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MAST eNEWSLETTER A Child Survival India Inititative

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Employer Speaks - Costa Coffee

no less than oxygen cylinders, for the MAST is a skill development initiative

Faculty Speaks - Gunjan Harish

survival of mankind. Skills are market- that matches the demand of service

Student Speaks - Pinky Chauhan

able assets, every employer expects sector industry with a supply of entry

CSI’s CEO Interview - Deepa Bajaj

a skilled employee and MAST pro- level workforce. MAST makes critical in-

Job Fairs

gramme ensures instilling skills in the terventions towards improving the skill

are everywhere. They are

What is MAST?

youth of our communities. Bridging sets of disadvantaged youth in Delhi &

What does CSI do?

the gap between education system and NCR by providing them demand driven

CSI strides to incapacitate and

skills development has become a need short courses based on modular em-

empower people because our

of an hour else India will soon face the ployable skills and helps them secure

organization believes that “people

shortage of workforce at all levels.

themselves have the power to

Child Survival India is

bring change, to make a difference

one of the proud implementing part-

& create hope for life”.

ners with AIF in Delhi NCR region for

entry level jobs in service sector.

MAST project. Nearing to 2 years now, CSI strives to improve the quality of

CSI takes this opportunity in sharing

life of residents of the low income

their success in running MAST, not only MAST also enhances employability of

urban and rural communities with

in terms of training but also in secur- youth and connects them to the local

its interventions in the fields of

ing job for the trainees in the global job economy, thus improving their stan-

Maternal and Child health care,

market. CSI conveys hearty thanks to dard of living and creating financial se-



all its stake-holders for being so kind curity. With new skills and heightened

AIDS prevention and care and

and open-minded with us in this proj- confidence MAST graduates gain access

Adolescent/Child education along

ect. We are sure together we can achieve to entry level jobs that bring them into

with youth training programme.

more and fulfill Dr. Kalam’s Vision 2020


the economic and social mainstream.

Vol. 1 Issue 1

EMPLOYER SPEAKS Mr. Raj Mohan (HR Costa Coffee)


In the recent changes in service sector in comparison with global job cut outs what do you feel for India’s persistent demanding job growth?

It has indeed taken a great initiative however

India provides one of the cheapest workforces to

there are loop holes, which would surely be filled

the outsourcing companies with GDI growing at

in by MAST as it has one of the most committed

6.5 even in this latent phase. We don’t think the

workforce with it and it’s great to be a part of such

demand in workforce will go downwards.

a team at CSI.

The faces serving in service sector comes from deprived communities, do you think it’s a big social change participating in a country like India? Yes, of course service industry is on a big boom

Service Sector is the face of any brand name existing. We are committed to empower the loopholes to deliver better services as our mission. Share your ideas and opinions for the better brand performance?

in India considering around more than 60% of

Commitments, Loyalty, honesty are few of the

contribution to the GDP comes from services and

many good values which are to be exercised when

there is a huge demand for workforce in service

we talk about better brand performance. There

Did the training improve something in you for the better future?

sector. MAST is providing an opportunity to the

has to be Quality heads, Quality hearts & Quality

Yes, the training has given me confidence. I see

bottom of the pyramid to move upward in the

hands when we talk of mission fulfillment.

myself socially active now and popular amongst

social hierarchy.

If you scan the market and the competitors, what kind of skills are more in demand to uplift the service sector’s workforce? Looking at the recent trends what is most important in terms of skills of the candidate is Soft skills & of course Communication and Body Language

Do you think MAST is incorporating and laying the solid foundation stone for the sustainability? What do you feel?

Are you totally MAST now with us? Share your past life before becoming MAST? Yes , I have recently completed my schooling and came to know about this course. Since I want to start earning soon to contribute in my family’s well-being, this course has given me that platform and now the opportunity to work and earn.

my family and friends.

Problems are everywhere, which problems have been affecting you before and while studying here? Are you feeling confident enough to kill them for a good tomorrow? I see my shyness leaving me and making me fearless. contd..


EMPLOYEE SPEAKS Gunjan Harish (Training Faculty cum Centre Coordinator)

How would you like to spend the salary? Any dream stuff you would like to buy from shopping?

From sunrise till sunset your devoted participation and commitment to feed and teach the skills for the sustenance and the survival of the weakest do you think you’re still an employee or else?

I would love to spend my first salary

MY tenure with MAST has given me many experiences both

for my family needs.

with the weakest and the needy people of the society. It has given me a new vision; a vision to act as a facilitator, who

We need your very open answers to make the best “MAST-i ki pathshala” or MAST no. 1. Suggest some ideas. More of activity based training sessions would definitely make MAST-Masti-ki-Pathashala.

Contact Us Child Survival India B 121, Basement Kalkaji, New Delhi- 19

Phone: 011 43046996 011 27844740

Mob: 09810647807

would enable the youth to take charge of their lives, and not only to become financially independent but also to act as contributors in raising their own family lives.

to have campaigns, events, activities, welcoming their participation and we work on empowering them at the same time.

