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Crozier for the Catolicos of all Armenians, His Holiness Garegin II. Created by Estet Jewelry House (Moscow) in 2010.

The Yerevan Show initiated by AJA is evolving into an effective international business and relationship platform, aimed at further developing the jewelry industry in Armenia. The essential idea is for Yerevan Show to become one of the major regional jewelry exhibitions and gain international status. Today, we can safely assume, our annual show is the most capable means for multilateral cooperation. Yerevan Show October 2013 will provide you with many benefits and a great opportunity to promote your product, expand your market and meet buyers from CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, etc), Europe, North America, UAE, India, the Middle East and Gulf countries. AJA will be covering expenses for more than 150 buyers traveling from Russia by accommodating them a chartered plane. Among Yerevan Show 2013 partners is Fiera di Vincenza – the organizer of worldwide famous international jewelry exhibition VICENZAORO. The participation of Fiera di Vicenza in organizing upcoming Yerevan Show includes exhibiting with a pavilion, holding press conferences and presenting seminars covering topics such as trends and new influences in the market. The trend seminars of Fiera di Vicenza are updated for the coming seasons with particular focus on jewelry and watches. Seminars are focused on different thematic areas: design climates, best sellers, product categories, finishing, colours and materials. Along with press conferences and seminars Fiera di Vicenza provides consulting service to identify the macro trends and consumers’ behaviour orientation to face the markets and the local production trends. On display at the exhibition this year will be jewelry made from precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, ambers, corals and precious metals, as well as other industry related businesses such as watches, costume jewelry, craft-working and packaging tools. Security at the event will be provided by private Security and City Police Department. The exhibition is held under the high patronage of the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan.

AJA – Armenian Jewellers Association, a non-governmental organization, was officially founded in Yerevan in 1997, on September 19-20. It is one of Armenia’s very first professional associations. Since its inception, its purpose has been to connect Armenian jewelers around the world and help develop the country’s jewelry industry. AJA has regional representatives in the United States, Armenia, Russia, the Middle East, Europe, South America and Australia.

Gagik Gevorkyan AJA President

Held by AJA for the third consecutive year in the Armenian capital, Yerevan Show has already become a well-known and respected exhibition which traditionally attracts the most prominent jewelry companies and professionals. Exhibitors, buyers, officials, industry experts and visitors from all over the world attend the exhibition. As we already know, international exhibitions are the backbone of the jewelry industry and I am confident that in the near future, the Yerevan Show will become one of the main jewelry shows in the region, thereby contributing to the development of Armenia’s jewelry industry. By the way, Armenia is the only country in the world where Jeweler’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of October. It worth mentioning that for the first time a renovated building on the territory of Jewellery Free Economic Zone (FEZ) will became the scene for Yerevan Show exhibition. Free Economic Zone - another major AJA project in Armenia. This ambitious project, strongly supported by the leadership of the country, will advance Armenia’s jewelry and diamond industry. It will generate a substantial source of revenue from abroad, create employment, provide significant breakthroughs in advancements, and upgrade the status of Armenia to a key jewellery industry player in the international arena.

My congratulations go out to the Armenian Jewellers Association, and to the excellent work that they are doing in promoting their industry internationally, and the jewelry culture in general in their own country. As an Italian, I know what it is like to be associated with jewelry simply by virtue of my nationality. But we are not alone, of course. In so many respects Armenia is in an advantageous position. Due to its unique geographical position, Armenia could link Asia with Europe, and this presents serious possibilities. Its location and its peoples’ long tradition in the jewellery industry, both at home and in the very loyal Armenian diaspora, provide it with a tremendous start from which to build. Its government is most supportive, both in providing annually the Yerevan Jewellery Show and agreeing to the establishment of a duty and tax free zone for the jewellery sector, which has big potential to serve as a magnet for the jewellery trades in other countries in the region and around the world, but also will serve as valuable national resource for foreign income. CIBJO is delighted to be involved in this mission.

Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri President of The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO)

The 2nd international jewelry exhibition “Yerevan Show 2012” took place from October 29 to 31 in Yerevan and displayed products from over 50 foreign companies and individual jewelers. It should be noted that for the first time, the exhibition was attended by jewelry producers and traders. The exhibition coincided with Armenian Jeweler’s Day and the 15th Anniversary of the Armenian Jewellers Association (AJA); on this occasion the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia hosted a special reception for the guests and Armenian jewelers. A conference entitled “Perspectives of the Development of the Jewelry Industry in Armenia” was held, during which jewelry, diamond processing, and watch-making strategic project developments were drafted under the export-oriented industry policy. The possibility of creating a free economic zone was also presented. In addition, the conference provided a platform for the participants to be informed on the policy of the Armenian Government and the development prospectives of jewelry industry as well as about business and investment environments. As a result, new business relationships were built, new projects were drafted, the implementation of which will give new impetus to the development of the jewelry industry in our country. This will make Armenia more recognized and presentable in the international market. I attach great importance to the role of the Armenian Jewellers Association in developing the jewelry industry in Armenia; particularly in creating the Free Economic Zone for jewelry production and attracting jewelry companies. I am confident that our joint efforts in this direction will undoubtedly give the expected results.

Tigran Davtyan Republic of Armenia Minister of Economy

We have succeeded in making the Yerevan Show a traditional annual event. Yerevan Show 2012 turned into a commercial project. In contrast to our first exhibition, last year, the stands were paid and it did not refrain exhibitors from participating. Moreover, their number grew by 20% compared to Yerevan Show 2011. Some of the participants managed to sell practically their whole collections and get new orders. The participation of a delegation of Armenian jewelers from Turkey was one of our most significant achievements. Last year Istanbul Chamber of Jewelry President Alaattin Kemeroglu visited Yerevan Show 2012 and earlier this year Armenian jewelers in Turkey set up a new AJA chapter – BOLSAHAY, embraced over 500 members. AJA BOLSAHAY’s members express their great interest to take part in the upcoming Yerevan fair. I would like to mention the promising prospects for teaming up with on the world’s most prominent jewelry exhibitions, VicenzaOro. In January 2013, VICENZAORO Winter became the business hub for producers and international buyers from 120 foreign countries and the showcase for presenting the collections of over 1500 exhibiting companies from the main Italian gold districts and more than 31 different countries worldwide. VICENZAORO affirms itself as a trade and content platform, a qualified reference point for world jewellery and precious metals. During our meeting with the Executive Director of Fiera di Vicenza Dr. Corrado Facco we discussed establishing an agreement on collaboration between AJA and VicenzaOro to organize Yerevan Show. Moreover, the agreement will pave the way for promoting AJA and its members’ participation in VicenzaOro as well as the participation of Fiera di Vicenza in the activity of AJA Free Economic Zone in Yerevan.

