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Can you say that audio books are better than electronic books? In the past decade, it would have been inconceivable to imagine a single word without paper books. Paper books were not only superior to their electronic counterpart in terms of brightness and resolution but the intangible quality of paper made it best choice for the people on a subconscious level. It is seen that electronic book formats have struggled to take on paper books. While the battle between electronic and paper book is heated up, another format has quietly emerged as a new alternative which is known as Audio books. There are many reasons that audio format has gained in popularity after the launch of Audible in 1999. Following are the five important reasons that audio book with audible promo code have become so popular as compared to traditional books with their electronic book versions. 1-

Enhanced Story telling

Audio books with different Audible coupons are way more than spoken versions of different printed books. They are playing effective audio, which involve five to six characters. These long hours gave people more time to listen the audio books. They offer busy professionals a way to improve their listening skills while driving. 2-


Nowadays, people need to know greater amount of information to stay ahead of the competition. Audio programs like audio books with Audible coupon offer a way for professionals to keep up to date. 3-

Speed listening

Learning to speed-read takes a considerable amount of effort and time. As an alternative to speed reading, many people prefer to listen to audio books

3 to 4 times speed. Listening to audio books containing Audible promo code allows users to make the most their learning time. With all these benefits, you can switch from paper or electronic versions to audio versions of the book. You can search audio versions of different books on the internet. Different audio book files with audible coupon are available at prices much lower than hardbound books. For more information click on the link Audible Promo Code.

Can you say that audio books are better than electronic books  
Can you say that audio books are better than electronic books