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WATER SPORTS We want to try deep water diving because

we love pirouettes, even in the water, sea life and seeing the coral reefs . We think it´s fun. You need a wet suit and special equipment.

Irene Salvoch, Daniel Weydling, Alai Ruiz, Daniel Weyndling, Maitane Perez De Heredia

We want to try

skin diving because we like sea

animals very much. You need snorkelling equipment.

Olatz Ruiz De Galarreta, Malen Barriola, Unai Dufur, Iker Alfonso

We want to try

surfing because we love playing with

the waves and getting balanced. You need a surfboard, a wetsuit and big waves.

Olatz Ruiz De Galarreta, Malen Barriola, Unai Dufur, Iker Alfonso

• We want to try

water skiing

because it looks

exciting. You need a boat, water skies and a life jacket.

Alai Ruiz and Jone Etxarri

I want to try

canoeing because it´s a good fun.

You need a wetsuit, a helmet and oars.

Nerea Larrañeta

I want to try

sailing because it looks exiting, you ned

a life jaket to go sailing.

Daniel Weyndling

• I want to try

rafting because I like water sports.

You need oars, a raft, a helmet and a life jaket.

Daniel Weyndling •

I want to try

canoeing. I think it´s exciting. You

need a canoe, oars, a wetsuit and a helmet.

Erika Urbeltz

SNOW SPORTS • I want to try

snowboarding, because I like

snow sports. You need a snowboard, sunglasses ,snowboard clothing and shoes.

Unai Dufur

• I want to try

skiing because it looks a very beautiful

sport to me. You need ski clothes, boots and sunglasses

Maitane Perez De Heredia


I want to try

tennis because I love this sport. You

need a racket and a tennis ball.

Unai Dufur •

I want to try

basketball. You need a ball and a


• I want to try

Irene Salvoch

handball. I think it´s nice. You need

a ball and two nets.

Erika Urbeltz


I like

roller blading (I´ve already tried many

times). I love sliding. You need roller blades, a helmet and knees, hands and elbows protection .

Irene Salvoch •

We want to try

hang gliding because we like

flying like a bird and danger. You need to be brave.

Malen Barriola, Alai Ruiz and Nerea Larrañeta, Maitane Perez De Heredia

• I love

athletics because I love running! You need

good trainers and lots of energy.

Iker Alfonso

We want to play

chess, because we think it´s fun

and we love thinking. You need a chess set. It isn´t really a sport, but it´s a good brain training game.

Iker Alfonso •

I want to try


because I like this

sport and doing pirouettes. You need a skateboard, a helmet and knee pads.

Jone Etxarri

• I want to try

fencing because I am good at playing

with the sword. You need a sword and a fencing mask.

Oier Lana

I want to try

sumo, because I think it´s fun. You need to

be very strong.

Hasier Iriarte


I want to try

curling because I like ice sports.

Hasier Iriarte

Sports we want to try 5B  

sports we want to trysan francisco school, Pamplona

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