Dr. Artak Udumyan AJA Executive director

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN YEREVAN SHOW 2013 YEREVAN SHOW, Yerevan International Jewellery Show, is the grand international jewellery show held in Armenia. At an exhibition jewels from precious metals and batch production stones, unique jewelry of individual execution will be presented, precious and semiprecious stones, pearls, amber, corals, bijouterie, watches, craftwork etc. The show is promoted by AJA – Armenian Jewellers Association, a non-government organization Registered office: Republic of Armenia, 0010, Yerevan, 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. These General Terms and Conditions for participation in YEREVAN SHOW, hereinafter referred to as the “Terms and Conditions for Participation”, shall determine and govern relations between AJA – Armenian Jewellers Association, a non-government organization, hereinafter referred to as the “Show Promoter”, and show participants, hereinafter referred to as the “Exhibitors”, as it pertains to timely and high-quality performance of mutual obligations related to arrangement of and holding YEREVAN SHOW (hereinafter referred to as the “Show”). 1.2. YEREVAN SHOW, will be held in Republic of Armenia, 0015 Yerevan Kashegorcneri St., 70, on October 28-30, 2013 (three business days). Open daily from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. Installation of shows: October 28, 2013 from 7 p.m. Dismantlement of shows: October 30, 2013 from 7 p.m. Delivery of exhibits to the Show: October 30, 2013 from 8 a.m. Registration of Exhibitors: October 30, 2013 1.3. The Show Promoter shall provide the Exhibitor with equipped exhibition area to place its display, install the showcases, arrange for furniture and accessories necessary for the Exhibitor to fit its display and provide for PR events and advertising. 1.4. The Show Promoter shall collect no registration fee from the registered Exhibitor for: any showcases and equipment provided; accreditation of any Exhibitor’s representatives; and set of information documents. 1.5. Exhibitors officially applied for participation in the Show shall be guided by these Terms and Conditions for Participation and any provisions which may be added to this document by the Show Promoter as duly executed amendments. 2. PARTICIPATION 2.1. Any company willing to participate in the Show shall provide the Show Promoter by September 01, 2013 with two copies of official Show Participation Application/Contract duly completed and signed by the head of organization or his/her authorized person. Any Applications received after this deadline shall be accepted and considered in the event of any vacant exhibition area. On receipt of the Application/Contract, the Show Promoter may cut down the size of exhibition area requested of which it shall notify the Exhibitor in writing. On receipt of the duly executed Show Participation Application/Contract, the Show Promoter shall register it, affix a seal and assign a number thereto and shall deliver one copy to the Exhibitor. 2.2. Once the Show Participation Application/Contract is registered, the Show Promoter of the one part, and Exhibitor of the other part, shall be deemed to have entered into contractual relations based on the Terms and Conditions for Participation, unless otherwise agreed by both Parties in writing (or provided in other regulatory documents published by the Show Promoter of YEREVAN SHOW, Yerevan International Jewellery and Watch Show). 2.3. At an exhibition if so approved by the Show Promoter the organization of collective participation of several firms at one booth is supposed. Any Exhibitor arranging for joint participation shall provide the Show Promoter together with the Application with a list of firms willing to participate specifying their forms of ownership and registered offices. The Exhibitor providing for joint participation shall ensure that joint participants comply with the Terms and Conditions for Participation. 2.4. The Exhibitor shall nominate its authorized representative who, once arrived to the show site, shall have a power of attorney evidencing his/her right to represent the company. 2.5. Firms (organization) can participate in a show without the booth. 3. EXHIBITION AREA, EQUIPMENT AND DECORATION OF SHOWCASES 3.1. The exhibition area shall be provided to the Exhibitor for the period of the Show. The locations of expositions are determined depending on the time of receipt of applications from the participants and availability of vacant areas. Organizations provided any financial and technical assistance to the Show shall have privileges in placing the showcases. For the purposes of the Show, the Show Promoter may change, on extraordinary occasions, the Show general arrangement or location of any particular showcase. 3.2. The Exhibitor can use the area only according to the purposes and subjects of a show and its activities, equipment and operation of any sound, light and other facilities at the booths provided shall not interfere with activities of its neighbors and the Show in general. 3.3. The Show Promoter shall provide at its own cost and expense for installation of the showcases, connection of general electric lighting; security of the show site; clean-up of passages between the showcases; garbage disposal, works related to installation and dismantlement of shows; and general advertising in press, on TV and radio. 4. SERVICE ORDERS 4.1. The Show Promoter provides by Exhibitor’s orders following services: hires service staff, arrangements for PR and advertising campaign, etc. 4.2. Any orders shall be executed using the blank forms provided to the Exhibitor by the Show Promoter, signed by the head of organization or person responsible for all settlements associated with the Show, sealed by the Exhibitor in two copies and delivered to the Show Promoter before the dates specified therein. In the event of failure to meet the dates for delivery of orders for the services requested by the Exhibitor, the Show Promoter shall not guarantee their timely provision. The service order shall be deemed to have been accepted when the order form is registered by the Show Promoter and one copy shall be returned to the Exhibitor. The Show Promoter shall issue invoices for any extra services ordered based on service orders received from the Exhibitor and registered by the Show Promoter. Any extra services shall be provided by the Show Promoter to the Exhibitor only once they are paid for in full. If the Exhibitor refuses to accept any services ordered, it shall reimburse the Show Promoter for any expenses connected with accomplishment of these services. 5. ADVERTISING, INFORMATION AND DEMONSTRATION OF EXHIBITS 5.1. All types of advertising are allowed both with respect to the Exhibitor and any goods/works/services manufactured and provided by the Exhibitor, in strict compliance with the Show line but within the limits of the rented exhibition area only. 5.2. Any advertising in the exhibition hall using technical and other facilities (audio, video, optoelectronic and other systems) as well as arrangement for any performance and show programs is allowed only with consent of the Show Promoter and on receipt of its approval in writing. Similar approvals shall be required in the event of installation of any other equipment capable to produce optic or acoustic effect. 5.3. The Exhibitor shall notify the Show Promoter of any advertising events to be held at its booth. 5.4. All types of photo, video and shooting during the Show shall be made by individuals and organizations with consent of the Show Promoter only. The relevant authority shall be obtained for shooting during the time when the Show is closed for visitors. No other individuals or filmmakers shall be allowed to the Show site. 5.5. The Show Promoter reserves the right for carrying out of all kinds of shooting on show territories, including an exposition as a whole, separate exhibits, and use of the finished shooting materials for advertising of the show activity in mass media 5.6. The Show Promoter shall issue by order of Exhibitors information booklets and provide the services associated with arrangement of and holding press conferences, presentations, cocktails, press meetings, briefings, etc.

