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How to use Clamp meter – basic Guide Now the use of clamp meter has become very common to measure the voltage and current. Most of workers in power and energy sector use this meter device to measure the voltage flow in machines and wires. You can also use it to measure resistance, frequency and voltage through home appliances. This meter device is very simple and convenient to use. You just need to insert the meter to the circuit to measure the value of current. There is no need to cut the wires and open the connections. Similarly there is no need to open the home appliances to measure the voltage flow. You can use this meter device to measure both AC and DC voltages and currents. The clamp meter is very safe and accurate to use. It will give you accurate reading only in few seconds. There is no need to wait for several minutes. In order to measure accurate reading, you should follow some steps. First of all turn your meter on and set it to get the value of current. If you want to measure the voltage in circuit, you just need to enter the device in circuit. If you want to use this meter to measure the voltage in home appliances, you should not pinch a wire inside the clamp. The meter will show the zero current in beginning. Some time it is important to cut the wire to measure voltage value. In such conditions, you should take extra care because it can damage you. The LCD screen of clamp meter will show you several readings like voltage, frequency and resistance. You should know how to read and understand the reading. It is very important and critical for you. Some devices give only two readings but others give more readings. It depends upon the type of clamp meter device. You can also use the clamp meter device to measure other parameters like power, capacity and flow of current. For more information click on the link clamp meter.

How to use clamp meter – basic guide