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FAMOUS PAINTINGS 6B at San Francisco school 2010-11

Bridge in Giverny

The name of the painting is “Bridge in Giverny” and the artist is Monet. He was born on 14th November, 1840 in Paris. In the painting there´s a forest with a river, a small waterfall and a water garden. There´s also a blue and green bridge. He mixes green and yellow colours beautifully.


STARRY NIGHT This painting, “Starry Night” is by Vicent Van Gogh. He was born on 30th of may, 1853 and he died on 29th July, 1890. He lived in Zundert, Holland and now he´s dead. He started painting in 1880. You can see a church, night, stars, and a tree. On the left of the painting there is a very tall tree and on the right of the tree there is a small village. In the sky there are a lot of stars and the moon. It's one of the most famous paintings by van Gogh, This painting now is in the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MOMA). Starry Night is very beautiful. I like the sky and the stars.

Unai Dufur

THE FLOWER CARRIER This painting is by Diego Rivera : Diego Rivera ( de A go rih VEH rə) was born in Guanajuato, Mexico in 1886. He had a twin brother, but his brother died when he was only a year and a half old. His mother became depressed and sent little Diego to live with his nurse Antonia, an Indian woman. She cared for him in a small village high up on the mountain. Our featured painting by Diego Rivera is The Flower Carrier. There are a woman and a man loading the flowers. There are some leaves and some pink and purple flowers. He uses bold, bright colours. With the use of shadows, he makes the subject stand out from the background of the painting almost as if the figures are outlined. How does he repeat the colours? Compare the size of the man to the size of the woman. The man is carrying the heavy load, but he appears to be a smaller person than the woman putting the load on his back.

I feel this painting is wonderful bu I think he´s a load man and I don´t like it. This famous painting is about the flower carrier, because it was his ambition .


FRAGONARD´S A young girl reading

Jean-Honore Nicoloas Fragonard was born in Grasse, France on the 5th April, 1732 and he died on the 22nd August, 1806 at the age of 74. One of the most prolific artists active in the last decades of the Ancient Regime. Fragonard produced more than 550 paintings. He was poor. “A young girl reading” or “the reader” is a famous painting by Fragonard. You can see a girl reading a small book, in a yellow saffron dress with a pony tail. The dress isn't only yellow saffron, it´s white too. The colours are light and dark but mostly brown, orange, yellow, and dark green. It's an 18th century oil painting. It is one in a series of paintings featuring young girls. Among his most popular works there are paintings like this famous picture. The most famous are; The swing, (French: L'escarpolette) Wallace collection London. The Reader was painted in the year 1776 and it is in the national art gallery of Washington. In my opinion, this painting is very good and beautiful. I like it very much but it isn't my favorite painting. Jone

Don Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zúñiga, niño by Francisco Goya

This painting is by Francisco Goya. Francisco Goya, is a famous painter. He was born on 30th March, 1746 in Fuentedetodos (Zaragoza) and died on 16th April, 1828. He was a court painter and a master. His most

famous paintings are las majas: “la maja bestida” and “la maja desnuda”. Monet and Picaso learned from him. In the picture we can see, a child in a red tracksuit. He´s wearing a (yellow and white) gold colour handkerchief in his waist. In neck he has some white flyers. On the left are two cats, one is black and white and the other one we can't see it very well. It looks black. In front of the cats there is a bird with a letter in its mouth. The bird is white and black. On the right there is a toy. The wall is black, grey and yellowish. Now it´s in the Metropolitan Art Museum, New York. I like it because the child is very beautiful and the colours too. They are between light and dark. I like very much the colours.


M. LOULOU by Paul Gauguin


artist is Paul Gaugin in. He was born on 7th of June , 1848

in Paris. He was a post-impresionist artist. The material he used is oil on canvas . The girl´s wearing a blue and white dress. She is siting on a chair, with drawings of fruits and flowers. The girl has got long brown hair. I think the painting is beautiful.


A GIRL WITH A WATERNING CAN The painting´s names is “A girl with a watering can” and the name of the artist is Pierre Auguste Renoir. He was born on February 25th, 1841 in Hate-Vienne, Limoges (Francia) and died on the 3rd of December, 1919. The picture is called the “Girl with a watering can”. There´s a girl with a dark blue dress holding a watering can. In the middle sof the dress she´s got beautiful silver buttons. She´s blonde and she´s wearing a red bow on her head. The painting is cool and it looks good and nice to me and I think the painter is good.



