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CURING BALDNESS WITH STEM CELLS- NEW HOPE A new stem cell treatment could be sprouting hair in bald people. Japanese researchers led by Professor Takashi Tsuji of the Tokyo University of Science have been using stem cells from hair follicles to enhance hair growth - but so far only in mice. Stem cells alopecia treatment- Is it possible The scientists tested the possibilities for regeneration of hair growth in hairless mice in their study. They found that certain adult stem cells to form new hair follicles could be used to make the bald mice regrow a coat. As the researchers reported that their current study enables, not only for the regeneration of the hair, but also for the recognition of a new biotechnological organ replacement with an adult somatic stem cell, implanted hair follicle ensures new hair growth. History of baldness stem cells therapies Since decades, scientists worldwide have been researching for resources to treat hair loss and prevent baldness; many laboratory trials were aimed to create beams to make new hair grow. Recently in Japan, Professor Takashi Tsuji and colleagues have apparently made a breakthrough. They succeeded to enhance the bare skin of mice to sprout new hair - with the help of adult stem cells. Scientists said that more time and effort are needed to have the same results from cells extracted from blood of umbilical cord. The hair follicles showed the full functionality including the ability of repeated hair cycles. Can stem cell technology combat hair loss? Before the first clinical studies can be performed in humans, according to the researchers, however, further research is still necessary; after all, there is hope that bald people in the future, with the help of stem cell treatment, will be able to be sprouting new hair. Within three to five years, studies could take place with people. Scientists think that an appropriate therapy for the treatment of baldness will be on the market after at least ten years.

Umbilical cord stem cells for treating baldness In 2003, scientists discovered a new technology utilizing mesenchyme cells in umbilical cord blood. Clinical trials showed that within few weeks after stem cells transplantation, patient noticed that their hair started to growing back again. Stem cells were directly transplanted into the hairless areas. Scientists believe that this is s great achievement in curing baldness, taking into account that there is no other treatment for curing baldness. Stem cells are able to regenerate cells and generate daughter cells that become any tissue or organ. For more information click on the link celulas madres.

Curing baldness with stem cells new hope  
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