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Indonesia: A Profile


May 17, 2012 For  Information  on  Spain:  


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Indonesia Overview  


Indonesia,  the  largest  archipelago  in  the  world,  is  a  republic  about  


three  times  the  size  of  Texas.  The  country  has  experienced  its  share  of   turmoil  that  amounts  to  poverty,  corruption,  and  inequity.  In  the  past  

elections.  It  has  confronted  the  Asian  financial  crisis,  catastrophic  

populations  spread  across  the  region.     Once  the  30-­‐year  dictatorship  rule  of  President  Suharto  was  over,  

governmental  control.  However,  since  the  democracy  transition  in  the   in  fact  changed  the  type  of  corruption,  a  corruption  among  politicians   who  receive  money  from  businessmen  to  win  elections,  creating  a  rent   seeking  behavior.  This  corruption  has  harmed  the  Indonesian  civilians   and  robbed  them  of  a  chance  to  be  provided  with  the  necessary   healthcare,  be  given  a  better  education  system,  and  to  eliminate  the   poverty  present.  It  has  been  difficult  for  Indonesia  to  have  the    

The  Jakarta  Post  Article:   Democracy  and  corruption  in   Indonesia ews/2012/01/17/democracy-­‐and-­‐ corruption-­‐indonesia.html  


there  came  about  a  step  towards  democracy  to  bring  Indonesia   past  decade,  it  has  been  said  to  cause  corruption.  Its  new  “freedom”  has  

British  Broadcasting  Corporation   Profile  of  Indonesia  at -­‐asia-­‐pacific-­‐14921238  


natural  events,  and  conflicts  from  the  ethnically  and  religiously  diverse    

Freedom  House  at untry/indonesia  


years  the  Republic  of  Indonesia  has  seen  a  fall  of  a  president  who  served   30  years  in  office,  which  brought  the  government  a  new  chance  for  free  

CIA  World  Factbook  at ations/the-­‐world-­‐ factbook/geos/id.html  

British  Broadcasting  Corporation   Article:  Obama  Hails  Indonesia  as   example  for  world -­‐asia-­‐pacific-­‐11723650  


Media  Usage  Factoids    

Cell  telephones  (in  millions)                      220     Internet  users  (in  millions)                                  20     Internet  hosts  (in  millions)                          1.34     Television  stations              more  than  100     Radio  stations                                more  than  700                

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Indonesia:  A  Profile  

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Indonesia:   development  attainable  or  paused  due  to  corruption?     government  authorities  be  held  accountable  for  implementing   ideal  human  rights.  


In  November  of  2010  President  Barack  Obama  visited  

Indonesia  with  the  purpose  of  building  bonds  between  the  two   countries,  to  make  it  known  the  United  States  is  not  at  war   with  Islam  and  “as  president”  he  has  “made  it  a  priority  to   begin  to  repair”  the  relations  between  the  “United  States  and  

Photo  C redit:  National  Geographic  

Muslim  communities.”  Other  issues  Indonesia  faces  deal  with  the  conflict  of   militant  Islamic  groups  who  have  been  associated  with  al-­‐Qaeda,  which   question  safety  and  security.  Geographically  the  region  has  been  harshly  hit  by   natural  disasters,  mainly  tsunamis  and  earthquakes  that  have  already  left   thousands  dead  or  missing.    

Indonesia’s  media   climate  is  ranked  as   “free.”     2011  Report  

Indonesia’s  media  is  “open  and  vibrant”  while  it’s  regulated  and  threatening                The    current  status  of  the  media  

Indonesia  unfortunately  struggle  

receive  all  of  it.  Internet  access  

  Indonesia  is  ranked  to  have  a   in  

by  having  to  face  the  acts  of  

is  limited  in  rural  or  poverty  

  “partly   free”  freedom  of  the  press  

violence  towards  the  press.  The  

stricken  areas  because  of  the  

and     the  net,  with  an  overall  “free”  

news  and  media  are  accessible  to  

lack  of  infrastructures.                                                    

freedom   of  the  world.  Television  is    

the  public,  but  a  problem  lies  


  country’s  dominant  form  of   the  

behind  the  media  climate.  There  

are  spread  across  the  traditional  

  media   with  a  number  of  national  

is  a  concern  of  the  press  being  

and  the  new.  Content  is  

networks  and  stations  mainly  

controlled  by  direct  ownerships  

restricted  by  the  presence  of  

provided  through  the  use  of  

and  indirect  lawsuits  that  create  

governmental  control.  There  

satellites  and  cable  TV  systems,  

power,  not  necessarily  a  positive  

does  seem  to  be  good  results  

followed  by  the  highly  growing  

one.  This  in  fact  demonstrates  the  

from  advertising  bringing  in  

Internet  usage  and  radio  

press  is  regulated.    

income  for  media  companies.  

broadcasting  through  many  

         Indonesia’s  media  is  available  

The  media  in  Indonesia  is  

national  networks  and  stations.          

for  the  population  but  it’s  a  

relatively  growing  but  with  it  


matter  of  having  the  resources  to    

many  consequences.    


Those  working  for  the  media  in    


Restrictions  on  the  media