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arabian sport horse

FALL, 2015

Welcome to the Arabian Sport Horse Alliance, Inc!


hank you all for joining the Alliance and helping to build a unique organization to serve the “big tent� of the Arabian sport horse community. The Alliance brings together people from a number of registries, all the sport horse disciplines, and even from different parts of the world. While the majority of our members are in North America, we have several members in the UK too. What we all share is a deep appreciation for the qualities offered by Arabian bred sport horses and a desire to connect with others who share that passion. This inaugural newsletter introduces a few of our Charter Farm members, presents several articles from members about their experiences in the sport horse world, includes information about the upcoming NASS (North American Shagya-Arabian Society) inspections, shares news from some of our members, and provides some updates on a variety of Alliance activities. Newsletters will be published quarterly to help us connect to each other and keep the membership in the loop on the progress the organization is making. Upcoming issues will feature full profile articles on

Charter Farm and Charter Individual members as well as educational articles on a variety of topics like sport horse breeding, training, tack and equipment, sport disciplines, and historical horses and people of significance to the Arabian-bred sport horse community. Updates on BOD and Committee activities and calls to action for the membership will also be a regular part of the newsletters along with news from our members. The Alliance was created as a member based organization to help join together the various segments of the community so we could work together to support and promote efforts to raise the profile of Arabian-bred sport horses and ponies. Ultimately, YOUR participation with and dedication to the Arabian-bred sport horse is at the heart of the Alliance. Whether you are a breeder, amateur exhibitor, promising youth participant, or talented professional; whether you focus on Arabians, Shagya-Arabians, Anglo-Arabians, Half-breds, or part-breds in sport registries the Alliance welcomes you and hopes you will help us to build this organization to serve this incredible community of people who appreciate the many talents and qualities of Arabian-bred sport horses.

Behind the SCENES


uilding a member based organization from scratch

Program and calculate the points as the results are entered. This

requires a LOT of work behind the scenes to create

database construction will allow us to continue to grow the pro-

systems and tools to manage the day to day func-

gram while being manageable for a small volunteer staff

tions and to work towards long term goals.

While much of the BOD’s efforts have been on administrative

First, we’d like to thank to Entice Design’s Cass Ingles for

tasks, we have also been able to start outreach efforts to forge

building us a great website that not only looks fantastic, but gives

connections and explore opportunities to broaden support for

us tools like secure commerce functions and web forms that are

and promotion of Arabian-bred sport horses in the wider sport

necessary to run an organization

horse world. Our Highlight Awards

online. The web forms on the

to recognize Arabian-bred horses

site allow us to not just process

at prominent all-breed sport horse

memberships, but also to post

competitions is one aspect of that

the member farm profiles and

outreach. That award program will be

member ads directly from member

expanded and enhanced for 2016.

submitted forms. This “automa-

We have opened a dialogue

tion” is a great tool for a small

with the administrators of the North

volunteer run organization. As the

American Stallion Performance Test

Alliance grows, we will be able to

to develop a program for present-

continue to develop the website

ing Arabian stallions at the SPT to be

to offer more features that will

evaluated according to the estab-

help promote the interests of our

lished criteria and awarded status

members and offer the member-

grades depending on the scores

ship some useful tools for show-

earned. In Europe, many breeds use

casing their Arabian-bred sport

the stallion testing process to evalu-

horses and their breeding programs.

ate stallion prospects –not just warmbloods-- so the system can

Secondly, we’d like to thank Charter Farm member, Thom

readily accommodate doing so here in the US for Arabian sport

Jones-Low, for donating many hours of his time to create a data-

horse stallions whose owners would like that kind of evaluation.

base structure that allows us to import the information from web

We are very excited about this initiative!

forms (like membership contact information and horse recording

We are working to create a Business Affiliate Membership

information) so that we can store that information easily and ac-

with various support levels that will offer opportunities for busi-

cessibly and import it into publications like the ASHA Member Di-

nesses to help support our mission via sponsorships and infor-

rectory and ASHA Stallion Roster. Thom has also added features

mational/educational outreach while in turn providing them with

to the database to store records of the ASHA Competition Points

advertising opportunities on the website and in our publications.


