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How R4 3DS Usage Tips Help While one could always act smart and wise by buying the r4 card 3ds to use with the new Nintendo DS, deciding to buy the card is not good enough on its own. Of course, it is still important to realize the value of adding the r4 3ds to the system as it enhances the overall experience by and large. However, even after it is purchased there are certain guidelines that are to be followed even before you have started using the card for gaming or for enabling video and audio features that could be added to the console by the usage of the card. The tips to start with While there are many tips that could be shared with you, a quick look at the very first few to start would be a good idea. Following are the few first stepenabling tips shared for your benefit: •

Whenever you have installed the card, you must ensure that you are downloading the needs software meant for the r4i 3ds especially the firmware. It is not a difficult job as it is possible to find it on the officially designated website and you simply need to follow the guidelines mentioned in order to download the right software.

The downloaded files are usually in a compressed version. There are guidelines about how to expand them using particular software. Please follow the due process in order to avoid any issues whatsoever.

Once this process is completed, you could now proceed to complete downloading innumerable games that are free for you. They could all be downloaded and stored now and played with.

Of course, while you do all this, do not forget the fact that for the proper functioning and usage of r4 3ds card you need to use a proper memory card which needs to be put in to its due place; else the r4 3ds would not function properly as it always needs an SD card.

There is a huge difference in what you would experience if the r4 card 3ds is not present. For more information click on the link r4 card for 3ds.

How r4 3ds usage tips help  
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