(company identification number /tax registration reason code)

Fax …………………………………………………………..………… E-mail…………………………………………..……………. By this we confirm our participation in Yerevan International Jewellery and Watch Show AJA -2013 and kindly ask you to provide us based on the Terms and Conditions for Participation with:

………………………………………………………………………….. Telephone …………………………………………………..

Address (physical)………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

( location of a banking institution)

City ……………………………………………(INN)/(KPP)…….……………………………………………………………………

(bank identification code)

Bank’s correspondent account …………………………………………………………. BIC ………………………………………..

Full name of a banking institution ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

(Account No. from which any cash will be remitted)

Settlement account …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

(as provided in the incorporation t ‘s documents)

Address (registered office)……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

(full or short name of organization as provided in the incorporation documents)


4 Vetkina Street, Moscow, Russia 127521 AJA INTERNATIONAL Tel/fax: +7495 9887755, +79154635570 e-mail: Contact persons: Maria Ilyina, Ekaterina Makarenya PROJECT DIRECTOR: Dr. Artak Udumyan

Please, provide application before September 01, 2013 to:


October 28 – 30

Boutique 3

National Pavilion

Boutique 5


(organization name)

(organization name)

(organization name)

PARTICIPATION WITH NO Boutique PROVIDED (REMOTE PARTICIPATION) includes: - one accreditation; ……………………………………………………………… 2. ……………………………………………………………

(organization name)

(full name)

REGISTERED AJA No. _________ _______ ________________2013

(signature and seal)


By this Application we acknowledge all provisions of the General Terms and Conditions for Participation and request you to register our organization as a participant of Yerevan International Jewellery and Watch Show 2013. _______________________ __________________________ _________________________ Date ________________2013



