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STUDENTS LIFE The students usually get up at 7 oclock, except at weekends. They usually have breakfast at home at 7.30. Some of them travel by bus and some of them on foot. They have 7 classes. Normally, the students have between 12 and 14 subjects. For the Art classes, they love Art lessons and Music classes, the students love Music and Instrument lessons. There are 6 breaks in our school. One of them is lunch break. The students usually listen to music, talk to each other… At lunch time, they have their lunch. Normally, their best friends are in the school. The students don't have all the classes in the same classroom, because there are music and art rooms in our school. And also there is a Technology room in the school. There are nearly 25 teachers in the school. They like playing their instruments, drawing pictures, watching television, and playing computer games in their free time. They have their lunch at school. Their mothers usually cook at home. The students usually eat sandwiches, hamburgers, rice soup , pasta. Some of them like eating meat, some like eating vegetables and also fast food. The students don’t like cooking at all. In fact they like eating . :) The students usually watch TV at night. Their favourıte programmes are documentaries, cartoons, and shows. The students do sports at school or after their classes. They like swimming, jogging, walking near the seaside. They like classical music, rap, pop music. They prefer casual clothes, especially jeans, t-shirts. At school, they wear school uniform. They go to the cinema and cafes with their friends. And also they like going shopping. They have their dinner between 7- 9 p.m. with their families. They go to bed at 11 p.m and sleep for nearly 8 hours. They like fashion and have piercings. The students prefer comedy, romantic and adventure films and books. The students also like surfing on the net.

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