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a seasonal magazine for children and their families.

Spring Sample Issue 2013

Photo Heather Oldenburg

Snapdragon Spring 2013 what’s inside...

Snapdragon Asks Kids

Springtime Spy

A Collection: Teapots

Wind Wands

We ask real kids, “How do you think birds build a nest?” Their answers are so creative! Check out the real life teapot collection of Soozi Neubauer.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff- Plus Story Stones!

Read this charming retold fairy tale, and then cut out the sweet images to make a special craft for retelling the story.

See if you can spy any of thesesprintime signs on your next walk.

A fun and beautiful springtime project. And it’s so easy for any age!

Dear Reader, In compiling this issue we thought about the things that remind us of spring. We thought about sunshine, wind, plants, green grass, birds, flowers, playing, mud and puddles. What makes you think of spring? What is your favorite thing to do in the spring? We hope your days are full of sunshine and magic!

Snapdragon Magazine

Photo by Craig Williams

It is


In the spring the weather starts to get warmer, the air smells good, and the snow all melts. The grass and plants start to grow. Birds migrate back, and animals come out of hibernation. Spring time is a wonderful time of year to go for walks. Go outside and see if you can spy any of these springtime things!

a robin moss

green grass a worm


budding plants or branches

Photos Photo Ara Schmidt ArabySchmidt

“A robin totem will stimulate new growth in all areas of your life.� Kari Maxwell

Robin image-Kari Maxwell John Muir Quote

Turtle Lisa Rydin Erickson

Tell me a story... Where does this turtle live? What is his name? How does he move? Does he have a family? Does he have friends? Where does he work? What will he do today? Tell me more about this turtle...

Spring time to plant

and grow

First, you need a container. You could use a flower pot, empty can, or recycled container.

It is good to poke holes in your container so that water can drain. If your container doesn’t have holes, you can pound some with a hammer.

Next, you need some dirt. Potting soil is best, but if you can’t find any, why not try digging some dirt from your yard? Scoop the dirt and fill up your container. The dirt is like a cozy, soft bed for your seed.

Now, it is time to plant a seed! Poke your finger to make a little hole for your seed to rest in. Drop in the seed, and cover it with dirt. You could plant grass seed or beans or clover. You could try growing tomatoes or peppers or strawberries. What other seeds would you like to plant?

Put your plant in a sunny spot. The sun makes seeds warm and happy and helps them grow. Water your seed when the soil is dry. Use a watering can or a spray bottle. Be gentle and kind to your plant. Soon it will grow green and tall.

Maybe you will transfer your plant to your garden when the ground is warm enough. Or maybe you will keep it in a pot inside. It is up to you. It is very special work helping seeds grow into plants!

The Little Plant In the heart of a seed, Buried deep so deep, A tiny plant Lay fast asleep. “Wake,” said the sunshine, “And creep to the light.” “Wake,” said the voice Of the raindrops bright. The little plant heard And it rose to see, What the wonderful, Outside world might be.


Kindertage 1958

Snapdragon Asks Kids:

“How do you think birds build a nest?”


use sticks, moss, leaves and birdseed. And worms.” Wren, 4

“They use orange juice. They put leaves on the orange juice. And then. Then they use fire trucks and leaves.” Kaj, 2.5 “It gets sticks. And then it cuddles like this inside.” (cups hands) Isla, 3.5 “I KNOW. They wrap grass around a branch on a tree. That’s what they do.” Otto, 4 “They swirl things around. I THINK they collect wood, and they swirl it around in a circle. I don’t know how they do that!” Sam, 4.5 “It puts them on the bottom and then puts it way up like a house... and then it gets higher and higher until the bird thinks its enough...” Izzy, 5 “With hay.” Sammy, 3 “With straw and twigs. The birds come down from a tree, find leaves and sticks and fly back up to make a cozy nest.” Olive, 6 “They find things that keep them warm like plants or sticks or lots of other things. And then they hatch.” Griffin, 3 “With sticks, leaves, and mud? With their beak? In a tree?” Gretta, 4

Nest Artwork Marnie Parrish-Siggelkow

make a wind wand

1. Find a round wand. You could make on with pipecleaners, vines, or a recycled lid. It can be big or small. And if you can’t find something round, try just using a stick. What else can you think of? 2. Cut streamers. You could use ribbon, crepe paper, old fabric or sheets. What else can you think of? 3. Maybe you want to color or paint the streamers, or decorate any way you choose. 4. Tie them to your wand. Tie as many or as few as you would like. Add some feathers, flowers, or bells if you have them. 5. When you run outside, the ribbon streamers will fly behind you. If the wind blows, hold your wand high in the air. The wind will make your streamers fly. Don’t forget to shout, “HAPPY SPRING!” to your friends and neighbors.

