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About Malaysian escorts If you want to find the escort in Malaysia, you should be careful. It is reported that most of the escorts try to steal cash and money. Hence you should follow some tips to prevent from any loss. Now escort service is easily available in the whole world. It has become comfortable and easy to find the escorts. There are available some famous escort agencies in Malaysia for this purpose. Similarly, you can also find escorts with the help of online source. It is reported that escort in KL offer best service and package. If you want to hire escort in Kuala Lumpur for full service, you should follow some tips 1. Make sure to wear a condom for vaginal sex. The use of a condom will prevent you

from severe diseases like HIV and cancer. If you want to use sex toys, you will need to pay extra money for this service. You can buy sex toys from any good online store. 2. Prior to select a girl, you should check her body for scabs, sores, wounds and

scratches. In the case of any problem, you can find another. You can also cancel the appointment in this situation. 3. Keep in mind that use of a condom cannot prevent you 100%. You should also use

some other ways to escape. In the case of emergency problem, you should call your doctor. 4. Try

your best entertainment.









5. It is not wise to use oil for massage because it can break the condom. 6. If you want, you can also use the tablets and drugs for long term enjoyment. It is

necessary to inform escort girl in advance about it. 7. The use of safety products and equipments is most important during sex. 8. Make sure to discuss the payment options in advance.

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