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Is it right to lower the drinking age? It is reported that whole US have set the age limit of 21 years to drink alcohol. In other countries the age limit is 18 years to drink. Hence most of people in US have opinion that lowering the drinking age to 18 years is important. People said that after the age of 18 years you have right to vote, to smoke and to get driving license. You can also participate in other major activities after the 18 years of age. There are several reasons for lowering the drinking age and most important reasons are following •

A person becomes mature enough after 18 years of age to make the right decisions. He can make good decisions for his life.

After 18 years of age a person can also handle the situations like job, contract, injury and marriage. It is not wise to stop a mature person from drinking of alcohol.

Lifting this prohibition of 21 years will help to diminish the activity of unsafe drinking. Most of youngsters under the ages of 18 to 20 years find the unsupervised locations like home to enjoy the drinking. This situation can lead to unsafe habits and severe medical problems.

Lowering this age limit will help to decrease the rate of accidents because people will enjoy the taste of alcohol much earlier in their life. Only fewer cases of accidents due to alcohol consumption are reported. It is reported that only limited number of accident cases are registered in countries with 18 years age limit. Hence it is very easy to control the number of accidents by lowering the drinking age.

Most of people try to get fake ID with higher age to drink the alcohol legally. It is decreasing the respect of overall state laws. It is reported that thousands of youngsters in US have got fake ID cards and details. It is increasing corruption in US. Lowering the drinking age can help to solve this issue.


Lowering the age of drinking will also help to build country economy because drinkers will contribute to revenue of country. Now most of people under 18 years of age prefer to purchase alcohol illegally.


In most of countries the age limit is 18 years for drinking. Hence it is good to set the same age limit in US.

These are most important reasons to lower the drinking age. Most of people in US want to lower this age limit as soon as possible. The use of alcohol is most common in US and other countries in west. Hence it is not possible to stop the people from drinking habit. The US government should lower drinking age to allow people to use alcohol legally. Alcohol consumption at an early stage would lead to suicides, violence, depression, addiction and risky behaviors. For more information click on the link lowering the drinking age.

Is it right to lower the drinking age  
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