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Development 1. 2. 3.

Create a learning environment Develop and implement a work-based learning Foster a beneficial learning-facilitation relationship

A Quick Case Study 03 The Container Store – championing the development of their teams

The Container Store is a brand playing to its own tune, making staff development their primary focus and boosting business performance all the way to business sustainability… Let’s investigate their story further

The story behind The Container Store

Who’s behind the brand? Garret Boone and Kip Tindell opened a small store in 1978

What’s their niche? Specialising in home organisation products

What do they do differently? They focus upon culture and team development to deliver success

What’s the result? 25% annual growth since 1978

The story behind The Container Store

What do they do differently?

Each store has a full time trainer

Each staff member has 160 hours of training per year, in the first year 241 Twice a week team huddle to share updates on sales initiatives and drive service

Celebration Mail box

The story behind The Container Store It is possible to put people first and be profitable, for The Container Store putting people first makes them profitable

How do Great Retailers do What They Do? Putting people first … • Have a strong vision and stick to it

• Believe in people – staff and customers

• Support staff with extensive ongoing development

• Pay people well and they will respond in effort

• Offer a career path for all team members

Create a learning environment Define the scope and objectives of learning Learning need

Learning objectives

Learning scope

Evaluate current learning practices against objectives Map work practices

Compare with learning objectives

Address gaps

Consider and apply OHS related implications OHS impacts

Review internal policies

Apply OHS

Develop and implement a work-based learning pathway Build a learning pathway framework Encourage learner involvement Maximise skill development

Foster a beneficial learning-facilitation relationship

ACTIVITY – The Container Store Workshop Activity 1. 2. 3.

What actions has The Container Store taken that have contributed to them being one of Fortune Magazine’s ‘Ten Best Places to Work’? As an employee of The Container Store how would you sell the notion of working there to a friend? Choose one of the Australian retail brands below and consider how to adapt the people policies of The Container Store to their operation. - Myer - Harvey Norman - Bunnings Warehouse

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PMF :: Concept 03