ASHA Charter Members Charter Farm Members

Charter Individual Members

Al-Marah Arabian Horses Mark Miller of Clermont, FL

Cathryn Bauer of Eleva, WI Janet Huber Bellows of Lincoln, VA

Ashleigh Stud, US and Solarhill Sport Horses Karin Foley of Camden, SC Bonn-Fyre Farms Dorann LaPerch of Moorpark, CA

Jessica Dean of Columbia, MO Susan Hall of Platte City, MO Peggy Ingles of Towson, MD Louise Kistner of Newport Beach, CA Peter Mileo of Minden, NV

Faerie Court Farm Dawn & Thom Jones-Low of Ferrisburgh, VT

Melissa Mount of Westfield, VT Paula Nelson of Scottsdale, AZ

Golden Oak Arabians and Warmbloods Tamara Torti & Denise Cossuto of Sacremento & Cottonwood, CA

Beth Thomas of Johnstown, PA Kat D. Walden of Martinez, CA Anne Zahradnik of Hurley, NY

Roze Arabians Ltd. Angela White of Elizabethtown, PA Westbrook Sport Horses Gwen & Ed Marshall of Burley, WA


Charter Farm Spotlight only Arabian competing in eventing.

As a way to get to know each other better, we are featuring PART

To date, only two of Vinnie’s offspring have shown:

ONE of this ASHA Charter Farm Members article in this issue.

First Legacy GM++/ (April 25, 2000) Out of RA Fames Kapuni by Fame VF:


2012 2013 2013 2014 2014 2014 2014 2012 2013 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 -

Angela White founded Roze Arabians Ltd. with the intent to produce Straight Egyptian Arabians who possess all the qualities of their ancestors and with talent and durability to meet the demands of today’s sport horse enthusiasts. We strive to find horses that are versatile and able to excel in multiple disciplines as the Arabian was originally intended and incorporate them into our breeding program to produce beautiful, capable and versatile Straight Egyptian Arabians.

Sport Horse Nationals HA/AA 2 yr old Sport Horse Fillies in-hand RES CH Canadian Nationals HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr. Horse Top Ten Canadian Nationals HA/AA Sport Horse Mares in-hand Top Ten Sport Horse Nationals HA/AA Sport Horse Mares in-hand Hunter Type Top Ten Sport Horse Nationals HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr. Horse Top Ten Sport Horse Nationals HA/AA Dressage Training Level Jr. Horse Res Ch Sport Horse Nationals HA/AA Dressage Training Level Top Ten Region 5 HA/AA Sport Horse Mares in-hand Top 5 Region 5 HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr Horse Champion Region 5 Sport Horse HA/AA Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr Horse Res Ch Region 5 Sport Horse HA/AA Regular Working Hunter Top 5 Region 5 Sport Horse HA/AA Green Working Hunter Top 5 Region 5 Sport Horse A/HA/AA Dressage Training Level Jr Horse Champion USEA Area VII Beginning Novice Res Ch

Kendric Wind GM (July 1, 2012) Out of Kalana Magniffica by Echo Magnifficoo”

Arabians in Motion - HA/AA Geldings in-hand Res Ch Region 5 Sport Horse HA/AA Geldings in- hand Top 5

A full sister to Kendric Wind GM, Karolina Wind GM, was foaled April 5, 2015. These siblings are for sale.

For my personal riding goals, I hope to make it to Grand Prix one day with a Straight Egyptian. In my breeding program I hope to produce athletic horses who make it into homes where they’ll be used and shown in various sport horse disciplines. I‘m hoping the Alliance will make the Arabian an option for anyone seeking out an athletic partner in the sport of their choice. I would love to see Arabians a bit more mainstream and accepted along side WBs as a choice for competing. I’m hoping the Alliance will be able to highlight Arabians who are doing well and educate the non-Arabian owning public of what their capabilities are, an area that AHA seems to fall short of. WESTBROOK SPORT HORSES Westbrook Sport Horses, owned by Gwen and Ed Marshall, strives to produce eye pleasing and conformationally correct individuals physically and mentally capable of competing in eventing, It is my hope that the Alliance will continue to spread the word

dressage, hunter/jumper, driving and endurance/competitive trail.

