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Herbal Remedies for Rodents Homemade solutions are considered to be more effective as compared to that of the synthetic solutions. There are many ways to keep away the squirrels from your garden or orchard. You can rely on the squirrel repellent to keep these rodents away from your garden. The best way is to rely on the homemade squirrel repellent because these can be prepared at home. There are certain seeds, leaves and other plant parts such as peels and fruits that contain obnoxious and pungent odor. This odor tends to repel the rodents and act as natural squirrel repellent. There are many advantages of using the squirrel repellent because it is 100% natural. It is bio degradable and that is why it has least toxicity to the external environment. The homemade squirrel repellent is considered as best solutions because a toxic substance can be accidently used by someone in your home. These natural solutions are nontoxic and in case of accidental ingestion, these are less harmful for humans. The lethal toxicity is also negligible and it only tends to keep away the bad rodents. This post will give you some of the tips related to the natural squirrel repellent. The first tip is that you should make these repellents in low quantity. The reason is that these are not able to maintain their odor for longer period of time. The higher quantity should not be applied because in this manner, the squirrels will develop a certain level of resistance. The squirrel repellent should be used during the night time because it is the period of rest for these rodents. In the day time you should not prefer to use these repellents because the sun rays may deactivate them rapidly and the rodents may also develop bait shyness. The homemade squirrel repellent will have a pungent smell and these will keep the squirrels away from the main area. You should prefer herbal or natural squirrel repellent mainly because of the fact that these are bio-degradable. The squirrel repellent solution can be sprayed on different areas. Another important tip is to locate the colony or burrow. This will ease the application and will also tend to improve your application efficiency. Another fact about these repellents is that these must be used in correct formulations. You can apply the powdered or liquid forms while at some places you may also use the semi-solid forms.

Application rate should be low because in this manner the chances of resistance development will be lower. The homemade squirrel repellent is the best option for your rodent issue. Hence it can be concluded that the natural squirrel repellent is the best and natural solution for the rodent issue inside your house or garden. This will increase the productivity of your orchard and lesser damage to your produce. The homemade squirrel repellent is now getting more popularity mainly due to their non-toxic effects. For more information click on the link homemade squirrel repellent.

Herbal remedies for rodents  
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