Boutique 2

Boutique 4

Boutique 1

……………………………………………………………… 2. ……………………………………………………………


6. RESPONSIBILITY AND INSURANCE 6.1. The Exhibitor shall assume legal responsibility arising out of these Terms and Conditions for Participation, including responsibility for compliance with safety rules, fire safety and public order. 6.2. The Exhibitor shall reimburse the Show Promoter for any damages caused to any rented show facilities, booths and showcases, electric main and other property and for any losses which may be incurred by the Show Promoter through Exhibitor’s fault. 6.3. The Exhibitor shall provide for insurance of the jewellery for the entire period of the Show and transportation of items from the country of consignment to the country of destination and back in the company approved by the Show Promoter which shall be the Freight forwarder and Insurer. 7. FORWARDING SERVICES 7.1. Exposition transportation on/from an show are produced by the transport-forwarding company authorized by the Show Promoter when due hereunder and in the terms established by the Show Promoter. 7.2. Any matters related to declaration of items and equipment and accuracy of any documents provided shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor. 8. BUSINESS OPERATIONS 8.1. The conclusion of trade transactions at a show, and also sale of exhibits is performed in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Armenia 9. FORCE MAJEURE 9.1. Neither the Show Promoter of an show, nor the Exhibitor would not bear responsibility for proper execution or non-execution of obligations on the present Conditions of participation if this improper execution or a failure to perform is a consequence of the force majeure circumstances, which Parties couldn’t expect or prevent. 9.2. Force majeure shall include war, hostilities, earthquake, flood, hurricane, epidemic, fire or similar events as well as laws, orders and other regulations of the competent state authorities or local government passed upon registration of the Show Participation Application/Contract by the Show Promoter (registration of the organization as an Exhibitor) and preventing the Parties from performance of their obligations. 9.3. The Party affected by force majeure shall promptly notify the other Party in writing of the occurrence and cessation of the aforementioned circumstances within five (5) business days at the latest of the date of occurrence thereof and attach the relevant supporting documents. The information provided shall specify the nature of the circumstances and assessment of their effect on the performance by the Party of its obligations and the term of performance thereof. Failure to notify the other Party of force majeure in a timely manner shall divest the relevant Party of its right to refer thereto in future. Meanwhile, the term of performance of any obligations shall be extended accordingly for the period equal to the duration of said circumstances. 9.4. Certificates issued by competent authorities shall be the proper evidence of the occurrence of such circumstances. Should such complete or partial failure to perform any obligations continue for the period exceeding one (1) month, each of the Parties may terminate contractual relations, and in this case neither of the Parties shall be entitled to be indemnified by the other Party for any eventual losses and be paid any compensation. 9.5. The Show Promoter may adjust the Show progress and hold it at another place should any of the above circumstances occur. 10. DISPUTE RESOLUTION 10.1. Any disputes and controversies arising between the Show Promoter and Exhibitor, unless settled through negotiations, shall be resolved in Yerevan Arbitration Court in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Armenia. 10.2. In the event of any conflict in interpretation of these Terms and Conditions for Participation published in foreign language, the English version shall prevail. 11. SPECIAL PROVISIONS 11.1. Exhibits to the booth shall be delivered in the prescribed manner and within the time periods established by the Show Promoter by the forwarding company approved by the Show Promoter based on the bilateral written agreement entered into by and between the forwarding company approved by the Show Promoter and Exhibitor. 11.2 The Exhibitor shall deliver to the Show Promoter by September 10, 2011 three copies of the letter authorizing it to bring the exhibits and equipment to and from the Exhibit. 11.3. The Exhibitor shall appoint an individual financially responsible for activation and deactivation of the security system related to its display. 11.4. Any documents, letters, etc, received by the Show Promoter by fax an/or via e-mail shall be legally valid before receipt of the relevant original copy and may be produced by the Show Promoter in court as the relevant proof.

Acc. 30111840970000073401 ARMSWISSBANK CJSC SWIFT: ARSJ AM 22 Yerevan, Armenia, 0010 Vazgen Sargsyan 10

Beneficiary Bank: Armswissbank Address: 10 V. Sargsyan str., 375010 Yerevan, Armenia Account details: Reciever: Armenian Jewellers Association Correspondent Bank: Promsvyazbank, Moscow, Russia SWIFT code: PRMS RU MM RUB account: Beneficiary AJA 2500010039210102 (Name, Account N)

RUB Account

“AJA” 2500010039210101 (Name, Account N)


Acc. 0230-36040.70L ARMSWISSBANK CJSC SWIFT: ARSJ AM 22 Yerevan, Armenia, 05010 Vazgen Sargsyan 10

12. BANK DETAILS OF THE SHOW PROMOTER USD Account USD account: UBS AG, Zurich, Switzerland SWIFT code: UBSWCHZH80A

11.5 These Terms and Conditions for Participation may be amended on a bilateral basis. 11.6 During the Yerevan Show 2012 exhibitors will have the opportunity to sell items. The representatives of the Customs Office will permanently be present at the Exhibition Hall. 11.7 Each guest of exhibition who participates without exposition will have opportunity to get information desk (table) for promotional materials (magazines, leaflets, brochures etc.) Price per information desk – USD500.

Correspondent Bank Beneficiary Bank

Pierre Akkelian Canadian Gem, Nishi Pearls

The 2012 Yerevan Jewelry show was considerably better than the inaugural 2011 show. Last year, we could only take orders and were not allowed to deliver merchandise; whereas this year, the special permission by the government of Armenia allowed us to sell and deliver goods to foreign buyers without attracting duties or taxes. Customs officials present on location were courteous and extremely cooperative. We paid duty and local VAT taxes only for jewelry sold to citizens of Armenia . VIP buyers from Russia, invited by the show management, was a welcome feature this year. We were also pleasantly surprised to welcome random private customers from the Gulf countries, hotel guests who had learned about the Yerevan Show from an advertising banner placed in the lobby of the Marriott hotel (See attached photo of the Abu Dhabi Ambassador).. The show security, provided by a special Police unit, was extremely comforting and high value secure shipments in and out of the country were world class. We are very satisfied with our participation and thankful to the show management team headed by Artak Udumyan and Aza Babayan for going out of their way to cater to all our needs. The Yerevan jewelry show will progressively become a leading regional show and you can count on Canadian Gem/ Nishi Pearls’ full support and participation!

