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Find about New Achievements of Carl Freer He is Swedish. The genius, Carl Freer, has used his knowledge and experience to flourish in the field of technology. He is the father of various tech-related companies working throughout the world. He is now on his way to earn a good reputation in the online world of business by launching a networking website for financiers, filmmakers, actors and film enthusiasts. A result of joint venture, the website FilmFunds is much in the news these days. Prior to this, the energetic entrepreneur has worked on numerous projects in collaboration of other fellow businesspersons and managed to earn a big name in the industry. What is keeping Carl Freer busy these days? Business is his priority and main concern. With a brain that thinks out of the box and a strong urge to do something different, Carl Freer Businessman has introduced some surprising inventions to the field of technology. He is working on developing smart technology that can successfully maintain the link of a mobile to the manufacturer’s website when the user of the mobile says the name of a particular product aloud or takes a picture of the company’s logo on the product with his mobile cam. He is intending to bring a revolution in the style of navigation. The new method shall save a lot of time of the person searching for the information. It would come handy for the user at numerous occasions when small pieces of info will complete a whole effort. What Gave Him Extra Experience Everyone knows about Carl Freer Telematics. It was a Swedish Electronic Company, which developed a hand-held console game named Gizmondo. The game was created with the best latest technology and is about to beat the existing well-known names in the world of handheld console games. It was designed with unique features, which its competitors do not have, such as Bluetooth, GPRS, MMS, SMS and 1.3-mega pixel camera. The top most famous companies that make hand-held games had not introduced such features to their products. Though the game, Carl Freer Gizmondo, did not keep up its momentum, the founder Carl Freer earned a wealth of experience, which cannot be measured by any means. What he learned from the creation of high tech hand-held console games has become a solid base for his current endeavors and future achievements. At websites and magazines, a bold headline mentioning CARL FREER BUSINESSMAN may attract the online users. The news item or report may be about some lawsuits or any other accusation against Freer but the solid truth is that the majority of those lawsuits were dismissed. With the transparent system of justice and court procedures, most of these prosecutions could not convict CARL FREER. The time went on, and the sum of his achievements has kept on rising higher and higher until today, when you can see that a promising future in the world of technology awaits him. Jeremy Geffen is a man of many talents and is also a kind man at heart. For more information

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Find about new achievements of carl freer