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IN THE YEAR 2025... 6A San Francisco school (2009-10)

MY LIFE IN 2025 Now I'm 11 years old, but in the year 2025 I will be 25 years old. This year I ´m going to travel to New York but I will be living in the old part of Iruña. I'm going to have a lot of friends, because I will be happy, I m going to have two children and work as a doctor in a N.G.O.

Sara Lopez De Gereñu

MY FUTURE Hi! I´m Lander and I´m eleven years old, but in the year 2025 I´m going to be 26. I will be taller, more handsome and more intelligent than now, and I`m going to be a psychologist and a fire fighter. In my free time, I want to be Batman and I want to live with my friends in Iruña. I want to have a crocodile in my bedroom and its name is going to be “Cocomouth”. I want to create a video game with my girl-friend. In the year 2025 I want to do important things but I want to live the life to the fullest.

Lander Iturbide

TO BE 27 YEARS OLD In the year 2025 I will be 27 years old. I want to be tall and live in the UK. I also want to own a computer enterprise. I will live in a flat in London, in the center of the city. In my free time. I want to play football and the trumpet, because I like to. I will be a good friend of my friends. I want to live with a friend and be a very happy man. This is the life I want to live, I want to be like this in 2025.

Ibai Castro

IN THE YEAR 2025 I´m Eider, a 12 year old girl, but in the year 2.025 I will be 27. I think I will be tall and I´ll have long brown hair. I´m going to be a psychologist and in my free time, I will dance. I´m going to live in Bilbo with my boyfriend. I am going to go to Africa to give food and money to poor people. I also want to go to Australia because I love it. I´m going to have two children. I will be fluent in four languages: English, Basque, Spanish and French. I think I´m going to be very happy and satisfied.

Eider Etxarri Garcia

THE FUTURE IS... 2025 My name is Lukene and I'm 12 years old. In 2025 I'll be 27 years old. I want to be a fashion designer. I will live in a flat in Bilbo with a friend and boyfriend. I will have a dog. In my flat I will have a pinball, billiards, a table football and a very big TV because when I'm 27 years old I'll be rich. In my free time I'm going to help dogs healing, because I feel sorry for them. I will study at an university in Paris. I'd like to learn more Basque, English and also French. I would also like to learn Chinese,because it is a very strange language. I´m sure I´ll be happy with my life, because I´m the one choosing it. But, before all this happens, there´s a lot to live.

Lukene Pinzolas Gomez

ME, IN THE FUTURE My name is Irati, I'm 11 years old, but in the year 2025 I will be 26. I am going to be a teacher or a photographer, but I prefer to be a teacher. I will live in a small house in Paris with my boyfriend, and I will speak Basque,Spanish and English better and I will learn French and Catalan. In my free time, I will be a photographer and travel to countries like Egypt and the USA (California). I think, I will live very happily with my boyfriend and probably with my children.

Irati Irigoyen Iturria

IN THE YEAR 2025... MY FUTURE!! My name is Leire, I'm 11 years old, In the year 2025 I will be 27. I want to live in the south-east of Canada. I will live with my boyfriend in a terraced house. I will live in or near the USA, because I want to be an actress, and to do castings it´s better there. I will also work in a N.G.O. But, I wont be able to work full time there, because I´ll be working as an actress. In my free time I will be playing sports and I will be a volunteer to play with children. In 2025, the technology will be very advanced. Countries that are now poor, will not be so poor. The world will be balanced. I will have a lot of friends from different countries because I will speak English, Basque, Spanish, German and French fluently. My dream is that the world will be in peace, but that dream may be doesn't come true. Maybe the world isn't exactly like this, but I would love it to be so, or similar.

Leire Pagola Oteiza

IN THE YEAR 2025 In the year 2025, I will be 26 years old. I´m going to be tall with black hair. I´ll live in a village in a medium sized house, with my boy-friend. I would like to be a hairdresser. I´m going to have one horse, a few dogs and cats. In my free time I´m going to go to the mountains on my horse. I´ll probably study Italian. This is my life. This way I like it very much.

Nahia Lopez

IN THE YEAR 2025... In the year 2025 I will be 27 years old. I will be taller and more handsome than now. I think I will live in “Los Angeles”. I want to be a famous basketball player. What I´d like most is to play in “Los Angeles Lakers”.I want to have a manager. For sure I want to live in a very big house, with a waterfall and a limousine at the door. Probably my life is going to be like this.

Mikel Amezketa

ME, IN THE YEAR 2025 I´m Iker, I am 11 years old and I live in Iruña. But in the year 2025, I will be 26 years old. What am I going to be like? I think this year, I will have short brown hair and I will be a tall person. I will be generous and I will have a lot of friends. I´m not sure, but, I think I will live in a flat, in Iruña. I will study at the university and after that, I want to be a firefighter. I like this job, because you can save people. I want to practice sports in my free time. Then, I will be happy, I hope! I will live well that year, and I´ll be thankful to the world.

Iker Munarriz

IN YEAR 2025... My name is Martin and I live in Iru単a. In the year 2025 I will probably be a lawyer. Now I am 11 years old, but in the year 2025 I hope, I will be 27. I'm going to have a beard. I'll be looking for a flat to live. I'm going to play ping-pong, because I like it very much. I'll be very busy. I do not care that much, but I want to be a lawyer. I can also be a detective. I'm going to live in New York, but my family will stay in Iru単a. I'll live very well, but better if I win the lottery.

Martin Zozaya

IN THE YEAR 2025... These days I'm thinking about what I will do in 2025. With that idea, I realize that things will change a lot. In that year, I will have 26-27 years, and maybe I will go to the university. If not, surely I will live in an apartment with a friend. If I have a job ,not very difficult, just to give me enough money to pay what is necessary. In my free time, I'll be having fun with my friends or my family, or resting at home. Now ,I haven't got a lot of friends, but I hope in that year I´ll have more. I think I will have the same things likes and desires as any 27 year old person . I don't know if I will happy, because I don't know how it is. But, I know one thing: I want to travel to many places. Hmmmm.... Where am I going to go first, to China or to Africa??? Ane Ortega

MY FANTASTIC FUTURE Who knows what I'm going to be? Who knows what I'm going to live? That's what I would like to know. In 2.025 I'll be 26 or 27 years old. I'll be working as lawyer and I think I will live in Iru単a, Bartzelona or in Bilbo. I'll live with my boyfriend and if I have time, I'll have a child. I'll live in a big flat or in a chalet. I would like to spend time with ill animals. Perhaps I want to have a dog. That's a long time, but if my life was like this, I would be very happy .

Amaia Etxeberria

In the year 2025  

The way 12 year old children see their future in 15 years time.

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