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The Clinical Commissioning Group Café

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Clinical Commissioning Groups will face a number of new challenges every day, from creating shared services to business planning and development. This menu will help to explain some of the key challenges that Clinical Commissioning Groups may face and how Ararna can offer support, guidance and assistance in overcoming these challenges. Ararna has extensive experience of working across the NHS and for the past decade have supported and worked in partnership with a number of PCTs, NHS Trusts and GP practices


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Business planning and development

With the NHS environment rapidly changing on a regular basis Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will need to be able to plan and develop to meet the needs of their patients. Understanding patient needs is an extremely time consuming task and is a task that is continuous as patient needs change over time. This information will be just part of the information needed to help inform CCGs with their business plans. It is important that these plans are kept up to date and that they help to serve the local population. CCGs will need to demonstrate business acumen and commercial understanding in order to operate across all levels of the health economy. CCGs will have to produce robust business plans and begin to understand changing and emerging strategies to commission the best care at the best cost. We are here to help. At Ararna we can assist you in developing financial and budget plans, as well as supporting the development and implementation of robust business plans. Ararna can also support you in developing strong leadership and business management skills.

Organisational Development

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are new organisations that will need to grow and develop rapidly in order to meet the ever changing demands of their population. CCGs will bring about change from the very bottom to the very top and this change will need to be planned and managed effectively. With extensive experience we can help you to effectively manage change whether it is from team building and intergroup development, through to changing services and identifying areas for development. We also understand that good governance structures are vital for making effective decisions and achieving desired outcomes, whilst also providing a framework for accountability.

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Shared Services

Now that Clinical Commissioning Groups are going to be faced with the challenge of commissioning high quality services they also need to ensure that back office support and other resources are being used as cost effectively as possible. The development of shared services will help to remove duplication and increase the efficiency of the service. At Ararna we have previously developed a range of products to help NHS organisations with the shared services agenda. These products can assist you from strategy to implementation to ensure you develop the correct and effective shared service.

Establishing Partnership & Joint Working Establishing effective and efficient working partnerships will have huge effects on each and every Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). Not only will effective and efficient partnerships need to be built externally with other organisations including Local Authorities and the third sector but it is imperative that strong internal partnerships between GP Practices are also formed to ensure smooth functionality of the CCG. Without a strong internal partnership the CCG cannot be as effective or efficient when commissioning services to meet local patient needs. Establishing partnerships that are effective and efficient is no easy task and can be very time consuming. GP practices already have to spin several plates and Ararna has found that all key members of staff always have a lot on their task lists. This is where Ararna can help. Ararna has extensive experience of developing and establishing key partnerships and can help you to develop and establish partnerships with other organisations needed for your CCG. Ararna can act as the communication tool that brings together members of the partnership and help facilitate and guide these sessions to ensure that all partners are given the opportunity to voice their opinions.

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Improving Access, Engaging Patients

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) will cover large areas which will include a diverse population. It is important for each CCG to understand its population so that it can commission the right services where people will use them. Each CCG will have to continuously communicate and engage with their population which means they need to ensure they have easy access for all patient groups. At Ararna we have extensive expertise in identifying and improving ways to improve access to primary care. This can be shown by our involvement in the Department of Health Improving Access, Responding to patients guide. We have the expertise to carry out in depth research and mapping of patient populations. We also have a variety of different tools that can be used for mapping and improving access to socially excluded groups.

Service & Workforce Redesign Now that it is the responsibility of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to commission services, it is vital that they commission services that are as cost efficient and as clinically effective as possible. This will not only help the CCG to save money but it will also increase the quality of care. With this in mind CCGs will have to look at ways of redesigning services so that they become more effective and efficient. Ararna have been delivering an accredited learning programme focusing on service and workforce redesign since 2008. The programme has been delivered to Senior Managers across the NHS and Local Government and it focuses on redesigning the workforce in order to meet the requirements of changing services. The programme applies productivity measures, value for money and return on investment solutions to current and future service provision. The programme also has a dedicated learning HUB which allows delegates to share ideas and thoughts, question experts and continue to learn even when they are not in the training room.

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GP Practice Support

Ararna has developed a range of training courses aimed at supporting GP practices. The series is called “Increasing Profitability Within Your GP Practice” and the workshops that are included are: • Improving Access for Socially Excluded Groups • Budgeting and Finance for GP Practices • Creating a Safer Working Environment (Personal Safety and Conflict Resolution) • Improving GP Registration Processes • Fundamentals of HR including Employment Law and Workforce Optimisation • Effective Clinical Commissioning • Improving the Patient Experience (Customer Services) • Understanding and Managing Demand • Marketing Your Practice & Satisfying Your Patients

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The Communication Centre

The Communication Centre is a place for anyone involved in a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) where they can interact with others in a similar position. The aim of the communication centre is to build a community which allows all members to share ideas, problems and knowledge. The communication centre currently consists of two components and these are:

The Coffee Room

The Coffee Room is a webforum which allows you to interact with other members to discuss anything you want. We hope to build the Coffee Room into more than just a place where you speak to others via your computer. We aim to build a community that helps and supports each other so that common problems can be solved, best practices shared and knowledge exchanged. The Coffee Room is open to anyone who has any role within a CCG and this will be closely monitored. It will be also open to experts in specific areas which we at Ararna think will provide additional value to the community.

The Editors Suite

The Editors Suite is our online blog section where a member of the Ararna team will be posting regular blogs on various topics. This section is open to anyone and if you want to post a one-time blog or become a regular blogger then please get in touch and we will post your blogs as long as they are appropriate.

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