Photo by Craig Williams

Let’s sing about love and people being happy. -The Beatles


May Day Baskets

Cut a piece of heavy weight paper, we used watercolor paper, into a trapezoid shape.

Decorate the paper. You could use markers, crayons, paints, or anything else you would like. Try to make it bright and spring-y! We used beeswax crayons and “Lyra Aquacolors� with water to decorate our paper.

Now roll the paper into a cone shape. Use a stapler to secure the bottom and top of the cone. Fill the cone with crumpled tissue paper, easter grass, or shredded newspaper. An easy way to make pretty grass is to color on newpaper and cut it into shreds.

Then, take some ribbon or yarn and staple or tape it to either side of the cone to create a handle. Nestle flowers, cheerful notes, cookies, or other little treats on top of the grass. Hang your May Day Basket on someone’s doorknob. Ring the doorbell and run away! Your May Day surprise will be waiting for whoever answers the door. Happy May Day!

I love to go for hikes with my dad. Our favorite time of year is spring. Everything is growing and green. The warm sun feels so good. It is really muddy, but we don’t care. Sometimes my dad lets me jump in puddles! Sometimes he jumps in puddles, too. We look for treasures in the forest. We collect acorns, pinecones, bits of moss, and pretty sticks. My dad finds a piece of bark that looks like a troll. I find a rock that sparkles in the sun. When we get tired, we hike back home. I love hiking in the woods with my dad!

A Collection:


This collection of teapots is owned by Soozi Neubauer in Inver Grove Heights, MN.

How many teapots do you have? 19. Which teapot is your favorite? The frog one is the cutest, but my favorite is the plain blue one. Why did you start collecting teapots? The teal and gold pot started it. The one that looks like a genie lamp.

What do you put in your teapots? Well, tea of course! And sometimes juice, milk, cream, or water.

Do you have a collection you’d like us to feature? Email us at subject: collection.

make your own bubble solution for giant bubbles!

Recipe --1/2 cup dishsoap --about 4 cups water --2 to 4 tablespoons of glycerin

Ideas for wands: --shape wands out of pipecleaners --use twine, yarn, rope or nylon cords tied in different sized loops --plastic rings from 6 pack of soda --blow bubbles on a flat surface with drinking straws

Tips --Stir solution gently and let rest for 15min --Be patient --Go slow --Practice, and try try again --Play with ratios of soap and glycerin

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

A Fairy Tale retold by Ara Schmidt

Once Upon a Time,

there was a family of billy goats, and their name was Gruff. Each day the family of goats would leave their home to eat grass in the meadow. There were 3 brother billy goats, and they were mischief makers. Daily they wandered away from their mother, father and sisters, and went looking for adventure.

One day they were determined to cross a bridge that went over the river. They wanted to graze in another meadow. They were certain that the grass on the other side of the river was much fresher and greener ChsngADrmPhotography and yummier.

The only problem was the troll that lived under the bridge. He was a big, fat troll. The billy goats were certain he would try to catch them and eat them up. They whispered together and came up with a plan. Goats Jean Larson

First, they had to sneak away from their family. That part was easy. Then, the smallest brother goat had to cross the bridge. He was very scared of the troll, but he tried to be brave. Triptrap. Triptrap. Trippity-trap. The little brother billy goat crossed the bridge. The troll heard the goat and thought about delicious goat stew. “Who’s that tripping over my bridge?” shouted the troll. “It’s just me, the smallest billy goat Gruff” said the little goat. Felted Goat by Olga

“I am coming up on the bridge to eat you up!” yelled the troll, and he started to climb up the rocks to the bridge. “No, no, no! Don’t eat me!” shouted the littlest brother goat. “Wait for my brother. He is bigger and more delicious than I” The troll thought about it, and then agreed. “Very well, I won’t eat you this time.” said the troll.