about the Arabian sport horse. We need to continue to impress

We stand Corre Con El Viento ( his Trakehner and American Warmblood Society registrations have the WB prefix). “ Vinnie” is

upon the world that most Arabians are physically and mentally fit

by the Trakehner, Windfall, winner of Rolex and a member of the

to compete in the world of sport horses. First Legacy GM has suc-

U.S. bronze medal event team in Athens, Greece. Vinnie’s dam is

cessfully competed against all breeds on 2 very diverse stages.

the Arabian mare, Huadoresya+. Huadoresya+ was approved for

Her conformation allows her to have beautiful movement and her

the Trakehner stud book and competed to the Intermediate level

intelligence allows her to have a sane work ethic. Of course, her

in eventing. While competing, she was the highest ranked Arabian

self confidence is an important part of the equation. These are

in FEI eventing. She also competed at the North American Junior

traits seen in all of Vinnie’s kids, and he’s hoping that exposure

and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, KY. She was the

through the Alliance will bring him more girlfriends!




Set in the sandhills of Camden, South Carolina Solar Hill Sport

Faerie Court Farm is a small Arabian breeding program founded by Dawn and Thomas Jones-Low in beautiful Addison

Horses at Ashleigh Stud combines the multi-generational Foley

County Vermont. Our first two foals were born in 2005. Since

Family breeding program of Solar Hill Sport Horses with the fami-

then we have produced a small number of foals periodically from

lies long established stud business, Ashleigh Stud International in

carefully considered pairings. By using specific CMK lineages

the United Kingdom. Our goal is two-fold; First, under the Solar Hill Sport Horse label we will continue

that have been reinforced over generations for traits like strong hocks, balanced feet, strength of loin, three correct gaits, overall

to produce Arabian bred sport ponies and horses. We firmly

structural balance, and generous temperaments, we have been

believe that there is a place in open competition for horses with

able to tap into the sport horse performance aptitudes embedded

Arabian blood. The secret is to purpose breed. Our goal is NOT

in these bloodlines.

to be all things Arabian to all people. We specialize in Arabian bred horses and ponies for SPORT. We have a special interest in

We are fortunate be able to raise our horses on large pastures in mixed age social groups. We are grateful for access to two

producing purpose bred, exceptional quality Anglo Arabians; the

skilled young-horse trainers with eventing backgrounds who pro-

third top eventing horse in the world. Our emphasis is to produce horses and ponies specifically for

vide a great start under saddle to our horses. Sport horse breeding requires dedication to a long term vision; we are committed to

the sport horse disciplines of show jumping, eventing, dressage,

continuing to improve upon a solid foundation of generations of

endurance, reining, combined driving and driven dressage. The

Arabians purpose bred for athleticism and trainability.

majority of our horses and ponies are registered with the RPSI (Rheinland Pfalz Saar International). Most are eligible for registra-

Our desire is produce horses that can measure up to the

tion with the Arabian Horse Association.

standards of the open sport horse world and serve as beloved partners for riders who enjoy the intelligence, responsiveness, and athleticism of Arabian sport horses. We are excited that the Alliance offers an opportunity for us to be a part of an organization that raises the profile of Arabianbred horses in the sport disciplines, assists breeders in presenting our horses to the wider sport horse world, and that can create a support network for the entire Arabian sport horse community.

We want all of our sales to be a good match so we welcome you to take your time in choosing your next competition partner or great all around horse. Prospective buyers seeking a horse that is under saddle are welcome to take a few days while they ride and get to know their prospective purchase on our mini cross country course, in our dressage or show jumping rings or on the miles of trails connected to our farm. Serious, prospective buyers are always welcome to stay in our guest cottage. While we are sold out at the present time, we often have weanlings and yearlings for sale.

Charter Memberships only available through October 31!

