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85% of in-house respondents say economic conditions are increasing pressure to spend less on outside counsel

76% law firms say that they are actively seeking ways to reduce the costs of the legal services they provide

However, only 11.6% of in-house counsel believe law firms are actively seeking ways to reduce the cost of legal services. Source: Inside Counsel's 19th Annual Survey of General Counsel,2008.

GET COST AND SPEED ADVANTAGES Benefit from Aranca’s customized and on-demand IP Research & Analytics services for companies and law firms

ARANCA INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RESEARCH & ANALYTICS PRACTICE To get a free consultation, call us our Europe team on +44 (0) 207 487 8214, or our global team on +1.212.995 5890. You may also write to us at For more information, visit


WHEN COST AND TIME ARE OF ESSENCE... At Aranca, we understand that quality, cost control and speed are crucial for success. It is of prime importance to us that our clients' legal opinions and investment decisions are based upon our results. Our IP services have been designed to provide cost-effective, quick-turnaround, flexible support with a focus on high-quality service delivery. We provide high-quality and on-demand patent research & analytics services for global companies, law firms, IP consulting firms, universities, independent research centers and incubation centers of diverse size and types. We work with IP managers, strategy heads, CTOs, patent attorneys, IP consultants, R&D departments, venture capitalists, IP deal makers and other decision-makers across all major sectors worldwide. Aranca's analysts adapt to the work style and internal processes of the client and provide fully customized IP research & analytics support. With Aranca, you can expect timely and high-quality customized IP research services at highly competitive prices. ARANCA’S IP RESEARCH AND ANALYTICS SERVICES: GET COST AND SPEED ADVANTAGE Intellectual Property (IP) has a significant importance in the current era of globalization and highly competitive markets. Companies must generate, protect, manage and commercialize their intellectual property to sustain themselves and grow. For both IP managers and law firms, this is a tremendous challenge. They are under increasing pressure to cut costs and generate revenue from their IP. IP managers must ensure that their IP generates revenue and is not compromised in any way. Law firms on the other hand, are under constant pressure to reduce costs while providing more value added services. Both are forced to rethink their current IP management strategies, focus on cost savings and at the same time, stay ahead of the competition.



NDA and Confidentiality Agreements Commencement of Research & Analysis

Understanding Call & Scope Finalization

Proposal, Effort & Cost Estimate

Interim Report, Client Feedback

Final Report To Client Satisfaction

At Aranca, we have world class talent with deep industry understanding and experience in IP research and analytics. They include subject matter experts holding graduate and masters engineering degrees, PhDs, patent agents and paralegal staff. In addition to conducting patent research, our analysts also conduct extensive primary research and interviews with industry experts, professors and Our services can help save significant costs of between 40-70%. technology analysts for specific projects such as patent And our scale allows for rapid turnarounds of research projects. valuations and invalidation searches to deliver comprehensive reports with insightful analyses. Aranca's IP research and analytics services aim towards addressing the Our team has extensive domain expertise across the following industries: pain-points of IP managers and law firms. Our strong track record of - Computer Science / Telecom delivering world-class IP research services has earned us the respect of - Mechanical / Electrical / Chemical our clients. By using an onshore/offshore delivery model, we are able to - Pharmaceutical / Bio technology provide IP research results more quickly and more economically than our - Business Methods competition. Our services can help save significant costs of between 4070% and our scale allows for rapid turnarounds of research projects. ROBUST PROCESSES, ASSURED CONFIDENTIALITY HARNESS WORLD-CLASS RESOURCES AND RIGOROUS We take data confidentiality seriously. Our IT infrastructure is modeled on best practices prescribed by the ISO 27000 data security framework. Our METHODOLOGY FOR QUALITY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER technologies and processes enable total confidentiality and security of Our methodology is rigorous and comprehensive. It involves a thorough our work and interaction with our clients at all times. understanding of our client's objectives, a preliminary search to understand the technology domain, followed by a comprehensive search We offer flexible engagement models that are designed to suit client’s using different data sources. Our patent databases cover over 54 million convenience. In addition, our dedicated single-point relationship contact patents and applications and 90 jurisdictions including US, Europe, approach ensures clear understanding of expectations, adherence to Japan and Germany. In addition, we have access to over 50 specialized delivery timelines and priority response through the project life cycle. non-patent databases.