Hovel Chenorhochyan «MOOG», «TELLUS» PRESIDENT

Yerevan Show -2012 was very well organized, more professional than the previous one. Organizers focused on inviting few, but highly selected buyers, so we reached some agreements and expect more this year, taking into account that hundreds of buyers is to arrive Yerevan from Moscow by special aircraft. Armenians have old tradition of craftsmanship which gives us today a reputation as master jewellers - from Istanbul to New York, through Hong Kong, Singapore, and in the heart of the renowned jewellery houses of Place Vendome in Paris. Yerevan Show, as well as « Co/art » exhibition in Paris, organized by AJA of France this February under the high patronage of his excellency Mr. Charles Aznavour, aimed to bring forward the expertise of Armenian jewellers. For the first time, world-renowned Armenian jewellery and haute horlogerie houses, are on exhibit under the same roof with young, emerging, award-winning jewellers and watchmakers. The next AJA project is the development of a Free Zone. Armenia is of great interest for major jewellery manufacturers from France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The AJA, in co-operation with the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, will develop and operate a duty and tax free zone for such companies, with a target of creating thousands of jobs within the next few years.

The second International Jewelry Expo held October 29 – 31, 2012 in Yerevan, Armenia was attended by a host of key industry leaders in the gem and jewelry industry. A global representation of dozens of prominent companies participated in the exhibition. Important government ministers visited the Expo and hosted key social events surrounding the show that created a positive and lasting impression on all attendees. Clearly, the power of these individuals coming together created a more strengthened Armenian Jewelers Association, which promises to get even stronger in the years ahead. There was an undeniable commitment of all participants to growing their businesses, upholding high ethical standards, and planning for a more profitable future. The city is positioned as an important regional destination where companies can rely on secure infrastructure, efficient production and distribution capabilities, and a reliable center for expanding business and commerce. One of the hallmarks that can spearhead even greater and faster growth of the jewelry sector in Armenia is the establishment of a Jewelry Free Trade Zone in the country. By creating a Free Trade Zone, upfront costs of production and distribution will decrease by eliminating duties on merchandise imported and exported into the country.

Bill Boyajian The former President of Gemological Institute of America

Kevork Kolanian CEO Orofasma Ltd, Athens, Greece

The 2012 Yerevan Show, in general terms, was well organized and people were very helpful with us, in the preparatory stage. The hasty closing of the show, however, earlier than the announced time on the last day, provoked some confusion, as some visitors were not allowed to come in. Since flights and connecting flights to and from Armenia are quite complicated, it would be useful to extend the duration of the Show by one more day, to facilitate mainly the foreign visitors coming from abroad. This was my first participation in the 2012 Yerevan Show. I am quite satisfied by the commercial results and the new business opportunities created. It was a major event both for me and my company, as I had the pleasure to present, for the first time to the public, our new creation, the “whirling diamond,” the “OROFASMA SETTING.” I was curious to see and was wondering how this internationally patented innovative idea would be accepted by commercial visitors and the pubic at large. The result was very positive! I had broad visibility and acceptance, and I am thankful to AJA, which I believe in, and I am very proud to be its member, almost from its very first steps. I will definitely participate in next year’s show, as I have already pre-registered, and I will try to convince other Armenian jewelers from Greece to take part as well. The official nature of the Yerevan Show, the inauguration by the President of the Republic, and the presence of various ministers and important guests such as Bill Boyajian and Dr Gaetano Cavlieri have lent the Show international publicity, and the event was posted in the most prestigious sites of the industry. I take this opportunity to thank our president Mr Gagik Gevorkyan, the Board members and all the collaborators for their excellent job in advancing AJA’s goals.

