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A Detailed Guide To Holidays In Puntarenas Costa Rica Puntarenas is situated in the amazing country of Costa Rica. Puntarenas Costa Rica is situated on the Gulf of Nicoya on the Central Pacific Coast of the country. The region is blessed with mesmerizing beaches, a lot of sunshine, some amazing flora and fauna, staggering national parks and some really adrenaline pumping adventurous activities. All in all, Puntarenas is the location of your dream holiday. There is just about so much to do in the region that you won’t even find a single dull second in Puntarenas. Hotels in Puntarenas and Puntarenas Cabins There are a number of amazing hotels in Puntarenas and Puntarenas cabins available for rent throughout the year to the hordes of tourists that fly into the country annually. You can choose to visit Jaco (a small resort city in the province of Puntarenas) or the Manuel Antonio National Park located in the region as per your choice. There are numerous hotels in Jaco and also Manuel Antonio hotels that you can opt from during you stay in the region. Also, you can find amazing Puntarenas beach hotels, Puntarenas cabins scattered alongside the radiant beaches in the province. The region stretches as far to the south as Panama, therefore, there are a number of affordable and luxury hotels in Puntarenas Costa Rica that you can find for accommodation during your stay. All hotels in Puntarenas are equipped with every basic amenity of life that fits the requirements of a modern day traveler. Even the Puntarenas cabins dotting the beaches, are fitted with all the amenities of daily need and provide the guests with hordes of facilities to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. Things to do in Puntarenas There is just about so much to do in Puntarenas. Once you are done deciding amongst the hotels in Puntarenas for your accommodation, you can set about exploring this amazing region filled with natural reserves and conservations. In fact, Puntarenas houses some of the most amazing wildlife species in its staggering wildlife parks that they will definitely take you by surprise. You can start by taking an aerial tram tour or tranopy tour of the Pacific Rainforest. The tour offers amazing views of the dense forest vegetation and if you are lucky, you might spot an exotic animal or two wandering carelessly in their natural habitat.

You can also opt for a Tortuga Island cruise and have a great time exploring new places. Puntarenas is a region that will never fail to surprise you and make you catch your breath on every turn and corner. If you really want to unwind and let go of the anxieties and clamor of the city life, a vacation in Puntarenas Costa Rica is a must. Puntarenas Costa Rica is situated on the Gulf of Nicoya on the Central Pacific Coast of the country. For more information click on the link cabinas en puntarenas.

A detailed guide to holidays in puntarenas costa rica  
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