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How Carl Freer Regained his Stronghold on the Rein of Success Carl Freer Businessman was born in Stockholm, Sweden. From an early age, he showed great interest in the world of technology. He grew up with passion to do something extraordinary and his vision soon led him to launch a number of technological projects. He has founded many technology companies and earned global fame for his business ventures. Carl Freer Gizmondo is his masterpiece among the other accomplishments he has. The hand-held console game was a unique piece of technology and could have been a mega success had the circumstances been helpful to him. The game Gizmondo was a proud creation of Carl Freer Telematics. It was designed with features that were not found in the hand-held games of the other top-notch companies. A 1.3-mega pixel camera, GPRS, MM SMS, GPS and other high tech features were added with Gizmondo. Though it is very unfortunate for the aficionados of the high tech console games to get deprived of such a highly featured game but for Freer it was quite an experience! He benefited from the invention of Gizmondo and commenced work in other projects of technology of immense value. Carl Freer does not only possess the ability to develop the products technologically, but also supervises all aspects of brand amalgamation and product endorsement. This is the reason that he is best known in the high-tech world of today. He has been enjoying a chain of top class accomplishments. The past fifteen years have witnessed him receiving countless distinctions. Upon not being satisfied with the current achievements, Carl Freer started working passionately on another project, which is going to be a remarkable achievement. He is developing a mobile video application called BlowfishWorks that can deliver chosen advertisements. CARL FREER BUSINESSMAN has planned another project, which solely deals with actors, filmmakers, financiers and the film enthusiasts. This is called FilmFunds. It is a social platform where the Hollywood film producers can assemble with their actual audience. That is because of the most precise state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment directing their productions towards more improved built up. With the passage of time, this website is going to be the centre of attention and important for Hollywood crowd. Some lawsuits were filed against him, but most of them got dismissed for the obvious reason of being invalid. Some of these were the result of misunderstanding and did not have any value from the point of view of the law. Despite his busy schedule, Carl Freer always finds some time to play tennis and go skiing. These good sports have kept him in perfect mental condition and physical shape. He is gifted with a sensitive heart. He sincerely joins charity work and support programs for the help of ailing humanity. With his belief in being a good person, he does not ignore the importance of being good to others who are less fortunate. Jeremy Geffen is a man of many talents and is also a kind man at heart. For more information click on the link CARL FREER.

How carl freer regained his stronghold on the rein of success  
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