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Watch the Two Competing Teams in Running Man Eng Sub The long and seemingly unending TV series running man eng sub has become an interesting entertainment option. People wait for it and get deeply involved in watching it. The story goes on like chain circles one event creates the other and the other event put forth another two events. Though it is a Korean variety show but the English version is also available for the big English speaking population of the world who has developed deep interest in this show. It started for the first time in July 2010 and is successfully continuing today and looks that it will go for further a hundred or more episodes while still being popular and awaited. How the Exciting Story Started A group of people who were guests got locked in a landmark and unfortunately it was closing time. They wanted to leave the place before opening hours. They decided to get divided into two groups and competed against each other to see who can find the codes that were required to open the locked doors. To create the thrill in running man eng sub for the audience sitting in front of the TV screen, the show took a new turn. After a team found one of the five codes for unlocking the doors was given a head start while the losing team was given a punishment. They kept searching for numbers in the same way until all the codes were found and the winning team which had found the most codes was allowed to leave the landmark while the losing team was left inside to complete the punishment given to it. This is how the first episode of the famous running man eng sub started. The Thrill of Searching Continued in the Following Episodes. The second to fifth episode was again a frantic competing search which, this time, was targeted to find golden pigs that were filled with money but were hidden somewhere within the landmark. Again with the same method the teams were made and the winning team that found the money was allowed to leave the landmark and the losing team was awarded a punishment. The best

thing about this show is that the viewers were allowed to share the events by telling who the winning team would be. The thrill of watching and sharing their opinion kept the viewers hooked to the TV screen and they eagerly waited for the next episode of running man eng sub. The variety show is still being telecasted and you can watch it online or on TV set. The excitement of running man eng sub has not diminished or become less though long time has passed while it is being regularly released for the viewers. To create the thrill in running man eng sub for the audience sitting in front of the TV screen, the show took a new turn. For more information click on the link running man eng sub.

Watch the two competing teams in running man eng sub  
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