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Aranzita’s Art By: Aranza Maldonado

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Supporting Tolerance How to get along with each other By: Aranza Maldonado Getting along with people never was that easy because many people or the majority are so complicated and difficult to understand. Being tolerant is a very important value that we should and we have to apply in our daily life because with this important value we can be patient with people differences, different situations, problems and many other aspects of our life. The definition of tolerance is to have a fair, permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, beliefs, practices, racial or ethnic origins, etc. differ for one’s own, freedom from bigotry. So given this meaning we can have a bigger definition and perspective of what tolerance is. Many of the problems that we have nowadays are done because people do not respect other differences, points of view and they do not have the capacity of being empathic with others. Actually there are many problems that unfortunately in 2015 and 2016 we have been their victims around the world because of many tragedies that happens because of the absence of this value. Some people think that this has nothing to be related with all of this but the true is that this value is so important to share with others because with tolerance there is respect, from respect there is love and from love there is peace and harmony. So in conclusion, we should share and teach this value as the main important for our friends, family, unknown, the next generation, for all the people and of course ourselves.

The Perfect Picnic Day What a beautiful day! The sun shinning Going on my perfect way! The birds are singing Oh, the grass is green And I feel so happy Oh, it’s the hippy queen That is so sappy I feel the wind on my face And I listen to peace music A white cloud appears on the space And I land to have my picnic I counted three squirrels on my side A long smile appeared on my face They got scared by it and they hide They ran so fast that they feel on a race I forgot about all them And started eating my red apple I put my favorite Zedd theme And I started hearing to that sample

By: Aranza Maldonado

She Walks in Beauty She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes; Thus mellowed to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. One shade the more, one ray the less, Had half impaired the nameless grace Which waves in every raven tress, Or softly lightens o’er her face; Where thoughts serenely sweet express, How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. And on that cheek, and o’er that brow, So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, The smiles that win, the tints that glow, But tell of days in goodness spent, A mind at peace with all below, A heart whose love is innocent! BY: GORDON)


The Castle of Grawdaland By: Aranza Maldonado Once upon a time. There was a beautiful kingdom called Grawdaland, it has beautiful woods, rivers and lagoons with amazing color blue water. A very peaceful ambient with all the animals living there, beautiful trees of different species, colors, sizes and types of them. And of course the beautiful castle and a peaceful town that characterized Grawdaland. In the town of Grawdaland there were all the people living there around the castle of the king and the princess. People lived in reinforced concrete all look alike small houses. There also lived all the workers and there were all the shops in the town of Grawdaland, it was a town. In the castle there lived the king Ernest and his daughter, the princess Rossane. Ernest was a very kind, responsible and generous man. He was an excellent ruler of his kingdom and the most important thing, he was an excellent dad. He always wanted the good for her unique daughter and for all his kingdom. Rossane, the princess, what can I say about her? Rossane…Even if she was the princess of the Castle and of the town Grawdaland, she was the most beautiful girl of there. Physically she was a very elegant, kind, and beautiful women. She had a beautiful light brown long hair. Her light skin color matched perfectly with her green innocent big eyes, and naturally long eyelashes. Her rounded face made her appeared younger than she was and in that time, she was only nineteen years old. She always used to wear her beautiful well done dresses made by her designers. But she never liked being fake and try to be someone she was not. She was a very brave, intelligent, curious and at the same time a very indecisive girl. She always wanted to be fair with everyone, she hated injustice and to see how power people abused their power, it made her active her sixth sense of do something about that and defend the victims. Her father always taught her to be helpful and a girl with a generous and big heart. There wasn’t just the kingdom of Grawdaland, there’s was another kingdom called Trisland. There’s was the king Agustin and his son, the prince Joshua. The prince Joshua was the prince of the other kingdom, Trisland. He was so similar to Rossane in many aspects. He was a very handsome young boy, he also did has light brown hair and light skin but his eyes were beautifully light brown. He was a little bit taller than her but he had a very soft masculine body, arms, legs, etc. He was just one year older than Rossane. He also didn’t like to pretend being someone that he was not. He really liked doing other activities and being alone, for example going to the woods and spend time there, etc. He was a very disobedient guy, brave and curious but with a very big heart. He was very impulsive and he

