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Alessandro Bressan


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ALESSANDRO BRESSAN Alessandro is a international karting star, one of the most selective motorsports. Go-karting represents one of the fundamental stages for a racing driver who aims to professional car racing. The list of famous drivers which made their way through karting is endless: Senna, Prost, Schumacher, Hamilton, Button, Rosberg and Raikkonen, just to name a few. Moved by an innate passion, handed on by his father and by his brother, both succesfull drivers, Alessandro moved his first steps into karting at the


age of 8, and year by year, success after success, he builted up an impressive career, becoming a professional driver signed up by the most important factories of the World, and actually he is one of the major talents in international circus. Professional, meticulous and concentrated, Alessandro is a rock solid certainty when it comes finding the way to success, that’s why the interest of teams is everytime so high on him. The objective is professional motorsport.

Whether it’s open wheelers or GT cars, Alessandro always proved to have an impressive learning capacity, and a remarkable sense of speed, demonstrated in occasion of test and racing schools where he took part, where he is always been seen as a pure talent.

the fastest lap of the race, after starting from the 4th position on the grid.

A proper example is the victory on the very first debut on a Nissan 350Z

Moved to the states in 2012, Alessandro is actually a driving instructor for Dream Racing, a 5 star driving experience located at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where is possible to drive a selection of the finest supercars on the market, along with proper GT Race Cars like the Ferrari F430 GT.

GT in the Spanish Endurance Championship, on the demanding circuit of Alcaniz, where, on a brand new discovered track, he took the lead scoring

Customers rely on Alessandro’s expertise and use his indications and tips in order to improve their driving style and bring it to the next level.




First time on a go-kart


8th classified World Championship KF1 (Macau)


First competitions


1° classified 24h Endurance race Jesolo (Italy)


Italian Champion 100cc Junior


1° classified of Acufon Trophy 100cc ICA


Official driver Top Kart

5 wins in class 60cc

1° classified 2nd round Italian Championship 100cc ICA

1° classified European Championship Central Selection 1° classified 2nd round Italian Championship 100cc ICA 3rd classified Open Masters Championship100cc ICA Italian Karting Federation (FIK) test F. Renault 2.0


Official driver Topkart 3rd classified European Championship 100cc ICA 1° classified Industrie Trophy 100cc ICA Winter test on Formula Gloria


1° classified 350Z Challenge by Autosprint-Astra 1° classified Spanish Endurance Championship 1st round (Spain) (first rookie winner of the series)


Official driver CKR Srl 7th classified European Championship KZ1 125cc (Germany) 2nd classified Italian Championship KZ2 125cc


9° classified Winter Cup KZ2


1° classified 3rd round North East Shifter Series KZ2 (USA)


Official Driver J3 Competition

1° classified 6th round North East Shifter Series KZ2 (USA)

1° classified 4th round North East Shifter Series KZ2 (USA)

3° classified Florida Winter Tour DD2 (USA) 1° classified 1st round Gearup Challenge F Series F355 (USA)

1° classified 1st round WSK International Series 100cc Formula A Took succesfully part to ACI-CSAI Driving Academy Debut on World Karting Championship


Official driver Tonykart Racing Team 1° classified 12h Endurance race in Pomposa (Italy) 4th classified Asia-Pacific Championship KF1 (Macau) 9th classified World Championship KF1 (Belgium)


Official driver Kosmic Racing Dept. 2nd classified 2nd round European Championship KF1 (Belgium) 2nd classified Andrea Margutti Trophy KF1 (Italy) 3rd classified 5th round WSK International Series KF1 (Spain) 6th classified World Cup CIK-FIA KF1 (Japan) 7


MEDIA Alessandro is one of the most shining realities in the world of karting and motorsport worldwide, for that reason is not rare to see him on magazines, press, tv and the web as well. All this together with a significant ubiquity on the social media, with an established fanbase that follows him through his career. Here you can find some examples of his “presence� and impact on the media.


“If I do something, it has to be good. I only see one way in doing things. The right way.”


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Alessandro Bressan  

Italian Racing Driver

Alessandro Bressan  

Italian Racing Driver