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Some of the 50 reasons why you should join

#13 :You will be part of a unique experience and get a behind-thescenes look at journalism. #15: You’re able to work with people who share the same talents and passions as you do. #16: About 1,200 people will see your work across Aragon, and many more onThe Outlook’s website. #38: You’ll discover new talents you’ve never even known you had before. #41: You can work your way up to become an Editor forThe Outlook. #47: You’ll have friends and classmates point out your work and say, “Congratulations on getting into the paper!”

#50: You get to help create the 50th anniversary of The Aragon Outlook and make history. Apply now by filling an application, located in front of Room 136, and submit it to an editor or Mr. Silton before August 27, 2010.

Staff Recruitment Promo, Fall 2010  

Join the Aragon Outlook staff for the 2010-2011 edition! Help make history for the 50th anniversary of The Aragon Outlook.

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