You needn’t be an MBA or a Marketing Manager to initiate and comment on the common scenario and environment where we are living in. Please focus on various issues related with this training programme to make a productive plan for the future? Narela as a whole, is a diverse society, and is still conserva-

You’re not a teacher or mere a worker associated with this MAST part, did you ever feel that you are a role model also? Have you ever heard or have an experience to share with all?

tive as far as their age-old cultural practices are concerned.

The students always look upon me, and I feel happy when


Hence involving elders while the enrolment process is on is a must, where as in certain other locations of the same place, we find that the youth is much freer to take their own deci-

I hear this from female students that they want to be bold and independent in their lives, and would like to be called role-models to many as they consider me for themselves.

An honest feedback is required without any hesitance. We care for transparency. Undoubtedly, MAST is a wonderful programme and does ful-

With your passionate devotion to this organization and responsible assistance please suggest some ideas for the better directions?

fill the skill instilling criteria in the youth; The programme is

Gender Equality is still missing in our country, and it is more

needless to say,that depending upon the geographical needs

in this part of Delhi. Families here are still not ready to pro-

of each place, we need to exercise flexibility and make MAST

vide freedom to the females in their families. I feel, we need

more adaptable.

structured in a manner where the youth coming from the difficult backgrounds of the society can take advantage of it,

JOB FAIRS The idea behind organizing an event like Job-Fair is to provide an open platform for the youth in locations where CSI has MAST Centres. It’s not only our MAST graduates who take advantage but many who are in need of jobs walk into the job-fairs and go away with Job-Offers. The employers also get a chance to see and interact with many people who otherwise they cannot, as not only the candidate is allowed to interact with the HR personnel but also their family members and friends also many a

CSI has organized almost 6-8 jobfairs and have been successful in creating a platform for both employer and employee healthy interaction in an outside office environment, where in both employee and the employer showcase healthy bonding between them. Above all, it’s the employer sensitization happening at the same time on it’s own where in they can alter their selection procedures as far as jobs for the youth of such a bracket is concerned.

times accompany them.

CSI has been able to successfully train


& place


youth in less than 2 years

CEO SPEAKS - Ms. Deepa Bajaj As a CEO of Child Survival India and many projects being run for so long; how do you find MAST project and what difference has it made in you & your NGO?

and take up health, education and nutrition as

Bringing up a match

priority. Economic self-reliance and financial literacy

between available jobs

training is making a lot of young girls empowered,

and aspirations and skills

thus bringing in women empowerment in the real

of today’s youth is a big

We have mainly been working on Health,

sense. This empowerment is not happening only

challenge. We need to

Education and Gender issues. We have experience

in the lives of our MAST graduates but also in the

give a reality check to

of conducting vocational training program but

lives of their sisters and mothers too.

many youth who wish to make easy money.

Share important milestones in MAST project so far?

This program on Market Aligned Skills Training

Challenges can never be separated in life. Share your challenges of MAST project from starting phase till now.

(MAST) helped us to make our development

Finding good quality trainers for the MAST

employability skills training and have a lot to learn

package complete as we could give a window

program has been the biggest challenge for us. A

.The following have been our major achievements:

of hope to the community for a dignified way of

MAST trainer has to be a multi-dimensional person

Integrating differently-abled youth in our MAST

improving their family incomes and bringing a real

who has to go into low income communities and

centres. We have trained physically challenged

change in their quality of life. Earlier whenever

mobilise and motivate community youth, counsel

candidates in our MAST centres and collaborated

we went to the community with our bouquet of

their parents, train and prepare candidates for

with some local NGOs to reach out to the hearing

health, education or legal literacy inputs, women

entry level jobs, network with the employers, place

impaired. In last one year we have trained about

always asked for some work/income generation

the MAST graduates, follow them up for retention.

1180 differently abled candidates and placed

activities. Their standard remark used to be, “

It becomes difficult to find trainers who can come

about 108 of them in jobs. This year we plan to

madamji kaam dilwaiye koi�. Thus MAST gave us

to the level of a class Xth /XIIth pass youth and

take up training of visually impaired candidates .

an opportunity to train and place young people,

inculcate life skills in them impress upon them


including women, in entry level jobs and fulfil the

the job readiness skills.

through MAST have increased by more than 50% .

long standing demand of the community.

Majority of trainers do not have the aptitude to


I feel with increased incomes in the family now CSI

go into the communities and mobilise candidates.

candidates have improved.

can achieve greater success in its other programs

We are trying to meet up this challenge by trying


on health and education etc. as eased financial

to have a good mix of people from training and

increase in mobility, participation in family decision

situation gives people time to think beyond survival

corporate job background.

making and delay in age at marriage.

employability skills training was a relatively new field for us, that we took up almost 2 yrs ago with the support of American india Foundation.

I feel that we are still new to the field of

family incomes of candidates placed & confidence levels of MAST

female MAST candidates have reported

CSI Newsletter Issue 01  

CSI Newsletter Issue 01

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