The success of Yerevan Show 2012 is evident and we hope the annual jewelry exhibitions organized by AJA will become a tradition. Using our eight years of experience in worldwide transportation of valuables, exporting and importing from and to Armenia. Along with Malca-Amit global network and offices in over 28 countries, we ensure a smooth, expedient and professional door-to-door service tailored to exact requirements of each customer; delivering absolute peace of mind while the precious cargo is in transit. From the moment the precious goods are entrusted into our expert care,and until they reach their destination, the assets are constantly monitored by our highly trained controllers. Malca-Amit’s Control Center Unit knows exactly where the goods are in the world at any given time. Secure delivery from collection to airport or airline vault for destinations outside our network is also available upon request. For the goods arriving as carry on, we are ready to provide delivery security to and from Zvartnots airport, as well as all associated services including custom clearance procedure, which was one of the important aspects in organizing Yerevan Show 2012. Our integrated customs brokerage team provides a full service solution ensuring a swift and seamless cross-border transaction. By staying abreast of the latest customs initiatives affecting the goods and regions, and by consulting in advance with the show’s participants, our team ensured that the precious cargo of Yerevan Show 2012 was quickly and efficiently cleared through customs under Temporary Import mode. In addition, Malca-Amit arranges on-sight insurance for our shipping customers underwritten by Lloyd’s of London. Certificates of insurance for shipments are available upon request.

Gayane Kocharyan Malca-Amit Armenia Managing director

Armenia is the only country remaining from 3000 year old maps of Anatolia. It became the world's first country adopted Christianity more than 1700 years ago in 301 AD, and has a large Diaspora all over the world. Armenia lying in the Caucasus region, straddling Asia and Europe, with ancient and rich culture. Armenia is very easy to experience, thanks to very hospitable people. To visit Armenia is to travel back in history and feel the spirit of more than 41 centuries. Experience first hand the «country sheltered by Biblical «Ararat» home of Noah’s Ark; the land where human kind was reborn. Armenia offers a special something for every person.

Currency Time zone Drives on the Calling code Patron saint ISO 3166 code Inertnet TLD

Dram (¹ñ.) (AMD) UTC (UTC+4) right 374 St. Gregory the Illuminator AM .am


Presidential republic

-President Serzh Sargsyan -Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan -Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan Legislature

National Assembly

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is a modern, colorful city, situated in the Northeastern part of the Ararat Valley. Yerevan is one of the oldest cities in the world, but at the same time modern. Life today in Yerevan is assimilated with the harmonious fusion of past and present. An integral part of panorama of Yerevan is Biblical Mt. Ararat, symbol of Armenia, just situated out of border. The people take great pride in their traditions, culture, religion, arts and crafts, delicious cuisine and sincere hospitality. Yerevan of today offers hundreds of spots of leisure from museums to theaters, an opera house, parks, restaurants with traditional Armenian, Caucasian, European and Chinese cuisines, open cafes, casinos, discos, clubs, jazz restaurants, and other entertainment spots. Most of all, the warmth and friendly manner of the people will make your visit unforgettable. This land of old and new has a gravitational pull to all who visit.

Yerevan is a modern city with a good infrastructure and high level services ZVARTNOTS AIRPORT representing the main air gate of the Republic of Armenia. Its runway are fully meets the requirements of the international standards. Geographically it is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Just 12 km from the center of Yerevan. Provides ATC to 6 major international air routes passing over Armenia-15000 international flights annually. It works round the clock. TAXI «Yerevanian» taxi is a one of the most safety, comfortable and cheap service. Following the hyperlink you will find a list of all the required information about the taxi companies. RESTAURANT Armenian cuisine is considered one of the oldest in Asia and the oldest in the Transcaucasus. Its characteristic features were formed during the millennia BC enriched over the centuries, because the Armenians were moving from one place to another. Preparation of Armenian dishes is often difficult and laborious. There are many varieties of dishes of minced meat, fish, stuffed vegetables, etc. They have come from antiquity, for example, still popular dishes such as khorovats (barbecued meat) and byorek (dough stuffed with meat). Armenians have been cooking these dishes almost nearly for 1500 years. For the preparation of Armenian meals, there is a need to use about 300 types of herbs and wild flowers using them as a condiments or even staple.

SEE YOU IN YEREVAN OCTOBER 28-30 e-mail: Vetkina St., 4, Moscow Russia, 127521 Tel/fax: +7495 9887755, +79154635570 Contact persons: Maria Ilyina, Ekaterina Makarenya PROJECT DIRECTOR: Dr. Artak Udumyan

Yerevan Show 2013  

Armenian Jewellers Association