ƒ Technology Landscapes

ƒ Patent Drafting

ƒ Competitive Intelligence/Patent Benchmarking

ƒ Patent Valuation

ƒ State-of-the-art Search

ƒ Patent Filing

ƒ Portfolio Mapping & Analysis

ƒ In-licensing (need identification)

ƒ Patent / Technology Watch

ƒ Foreign Filing Permit

ƒ Invalidity Search

ƒ Out-licensing

ƒ Patentability / Novelty Search

ƒ Patent Proof Reading

ƒ Freedom-to-operate / Product Clearance

ƒ Licensing Partner Analysis

ARANCA IP RESEARCH & ANALYTICS: CASE STUDIES INVALIDITY SEARCH FOR A US PATENT RELATED TO A HINGE IN MICROMIRROR DEVICES Client: A US-based firm active in the domain of micromirror devices. One of the client’s competitor asserted the patent in question for infringement. The client commissioned Aranca to conduct an invalidity search for the patent in question before deciding on the future course of actions – litigation or licensing Research Approach „ Invalidity Search: The invalidity search was structured around four streams: patent literature search, non-patent literature search, product based search and primary research. Searches in all streams were executed in parallel „ Patent Literature Search: The client was interested in only in lapsed and expired patents. Hence, Patent Literature search included various searching techniques used to ensure comprehensiveness – file history analysis, keywords, assignee name, inventor name, IPC classes, citation analysis. A funnel based approach was used where the search and analysis started from a very narrow/small set of patents and kept on expanding if no relevant result was obtained. This provided client with greater control over the course and cost of the project „ Non-Patent Literature Search: Extensive non-patent literature was searched using keywords, author name and citation analysis. „ Product Based Search: A search was also conducted to identify any product advertisement, specifications or datasheet highlighting the features of patent in question „ Primary Research: Interview were conducted with professors to explore and identify the potential companies, inventors or research group who might have published information relevant to the patent in question „ Delivery: Interim deliverables were provided to the client at regular intervals for feedback. Based on the analysis of the results and the client feedback, the search strategy was revised after every interim delivery Aranca Solution A claim chart was provided clearly highlighting the overlap between the claims of patent in question and the potentially relevant prior art identified during the study. Based on the report provided by Aranca, the client was able to prove that the patent in question was not valid and saved on the cost of litigation / licensing.

We have successfully completed several IP research projects including Invalidity search, Novelty search, Patentability Analysis, Clearance/FTO studies among others. To read some more of our success stories, visit: Or, write to us at

TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE FOR GLASS LAMINATES Client: A US based leading chemical company specializing in silicon based technology. The client was interested in understanding the patent landscape in the domain of glass laminates. Research Approach „ The study covered both patent and non-patent literature databases such as Delphion, Sciencedirect,, Citeseer and Scirus „ Complementary search techniques were used to ensure comprehensiveness. The results from the search were screened to obtain relevant literature „ A taxonomy was developed based upon the relevant literature „ The screened results were analyzed thoroughly and categorized under various categories and sub categories to identify trends and insights Aranca Solution Our report helped the client understand the overall landscape including: „ Overall and category-wise filing trends and white spaces with high potential for patenting „ Key companies who might be competitors or potential licensing partners, countries perceived as a good market for the technology and key inventors

CLEARANCE / FTO STUDY FOR A PRODUCT FOR ONLINE PAYMENT Client: The client is a UK based IP consulting firm specializing in electronics, computing and software. The client had a very strict deadline from their own endclient for a FTO / clearance study. Aranca was commissioned to conduct the study and deliver results within the time frame. Research Approach „ A thorough understanding of the scope of the study – product features, jurisdictions, depth and competitors – were developed „ Various searching techniques were used to ensure comprehensiveness coverage of all potentially relevant patents. „ Keyword based search – from narrow to broad set of search strings, IPC classes based search and Assignee name based search for the jurisdictions (US, EP and UK) as specified by the client „ A funnel based approach was used where the search and analysis started from a very narrow/small set of patents obtained by using a combination of very narrow search string and IPC classes. The set of patent was expanded in consultation with the client, if no relevant result was obtained. This provided client with greater control over the course and cost of the project „ The set of patents were screened based on title and abstract to identify patents relevant to the study. The relevant results were studied in detail to prepare a mapping between their claims and features of the product. Only one member per patent family was analyzed „ Legal status of all relevant patents and their family members were checked from USPTO, EPO, WIPO and UK Patent Office websites Aranca Solution Aranca deployed a large team to complete the search, screening and analysis of ~3,000 patents within 4 working days enabling client to meet the end client’s deadline and a comprehensive report was provided which included: „ A mapping between the claims of the relevant patents and the features of the product „ Legal status analysis for all members in the patent family which fell under the specific jurisdictions. The legal status helped the client in quickly determining the status of protection in the specified jurisdiction „ Bibliographic details for all relevant patents „ Project overview – relevant details such as keywords, search strings, IPC classes, inventor names, assignee name,

Founded in 2003, Aranca is a global investment, business and IP research services provider. Further, we have extensive experience in private company valuation having executed over 500 engagements. With our vast and varied experience, extensive research capabilities and industry knowledge, Aranca's IP research and analytics services represent a compelling value proposition for all corporates, startups. R&D institutions, and law firms. We offer high quality, cost-effective, quick-turnaround and on-demand IP research solutions to global clientele. Our clients save over 30-70% of costs and several days of research time with our support. Our work has helped scores of large and small companies globally to realise their growth plans. Aranca has dedicated offices in the US and the UK to service our clients. You can talk to any of our marketing managers or email us on

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Email: c 2009, Aranca. No part of the contents in this brochure may be reproduced or copied without the express written consent of Aranca.

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