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Dance classes have officially terminated! Mr. Black becomes the new principal! Update your status

On September 11, 2001, 19 Al-Qaeda members flew hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In response, the United States launched its War on Terror and promptly invaded Afghanistan to remove the Taliban. Many Aragon students knew people who died in the attacks or personal witnesses to the event.Aragon held an informal memorial for the victims of the attacks. Aragon teacher Sandra Skale says, “We had a special gathering around then…the choir… sang a couple of songs and we wore little ribbons on our hands. It was kind of like a little memorial for the people that were there and lost their lives.”

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1 Comm A new AP class, AP English Language and composition, has been established for juniors!

In 2000, Measure D, a bond measure, granted SMUHSD $150 million. That finally allowed Aragon to refurbish existing classrooms and construct new facilities. The project supplied every room at Aragon with a heater and air-conditioner and combined old classrooms, to form new ones twice as large as the old.

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The new north hall, which is comprised of the math and language classrooms, maximized space in classrooms. Construction enlarged the library, built new bathrooms, and connected classrooms with hallways. The new science building reshaped Aragon’s main entrance and fulfilled Aragon’s safety standards. Relieving overcrowded classrooms, the new science building features fire-proof walls and lab tables in each classroom. 2001 marked the end of Speech class, Speech class allowed Aragon students to prepare and present different speeches, such as informational speeches or demonstrational speeches. Speech class helped Aragon students prepare public speaking skills to use later in their careers and lives.

Tech theatre has been introduced to Aragon students as a brand-new class!

Biotech is introduced as a class at Aragon! Now students can micropipette daily! Aragon welcomes Digital Photography into its class lineup, providing students with the means to further their photo-taking skills.

Hey Dons, hope you’re not drinking and deriving because Calc BC is IN DA HOUSE!

AP Japanese is added, giving the students the opportunity top receive college credit for their Japanese studies.

Today, Aragon High School star the football field to begin mul lar renovations. I just rememb backpack on the bleachers. FM

Today, I found out that Aragon Integrated Math class. I was re finally understand, but now th A’s and B’s on my tests, my mo me tutor my stupid kid brothe

about 2 hours ago via web

Yesterday, I saw someone ruining the planet. Today, I stopped them. Tomorrow, I’m signing up for APES!

Applicative conceptual physics is scratched, paving the way for the current “Physics 1-2” class.

about 9 hours ago via web

Feeling bad about yourself? Log on to Ebehavior and check your praises today! about 21 hours ago via web

Today Aragon launched its new BFL policy! Remember, no streaking in the hallways! Respect! about 21 hours ago via web

Get in the loop! Schoolloop, that is! about 1 day ago via web

What’s that you hear? Silence? South Hall construction must be finished! about 2 days ago via web

Aries launches a new student ID login program, replacing the old Sasi program.

Spanish for native speakers opens as a class, allowing those who have experience with the language to expand on their knowledge.

Today, I had my first Integrated Everything was perfect: I was friends next to a window. Luck first lab involved a Bunsen bur will be the one person on pictu eyebrows? FML

School started...FML. But, on Aragon is happy to welcome M new principal!

Aragon began its AP Music Theory program in 2005 for students with strong abilities in music. Students in AP Music Theory learn subjects such as advances sight reading, musical phrasing and composition, and chord structure.

he Columbia space shuttle was scheduled to reKennedy Space Center after a 16 day marathon onal scientific research mission. Upon reenEarth’s atmosphere, Columbia disintegrated amage in the left wing, killing the seven crew s aboard. Memorials for the crew are being und the country.

I remember thinking to myself, “Oh no, not again,” because of the disaster that occurred with the Challenger.

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Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the silence on campus recently. But don’t worry, groundbreaking for the South Hall starts soon! Just remember, construction noises are a mild annoyance when compared to the snazzy new classrooms we’ll soon have! Peace out, A-Town!

78 people like this Right on! The new hall is going to be dope! But these portables are cramping my style.

