and to the recent colonial rule. Nagapattinam tourist spots offer travelers the opportunity to re orient themselves in faith and increases of fervor. Much like the spirit of the town that crawled back after the most dreaded sea attacks in years. The place is primarily a pilgrimage centre which welcomes devotees and followers of different faith and denominations. From Hinduism to Catholicism to Islam and even Buddhism, Nagapattinam is cradle of religious centers. The famous Hindu temples in Nagapattinam include Nellukkadai Mariamman, Shri Kayahorana Swami, Sowriraja Perumal and Neelayathatchi Amman. These entire religious shrines have a distinctive characteristic and legends associated to it and popular beliefs. Another important pilgrimage center is the Our Lady of Good health Vailanakanni that has the status of Minor Basilica. The church is flocked by devotees and at the same both believers and non believers. Nagapattinam has also contributed to the propagation of Buddhism. The other places to visit are the Archeological museum and the colonial Dutch Fort. No travelogue would be complete without information about the beach. The beach is a perfect place for adventure, water sports and beach entertainment. The beach side also serves some of the best grilled foods. Tourists can spend time playing volleyball boating. There is also a water theme park in the town. Travelling through the city one can also see the saltpans and the Tsunami monument are also the bio diverse regions of the world. Nagapattinam tourist spots experience humid conditions and pleasant climate in winters with the best time to visit to visit being from October to May. Accommodations are not a problem in the coastal town as there are plenty of facilities like hotels and inns within the circumference of religious places and also along the beach. Tourists can select from both budget and luxurious accommodations. Apart from being one of the most flocked religious centers it offers the tourist the opportunity to truly be rediscovered and reinvigorate both spiritually and physically.

Magnificent Nagapattinam Tourist Spots  

Apart from being one of the most flocked religious centers it offers the tourist the opportunity to truly be rediscovered and reinvigorate b...

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