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About Makeup Academy The Perfect Point Makeup and Hair Academy is also known as Gold Goh Perfect Point and provide leading education and training on hairstyles and makeup course. The academy has been named after its founder cum chairman, Mr Gold Goh who has been in this business for more than 15 years. The makeup academy was started in 1998 and offers bridal makeup and hair styling services. All the artists are well trained and experienced. Mr Gold Goh has nearly 30 years of experience in the makeup world. He has interacted with numerous fashion magazines and TV shows and has also worked with Ms Coco Lee, Christy Chung, Amber Chia, and many more. He is the spokesperson for famous international makeup brands. Our chief instructor is Mr Victor Lew who has close to 10 years’ experience in the makeup world and has interacted with top TV shows and fashion magazines. Mr Lew has worked with famous TV stars like Hannah Tan, Chelsea Chan, Hannah Loh, etc. doing their makeup. Other than bridal, different makeup and hairstyling services offered are •

Daily makeup and hair styling

Office lady look

Dinner look

Ballroom image look

Party image

Dating and clubbing look

Stage makeup and hair styling, etc.

For any makeup and any hairstyle, Gold Goh Perfect Point is at your service. Mr Gold Goh is the king of makeup. Also, the academy is outsourcing its education services nationwide like •



Short courses

Instructors and much more

So any university, institute or college interested in making makeup and hair styling courses an integral part of their teaching or require instructors can contact us anytime. The academy has six branches nationwide. All the branches have state of the art infrastructure and provide superb art courses. Besides indoor training, we also provide outdoor training to our students. Different courses are offered in the academy. Each student is given individual attention so that no one loses out. Photography shooting services are available for students. The courses offered are regular, part time, nighttime and weekend. So you can choose whichever convenient. The program runs throughout the year. The program is for beginners as well as experienced holders. Highly reputed brands are used for the training purpose as we don’t like to compromise on the quality like ZFC, Bobbi Brown, ShuUemura, Beyu, among others. The course covers everything related to makeup like bridal shows, stage shows, photography, TV, film, printed media, theatre, etc. The institute also offers personal makeup class for those who want to learn a particular subject. Makeup only course, hairstyling only course and handicraft course are included under personal courses. Our students have made good careers out of their makeup class. Our students are successfully working nationwide. The branches are also open for customers who want to get their body art services, makeup and hairstyle done. So contact the best makeup academy in Malaysia. The Gold Goh Perfect Point, also known as The Perfect Point Makeup and Hair Academy gives you the best hair and makeup class. For more information click on the link makeup course in KL.

About makeup academy  
About makeup academy