most of the time used to take his decision based on what his heart said and on what he felt and felt was the right thing or things to do. In the dark side of this story there was a bad old women that lived in a small house in the deepest part of the woods of Grawdaland. She was known as the black wizard. Supposedly she was a bad woman because of her past life. There were many myths and stories of why she was like that. Many people in the town of Grawdaland believed that another wizard stole all her powers and made her become in a wizard with no soul because it was said that before she become in that, she was known in the kingdom as a very beautiful woman, with a lot power and a very generous soul. Her beauty was so unique that it was really admired by a lot of men in the town that they were wondered and kind of hypnotized by it. Nobody really knew what really happened to her. It was a completely mystery that people hadn’t discovered by years… Rossane always liked to go to the woods with Adalia and do a lot of activities. She was Rossane best friend since kids and they were like sisters. She was a redhead girl with blue eyes but she wasn’t that beautiful as Rossane. She was a very funny and supportive friend and sometimes she used to have a bipolar attitude but always being there for Rossane. One day they went to the woods and precisely they went to the nearest and a very long, clean water and calm river. They always were joking and talking about the town, girls stuff and new things of the kingdom. When they were returning to the castle, they came across with a white rabbit, a green turtle and a very beautiful squirrel. They hid in the back of a tree immediately because they thought they were hunters… -

Hey, are you there? – Rossane curiously asked Mmm, like really guys, we are not going to do nothing to you, go out – Adalia said to them

*They got closer to them and when they saw each other they surprised* The 3 animals started laughing with each other… Oh my god, I thought they were hunters, we are safe right now guys hahaha – The rabbit safely came out and started talking with the girls -

Oh that´s right, Mr. Rabbit they are two beautiful girls walking in the woods – The squirrel said Well that’s right we just went to the river near to the town – Rossane said Oh I reaaally neeed too goo to theee river – The old turtle said to slowly but excited Oh, he’s Mr. turtle a really big old friend of us, we love him – Mrs. Squirrel said -Hahaha, oh that’s great – Rossane said

- We are hurry so we have to go to the town, do you want to go with us, little new friends? – Adalia said - No, we are busy, we have to go to eat but we can see us other day – Mrs. Squirrel said - Okay, I agree, good to see you, bye – Rossane said - Byeeeee – The 3 animals said As I didn’t mentioned, the rabbit had a humorous personality. The green turtle was an angry, old and pessimist one but not all the time. And finally the squirrel, she was a female lovely, optimist and romantic one, she control her two male friends, the turtle and rabbit. Rossane and Adalia, return happily to the town to do their daily activities. On the other side of the story, there was the prince Joshua, he also liked to go out of his castle or of the kingdom with his best friend, Adalf, he was Joshua best friend since they were kids. He was very funny and a little bit of a combination of idiot, dumb. He wasn’t as handsome as Joshua but he was adorable anyway. He was very skinny, he had brown hair and light brown eyes. What characterize him were his cute fleckless in his face. He was very romantic but he didn’t admitted. They liked to do things that normal people used to do in the town and in the woods so the next day they went to the woods with their horses, when they were inside de woods, they heard women noises, they stopped talking and noticed that near the river there were two beautiful woman playing with water and having fun, those were the princess Rossane and Adalia. The four started looking at each other and the boys got closer to them. The prince Joshua and the princess Rossane, magically had a connection, they were amazed with each other, their corporal language said it everything, and also Adalf had a connection with Adalia. -What are you watching, you two? – Rossane said She change drastically her attitude to a rude girl because they were strangers and that’s what she does, also she wanted to hide the deep connection with Joshua -

Yes what are you watching, goo awaaay – Adalia madly said Yeeess go – Rossane also said it Woh woh woh, wait, we came here to the woods first, it is of everybody or not Adalf? Hahaha, who you think you are? – Josua said to the girls Yes girls who you think you are? – Adalf repeated Really you don’t know us? – Adalia said Mmmm noo, but I can surely affirm that you two are very beautiful girls, mmhm mhm, what did I say? Haha – Adalf said Please shut up Adalf haha – Joshua said and seriously asked to the girls… Who you are? Are you from the town of Grawdaland?





