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“The Flight into Egypt" by Joachim Beuckelaer

ca. 1530, Antwerp, Belgium - ca. 1574, Antwerp

Peace on Earth Good Will to All Mankind “To give protection, food and shelter to those who are fleeing war, oppression or starvation is a matter of fundamental, universal human solidarity. The refusal to do so goes beyond that remarkable phrase coined by Pope Francis – “the globalisation of indifference”, as indifference is slowly turning into mistrust and hostility.” Address to Diplomatic Corps, January 2016

“We must ensure that our journey into the future is a collective one; one in which the homeless, the migrant, the disadvantaged, the marginalised and each and every citizen can find homes, are fellow travellers; a journey which includes all of the multitude of voices that together speak of, and for, a new Ireland born out of contemporary imagination and challenges.” Address to 1916 Relatives, March 2016

“We cannot understand or respond to human migration without addressing the context of environmental and economic forces that cause people to move.” Address to Immigrant Council, June 2016

“The circumstances of the birth of Christ, with its forced migration, homelessness and powerlessness, are being re-enacted for us the world over, in the conditions of migrants - including infants and children - as they wait, not knowing what the future will hold for them.” Christmas Message, 2016 From Speeches made by President Michael D. Higgins during 2016

With every good wish for a peaceful and happy Christmas and New Year Beannachtaí na Nollag agus Athbhliain faoi shéan Is faoi shonas.

UACHTARÁN NA h ÉIREANN President of Ireland 2017

รras an Uachtarรกin, Phoenix Park, D08E1W3. @PresidentIRL

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Christmas Greeting from President Michael D. Higgins - 2017  
Christmas Greeting from President Michael D. Higgins - 2017