Next it was the middle brother goats turn to cross the bridge. He was nervous, but he could see that his baby brother made it across the bridge, and that made him feel brave. Triptrap. Triptrap. Trippity-trap. He went over the bridge. The troll heard the goat, and thought about making a scrumptious goat sandwich. “Who’s that trapping over my bridge?” yelled the troll. “It’s just me, the middle billy goat Gruff” said the middle brother goat. “I am coming up on the bridge to eat you up!” cried the troll. “Oh no. Please don’t eat me,” said the middle brother Gruff. “Wait for my bigger brother to cross the bridge. He is much bigger than I” The troll thought, and he thought, and he thought some more. “Very well then, I will wait.” said the troll. And he waited for the biggest goat to come across the bridge. Now the biggest billy goat Gruff started across the bridge. TRIPTRAP. TRIPTRAP. TRIPPITY-TRAP. The troll heard him coming, and thought about decadent goat pudding. “Who’s that tripping over my bridge?” yelled the troll. “It’s just me, the biggest billy goat Gruff” said the big brother goat.

“Well, it is about time!” roared the troll “I am coming up there to eat you up!” “Come on up!” bleated the brother “I’m not scared of you!” The troll had no sooner clambered onto the bridge, than the billy goat came flying at him and butted him with his horns. Splish-splash right into the river! The three goats bucked, bleated, grazed and played in the grass, in the warm sunshine, all afternoon. And when it grew dark they trip-trapped right back over that bridge, back home to their goat family and cozy goat beds.

The End

Billy Goat Gruff Story Stones

Cut out the characters from the story. Glue them onto smooth rocks, blocks, or pieces of wood. If you want, you could smooth modpodge over the top to seal the pictures. Now you can use your story stones and other props to tell the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff!



A pole painted and decorated with flowers and streamers, around which people traditionally dance on May Day.

Jude is a Real Kid.

Jude lives in St.Paul, Minnesota. In MN, spring sometimes takes months to arrive. Even though it is April, there is still snow on the ground!

Jude goes to the park with his brothers. They swing on the tire swing together and the warm sun feels good.

Jude loves to climb and run!

While Jude and his family are walking home, he finds some mud puddles. Jude jumps, splashes and stomps in the mud.

It is so much fun, but Jude gets very dirty. His mom thinks a bath at home would be a good idea.

A bath is fine with Jude. He likes taking a bath, and playing with his green fish. He wonders what they are saying to each other.

Then it is time for dinner. Jude makes shadow puppets on the wall.

Before bed, Jude gets to play with toys for a little bit. He likes to play with trains the best. He has had a good day, and soon he will go to sleep. Goodnight, Jude!

Photos by Cory and Tamrah Ryan

Games When We Were Kids ...get outside and play!

by Mark Neubauer

Starlight, Moonlight

Starlight, Moonlight is a game to be played with a minimum of 5 or 6 participants. The more players the better, and it probably is the most fun when there are upwards of 8 or 9 playing. The game is played at night. Before beginning, one player is selected as “The Ghost.” This is like being “it” in tag. The Ghost goes and hides along a pre-determined route that the other players must follow when the game starts. Usually the route or path is from the back steps of a house, around the entire house, and back to home. The route doesn’t have to be around a house, but that seems to work the best. The Ghost goes off to hide and the other players sit on the steps and chant in sing-song voice the following:

“Starlight, Moonlight, hope to see the ghost tonight… one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four o’clock, five o’clock,six o’clock, seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock, ten o’clock, eleven o’clock…Midnight!! Ready or not, here we come!” The players now have to navigate the route and return safely to home base. The ghost is out there waiting for them! As the players move through the dark, the ghost waits for the opportune time to leap out and try and tag a player. Once the ghost is out, the players must run the entire route and get back to home. If a player is tagged by the ghost, that player then becomes the ghost for the next round and the game is repeated.


A seasonal magazine for children and their families.

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