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Tips for your Dog look spectacular Houses, accessories, clothing, beds as new

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Luxury hotel for dogs in Australia

Vacation? Not Without My Dog

The special occasion section dog showcases our fancy dog clothes-formal wear for little dogs. Designer couture apparel brands like Susan Lanci, Oscar Newman, I See Spot, Kwigy-Bo, Bella Paris, Monkey Daze etc.

We have gorgeous dresses available for just that special occasion you had in mind), doggie weddings, bridesmaid wear, and tuxes.


If you are looking for something really special for a very special occasion, one of these designer dog dresses will be perfect for your little girl.

We want your dog to look as nice as ours (and vice versa) so make sure you send us your feedback, pictures or questions through this website or our Facebook fan page.

Wedding Dresses

Bridal gowns for women

As the popularity of dog weddings increases, we offer beautifully crafted custom designer dog wedding gowns, boy dog tuxedos, wedding leashes and collars, ring bearer dog outfits, designer dog dresses to match your wedding party, and even bridal garters for your dog. Our dogs have become family, with that in mind many people want to include their best friend in their wedding plans as well. Whether your dog is getting married or is a member of your bridal party, we offer a designer dog clothing solution. With careful examination of the event and it's ocation, we can suggest just the right pet wedding clothing for your pet.

Suits Them A wedding wouldn't be complete without a groom. Make sure he's looking sharp in a Groom Dog Tuxedo...yo u wouldn't want an upset bride. This dog tuxedo is great for dog weddings, black tie events, and parties.

Dog weddings are fast becoming a hot new trend for animal lovers. Once a tradition solely available to the upper class and celebrities, this trend has become a hot commodity for all. If you love your dog like a child why not throw them a festive party with all their friends and parents?

Sports and Casual Styles

Dog Style in Body and Clothing

During the last century, humans have started to really dress up some of their dogs. Because of the abundance of hairless or almost hairless breeds of dogs, this is a health necessity in most climates. A hairless dog gets exposed to the sun’s rays when outdoors and this can cause skin cancer, just like in humans. If you have to purchase an article of dog clothing in order to protect your dog, then you might as well make it stylish.

Dog clothing has evolved over the years into many varieties and is often made from a large variety of materials. An owner can save their pet dog’s hair from blowing around after being groomed, when it’s hanging out of the car window enjoying the day, for instance. Along with style, most owner’s also will seek a good price.

As more and more dog owners learned about the importance of clothing for their dogs, styles started to change. This is when celebrities both got in on, and encouraged the trend, towards designer dog clothes. Stars, starlets and movies showcased what dogs could wear for both protection, and style (the latter for their owners mostly, I’m sure). As other dog owners saw these movies, they probably became inspired to purchase a few fashions for their own dog or dogs. Today, designers make lines of dog clothing, as well as for their usual human clients.

Fashion for Dogs couch

Even the most novice decorator knows how difficult it is to combine furniture and pets. Skin that does not go with the cats, the pads do not go with the canines, the feathers do not match the curtains or the scales do not go with anything. Anyway. However, it is surprising how many designers who are working pet furniture. Symbol of capitalist decline for some, niche market and business opportunities for others. Anyway, now architects and designs must include the family cocky in their designs and projects. Fashion pet home is a fashion house for pets, has side windows vented mesh to keep your pets on long visages.

Most people think their dog has a pretty nice dog bed. I mean, they're soft, they're comfy. What more could a dog ask for? A lot more, apparently! Here are some photos of truly luxury dog beds that go beyond what most people would even think of. Many are entire miniature bedrooms custom made just for a lifestyles-ofthe-rich-andfamous dog!

Dog Houses Does your dog have a flair for the Mediterranean Revival? The Celebrity Hacienda Dog House is a palace for your pup, inspired by the clay tile and stucco wall architecture of the Mediterranean. It features twin wooden doors that open and shut with a bit of pressure from your dog, keeping them sheltered from the elements and perfectly private.

Combinarce attire Accessories

There are few initiatives by major luxury brands like Hermes, Mulberry, Gucci, Armani and Louis Vuitton products offer pet glamorous. Some offer as exclusive and luxurious pieces that can cost up to $ 15 000! Many of these brands were already designing items for the pampered pet millionaires. Big brands like Louis Vuitton handbags included in its pet carrier bags for about 1200 euros. Gucci and Hermes selling dog and cat collars with gold plates about 800 euros.

For all dog breeds ... the last Boom Pooch are the charming and fun Swarovski 速 crystal pendants. Pet pendants are a fun and stylish to put a nice touch and sophisticated the collar, harness or bag walking your puppy.

Vacation? Not Without My Dog

"Take your dog." This image is of a British railroad advertising campaign in 1930 encouraging pet owners to travel by train with them. However, many years later, traveling in Spain with your best friend is still problematic. "We have greatly improved," says Maria Azkargorta, director of the Affinity Foundation has just published the tenth edition of its guide for traveling with pets (12.50 euros).

It is now fatter than 10 years ago: "When we started admitting listB 1938 pet hotels in Spain, 3421 today, 77% more" (for a couple of years also include cottages and campsites for a total of 8,200 establishments.) But we are still far from places like France or Germany. Affinity Foundation (which were invented that of "He would never do it") began to edit this guide "because 10 years ago it was thought that most dropouts were given during the summer vacation," according to its director.

Luxury hotel for dogs in Australia A luxurious hotel for dogs opened in the neighborhood of Waterloo in Sydney, Australia. The "PawPaws Urban Retreat" at a cost of $ 2.3 million over 3 floors completely dedicated to exclusive services for pets, including a rooftop playground, spa staff included, in addition to a concierge, chauffeur and nannies for the care of the puppies. Australia has one of the highest rates of pets per capita, with about 40% of households with at least one dog, estimated at nearly 4 million dogs in the country. Also highlight the 3.4 Billion dollars spent annually on products and services for pets. 59% of that million dollar figure is reversed only in dogs.

Nursery This service is intended for short stays of pets that need only spend a day or few hours in the hotel. Like the rest of the guests staying canines, these dogs have the supervision of monitors, both for games that take place in the "PlayRooms" as in the outdoor gardens of the hotel.

Health Club and Spa The hotel also offers among its services a complete spa where dogs can enjoy a wonderful massage, relaxing in the Jacuzzi bath and beauty sessions with organic products and essential oils quality.

School Conduct For adult dogs with behavior problems also offer classes in education and training with professional trainers qualified to resolve conflicts of behavior in dogs.

Canine Fashion  

Tips for your Doglook spectacular

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