The artist who made this painting was called Raphael. Raphael was born in 1472 in central Italy. When he was small he lived in Ubrino. He was an orphan. When he was twenty-one years old, he moved to Florence and began to paint beautiful portraits. The sky in the painting is cloudy. You can see Jesus flying in the sky with two other men. At the bottom of the painting there are some worried people. Behind Jesus there is a very bright light. This painting is in the Vatican City in Rome. It´s a very strange painting but the colour in it is very realistic and amazing.


Grandma Moses´

Beautiful World

Anna Mary Robertson Moses was born on 7th of September, 1860. In Greenwich, New York. He married Tomas Salmón Moisés. They had 10 children, but 5 of them died after birth. Her friends called her “ Mother Moses” or “ Grandma Moses”. She died on 13th of December, 1961.

There are a few farms. On the left we can see one blue big farm and a small one at the back. On the right there are 3 or 4 more farms. we can also see trees. It´s the countryside. There is a river or lake in the middle. The main colours are pale green, yellow, blue... We can see one person next to a horse, and another one on a horse. I think this painting is beautiful. I like the farms, the lake or river, the trees...

Irene Salvoch Goia

Mona Lisa The name of the painting is the Mona Lisa. The artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was born on the 15thof April 1452 in a small village called Vinci. When he was small, he lived in Vinci, Italy. He studied with Verrocchio. The most famous painting by Da Vinci is this one, the Mona Lisa. In the painting there is a woman with a black dress. She´s famous because of her mysterious smile. At the back we can see landscape. It looks like the mountains or the forest. The river is next to the mountain and the forest. The colours are dark. Now the painting is in Paris, in the Louvre museum and it´s a very famous painting. I think the painting is very nice.

Oier Lana

SAILING THE CATBOAT SAILING THE CATBOAT is a painting by Wilson Homer. He was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1836. He was an American landscape painter and print maker, he is considered one of the foremost painters in 19th century American. In the painting there's a catboat. We can see the sea. Far away there's an island; the people in the boat don´t look very rich. Five boys are sailing in a nice bay against the sun. A rigid wind propels the boat. The boys sit alone, without talking. Everyone enjoys the beauty and power of nature. Sometimes he worked with oil paints and sometimes with watercolour. He got money from watercolour pictures. He enjoyed painting pictures of children but the colours are very sad.

Iker Alfonso

THE BEDROOM This painting is by a well known painter called Vincent van Gogh. He was born in 1853 in Netherlands. When he was thirty-three years old, he went to Paris and then to Arles (in France) he painted this painting . It was his bedroom. It´s the fourth one by him, when he lived in Arles. This painting is well known, although “starry night “ is more famous.

This painting is based on Van Gogh's room when he lived in Arles. This painting is 120 years old or so. In he paintings there is a bed , two chairs, and one chest. There are some paintings and one window. The window is open. There are two doors in front of each other.


WOMAN WALKING IN AN EXOTIC FOREST The name of the painting, is “Woman Walking In An Exotic Forest�. This painting is by Henri Roussean. He was born in 1844 in Northwest France, in the city of Laval. His family lived in a part of a tower which was fortification for a town. He was a primitive artist; self taught.

There is a big forest with huge oranges and blue flowers. In the middle front, there is a small woman in a white dress and light yellow hat.


LA GRENOUILLERE BY CLAUDE OSCAR MONET “La Grenuillere “by Oscar Claude Monet. Monet was born on 14th November, 1840 in France. He was an impressionist painter, and started painting in Paris in 1860. Specially, he practised plain-air, landscape painting. One of his most admired artworks is this one: LA GRENOULLIERE

In this picture you can see a river with clear water and a type of barge in the middle. In the centre there is a group of people who seem to be celebrating something. There are also some small boats and a larger one. Some ladies and two men are on board. All this is surrounded by trees and wildlife. His paintings might be within the Paris salon of arts. This one is now in the museum of the Orangerie, Paris. I think it's very nice, and it has many colours and it´s very striking. Nerea Larrañeta.


The last super is by Leonardo Da Vinci. He was born in Polymath, Italy on April 15th , 1452., Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian and said the carnivorous devour corpses or carcass. Leonardo da Vinci represented the final day in Jesus´s life . In the painting there are a 13 very inportant people. What are they doing? Leonardo da vinci painted it because he had a strong feeling about Jesus.



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