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Enhance Your Knowledge About How To Have A Boy Today, both a baby girl as well as a baby boy is treated equal. But there were times when boys were dearer to the family and hence the couples were forced to have a boy. Since that time, several methods were followed so that the mother gets pregnant with a boy. These tips and methods on how to conceive a boy are still followed in several parts of the world. If you are also willing to be the proud parents of a baby boy, here are some effective tips that can help you in the process. •

For conceiving a boy, the active male sperms are required in great numbers that can easily swim to the egg and fertilize it. This is mainly inhibited due to the tight underpants that overheat the genitalia. For sperms to remain active, the males should prefer to wear boxers so that their genital region remains cool.


The Y chromosomes get weaken after 24 hours of ejaculation. Hence, it is necessary that the intercourse should be done at the right time so that the sperms can reach the egg within time and fertilize it. If you are looking for a guide on how to have a boy, this point is really important. Females should keep a track of their ovulation time using charting tips or an ovulation kit that is available in the market for knowing the ovulation date.


Charting temperatures can help you in determining the time of ovulation and for having a boy, the perfect time to have sex is 12 hours previous to ovulation. Shettles Method says that you will notice a rise in your body temperature the ovulation is about to occur.

So, these are some effective tips on how to conceive a boy. You can follow these tips to make your dream come true. Several studies reveal that having more calories on daily basis promote the conception of a male child. For more information click on the link how to conceive a girl review.

Enhance your knowledge about how to have a boy  
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