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wo groups, one called the Sudan Liberation nt/ Army and the other called Justice and Movement, accused the Sudanese government de against black Africans in favor of Arabs. The osing the SLM/A, JEM, and other rebel groups njaweed, a Sudanese militia group, and the e military and police force. There have been placements, rapid spread of disease, starvation, mated hundreds of thousands of deaths.

I think that America isn’t really doing enough. I mean if there’s a genocide going on, there’s a moral obligation to go in and save victims and get the government out of there. I don’t think America has been doing that…I don’t think the world community is doing enough.

Dude, auto mechanics ended today. Didn’t that hot girl in your Chemistry class need help with her Mustang or something? Since you have mad skills with cars (thanks to auto mechanics), you should help her out ;)

Aragon began offering Mandarin in 2005, recognizing a growing world language. Students in Mandarin explore the Mandarin language and the traditional Chinese culture that surrounds it by watching videos and reading texts. In 2005, Aragon began Academic CORE, a defining aspect of Aragon curriculum. Academic CORE stipulated that all students need to take a Word Language before the end of their sophomore year, must start with Algebra, and must take three and a half years of history. Before Academic CORE, students followed the policy of selectives, taking one year of Vocational Ed, a world language or a fine art.

Aragon implemented its AP Statistics program in 2005, adding another AP math program to its offered curriculum. AP Statistics expects its students to use graphical and numerical techniques to analyze data. Common distributions of data include univariate, bivariate, and categorical data.

13 people like this We’ve just wrapped up construction on the new North Hall and science building, so your ears can rest from any jackhammer sounds. Enjoy the comforts of the brand-spanking new North Hall when you’re conjugating verbs or determining some limits!

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2005 marked the end of many staple Aragon classes. Architectural Drawing, Electronics, Driver’s Ed, Computer application, and Individual living all did not return to Aragon curriculum. These classes taught Aragon students about everything from self-sufficiency to designing buildings.


Aragon pilots to a seventh-period day!

just passed a measure changing Honors into Advanced Standing (AS) classes for freshmen and sophomores!

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Teacher Behrooz Shahrvini starts a multivariable class in order to provide those who have finished Calculus BC more chances to explore the course.

Hey! In order to raise funds for Haiti, Andrea and I organized 3 days of music and improv in the theater at lunch. We raised $420 which was donated to the Red Cross’ Haiti relief fund. Hey Nick! The 7.0 magnitude quake affected roughly 3 million people living in Haiti, so it’s fantastic that you and your friends were able to organize such a successful benefit.

Hey, did you hear about Michael Jackson’s unexpected death? I’ve always been a fan, but [his death] brought me back to his significance in pop culture. Hey Mr. Smith. Yes, we heard about Michael Jackson’s tragic death at the age of 50. We will surely miss the King of Pop.

Bonjour Aragon! Parlez-vous français ? Can you understand that? Probably not, because as of this year French is no longer offered as a language at Aragon. Comment bien triste ! Yes, unfortunately, French classes are no longer offered!

Hey Aragon, are you super pumped about the new football field and track being completed this year ? I know I am! Astroturf here I come! Yes, our track and football field are so close to completion! Hey Aragon! I had a special opportunity to attend [Obama’s] Inauguration after attending a leadership conference. Throughout the ceremony, the crowd was cheering, “O-BA-MA” which was so inspirational! Hey Erin! That’s so amazing that you were lucky enough to witness this!

The 50th Leadership commission takes a more active role by planning morning events for the student body and returning the five dance schedule to Aragon.

A major rework of the school’s BFL policies was released this year. Highlight: a new tardy-penalty system.

AP Chinese Language and Culture sees the light of day for the first time under the guidance of teacher Qi Fan.

Following the loss of a large amount of water from a leak in the pool, plans have been made to construct a new pool for the school.

SES for underclassmen takes root in order to help them succeed.

Aragon acquires its brand-new administration offices, fully equipped to handle the needs of its students.

The Trans-9 English Language Development program is terminated.

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December 2010 Center Spread  
December 2010 Center Spread  

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