Mmm yes, of course isn’t that obvious? I’m the princess of the kingdom of Grawdaland, my name is Rossane and that’s why we came here because this woods are the nearest of it, but I hope that you also are from the town, am I wrong? Because we haven’t seen you, that’s weird, and she’s my best friend Adalia – Rosssane said Hahaha, yes of course, since kids hahaha– Adalia said That’s great haha – Adalf answered Woh, woh, woh, hahaha, Are you serious? You are the princess? Oh my god, no way, I can believe it, you are the princess that everybody talks about in my kingdom? I never expected this buuuuut if you haven’t seen us in your life maybe is because we are not from this kingdom and is the first time we come to Grawdaland.. – Joshua said Yes, that’s what everybody say. Really? Oh my god, but if you’re not from here, where are you from? –Rossane said Hahaha, we are from the kingdom of Trisland, and really you won’t believe the thing that I’m going to say to you, he’s Adalf my best friend and I’m the prince of Trisland hahaha – Joshua said Really? Oh wow, I think this is a completely coincidence, it is a pleasure to meet you prince Joshua – Rossane said Me too princess Rossane– Joshua answered Well mine too haha but we really have to return to the castle is getting late – Adalia interrupt Mmm yes, we have to return but I hope see you two soon guys, byeee – Rossane said Mmmm, wait, can I see you tomorrow in this exact place – Joshua asked Mmm I hope so, byeee – Rossane said Bye girls – Adalf said In this moment they met with each other, the princess Rossane and Joshua and their best friends, Adalf and Adalia. The other day, all of them, Rossane, Joshua and Adalia and Adalf went in the place they agreed. They had good walks and conversations and they could know more about each other. In that moment she found the three animals; the turtle, the rabbit and the squirrel. They had a really fun day because they all were too funny, they went to the town of Grawdaland and did many things together. They ate, they, dance with the people of the town, they really had good time together. The time was passing Rossane went to Trisland a lot of time and she could know more about it, the people their activities the castle and many other things. One of those days, Rossane went with Joshua to a lake near Trisland, it was in the afternoon, it was late but the harmony of the place was amazing, they had deep conversations, they had a really great time. They didn’t notice that, in that day, one specific person was observing them, that person was the black wizard…

Yes, the black wizard, she was so mad, so mad to see the princess Rossane founding the love of her life, she felt a lot of hate to all the real family, the king, the kingdom of Grawdaland, she wanted to do something, she wanted to do revenge because of the thing that Ernest did to her, she was planning something… Rossane and Joshua started to fell in love with each other, the routine made them magnify their love. Because the first time they saw each other in the river it was a magical moment that they felt. Joshua each day went to the kingdom of Grawdaland to see her. They were so happy together but there was also another big problems. Joshua’s dad, the king of Trisland didn’t agree with him falling in love and having a girlfriend. He believe that even if she was a princess he had to focus on his kingdom, his men activities and all that stuff. On the other hand, as I mentioned before the black wizard was planning her revenge. She didn’t want the princess to find happiness because Rossane’s father killed her love of her life, her husband. The witch, one dark day kidnapped the princess Rossane, she was alone in the woods of Grawdaland and she hypnotized her. She finally said to the king of Grawdaland Ernest that she wanted war and revenge. All the people in the town were in shock and it was a really hard time with a lot of tension. It took one week to join all the army of the king Ernest and also the king of Trisland join with them and helped them. Joshua and all the armies of Grawdaland and Trisland went to war, there were many death, many darkness in that moment but they won, they killed the black wizard and found the princess Rossane. All the happiness and harmony returned to both kingdoms. Rossane was so happy to see again, Adalia, Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Turtle and Mrs. Squirrel, Adalf, the people in the town, her father and most of everything, to see Joshua. Three months ago she was planning her wedding with, guess who? Haha, of course, Joshua. The moment came, this was the best moment in the life of the princess and the prince, all the invited people of both kingdom were so happy for them, they married and they lived forever happy. THE END

Acronym A happy person most of the time, R arely you are going to see me A ngry. A lot of personality in one person N ever trying to be fake, always original as a Z ebra, because originality, uniqueness, beautifulness A lways will be my most powerful possession

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