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We want to try

water-skiing, because we like

skiing and water sports. You need a boat or a seaplane, skies and a life jacket.

Oihana Vera, Saioa Alonso, Ioar Lopetegi, Gorka Otaduy, Oier Zabaleta, Eunate Arruti, Amaiur Lizaso, Zuriñe Otxoa, Ibai Baztan and Unai Sevine, Lucas Sanchez

I want to try

sailing because I like the

sea very much. You need a sail boat, ropes and a life jacket.

Oier Zabaleta

We want to try

surfing because we like waves and

danger. You need a wetsuit, big waves and a surfboard.

Oier Zabaleta, Zuriñe Otxoa, Ibai Baztan, Unai Sevine, Erik Otxagavia, Ioar Lopetegi, Gorka Otaduy

We want to go

swimming ( we´ve already tried

many times) because we like water. It´s fun. You need a swimsuit, a cap and goggles.

Eunate Arruti and Amaiur Lizaso

• We want to try

rafting because we like the water

sports and the raft. You need a raft, a life jacket,a helmet and oars.

Lucas Sanchez and Erik Otxagavia

SNOW AND ICE SPORTS • We want to try

skiing because we like the snow very

much. You need skies, sticks, especial boots, a helmet, and snow clothes.

Lucas Sanchez and Gorka Otaduy •

I want to try

ice-skating. You need an ice pitch

and ice skates .

Ibai Baztan

• I want to try

snowboarding, because I like

the snow very much. You need a snowboard and special shoes and clothes for snowboarding.

Iker Perez


We want to try

basketball because we like


games. You need a basketball and a basket.

Oihana Vera and Saioa Alonso

I want to try

tennis. I think it´s fun. You need


racket and a tennis ball.

Aintzane Huarte


I want to try

football. You need a football


football trainers.

Aintzane Huarte


I want to try


I like ball games. You need a

ball and a paddle racket.

Iker Perez

OTHER SPORTS • I want to practice

kung fu. (I´ve already tried a

bit) You need special kung fu clothes and a great discipline.

Aintzane Huarte

• I want to try

figure skating because I think

it´s beautiful .

Anneya Gelis

We want to try

long jump, because we love

jumping. You need good trainers and lots of energy.

Zuriñe Otxoa and Anneya Gelis

We want to try

rock climbing because we think

it´s exciting. You need especial shoes, a helmet , harness and rope .

Saioa Alonso, Ioar Lopetegi, Eunate Arruti, Amaiur Lizaso, Lucas Sanchez, Unai Sevine Erik Otxagavia, Oihana Vera


Sports we want to try

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