Second, as Ashleigh Stud, US we stand only stallions speciďŹ cally capable of producing horses for the sport horse disciplines. All of our stallions are either proven producers of offspring for a specific discipline(s) or if they are young stallions, they are

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Running Long Format at Rebecca Farm

by Malinda Zielke

Long format eventing is almost a thing of the past, save for

first foray into the long format. The organizers at Rebecca Farm

a handful of dedicated people and about a dozen venues across

did a great job explaining all the nuances of the extra phases

the US that offers it.

involved. Some forethought and preparation are needed for you

Rebecca Farm in Kalispell, Montana is one of those venues.

and your horse before the jog the morning of stadium jumping,

Being the largest event in North America, it is a premier competi-

after a grueling day of roads and tracks, steeplechase, and cross

tion, drawing over 600 competi-

country jumping. Jumping a stee-

tors from nearly every state west

plechase fence at 470 meters per

of the Mississippi River. Located

minute is a bit different than our

in the Flathead Valley of far

normal novice speeds of 350mpm.

northwestern Montana, Rebecca

The roads and tracks require extra

Farm’s 640 acres are flanked by

watches and more times for the

a backdrop of the mountains

rider to keep track of, along with

of Glacier National Park to the

remembering the track and passing

east, and surrounded by fields of

through all the compulsory flags.

golden barley and green canola

The vet checks at the 10 minute

on all sides.

box and after cross country involve

Even though this year is

a crew of helpers for you and your

technically my first season of

horse. All of that is in addition to

eventing (I don’t really count the

memorizing the dressage test and

one beginner novice event two

the cross country course. While an

summers ago), my homebred

error in dressage is only 2 penalty

half-Arab Trakehner gelding,

points, an error on XC is elimina-

Lederhosen, has been doing quite


well at several novice and one

On day one, Hosen and I put in

training level events in the past 6

a very respectable dressage test –

months. “Hosen” has exactly as

31.6, which is equivalent to 68.4%,

much eventing experience as I do, and I’ve trained him by myself

which had us tied for 9th place out of a field of 21 riders. On day

with only the help of (sometimes very intermittent) lessons and

two we were up bright and early since we were one of the first

instruction. We had enough qualifying rides to compete in a nov-

on course. I tacked up, hopped on, and walked Hosen to the start

ice three-day event and Rebecca Farm was calling our names.

flags of phase A. When the timer counted down from ten and bid

For many of the three-day competitors, like me, this was our

us a good ride, we began a medium trot away from the stabling


area and out into the canola fields towards our destination on the

was unfortunately eliminated. A few other riders had refusals on

opposite corner of the farm, where steeplechase began.

XC or time penalties on roads and tracks which dropped them to

Another timer and another countdown started phase B and

the bottom of the placings. That is one of the things I love about

we were off at an easy canter, slowly gaining speed until we were

eventing – it’s not over until it’s over!

going at a good hand gallop by the first fence. With neither urg-

The morning of day three I took Hosen out for a walk to

ing Hosen on, nor holding him back, we jumped all the rampy,

make sure he still looked good and felt fresh for our jog. I hopped

brush fences out of a gallop stride quite easily. I glanced at my

on him bareback and trotted around. He felt great, not sore, stiff,

watch as we passed through the finish flags of B/start flags of C

or off at all. I was confident he’d pass the jog inspection, and

– we did the steeplechase in 1:45, well within the optimum time

sure enough, he did. I studied the stadium course, walked it a

of 2:08 for my level, and hardly an effort for Hosen. I brought him

few times and rode it in my mind. We had a couple bended lines,

back to a trot and we continued on some of the same track as

an A/B combination, some oxers, and a stone wall as part of our

phase A, but this time we were headed towards the cross country

course. The order of go is the reverse of the current placing, so I


was 6th from last.

I arrived at the 10

Our course went

minute box a few min-

fairly well, but we did

utes early, just as I had

have one rail, as did

planned. Hosen barely

several other riders.

worked up a sweat and

Again, it’s not over until

the vets commented to

it’s over – the second

me that his temp was

place rider was elimi-

already normal. A drink

nated in stadium, and

of water for me and a

the fourth place rider

short walk for Hosen,

had two refusals, rack-

and it was already time

ing up faults and time

for the short inspection

penalties; but the one

jog before I re-mounted

rail we had in stadium

for the last phase – cross

knocked us back to

country. The course was

7th place. Still, I was

straightforward and av-

quite happy consider-

erage for novice, several

ing it was our first long

fences were maximum

format event, and we

height, including a brush

were competing against

fence we shared with training level. We had a few A/B combina-

several very experienced, former upper-level horses. Rebecca

tions, including a ditch; and two separate fences just before two

Farm gives awards up to 10th place so Hosen and I were in the

separate water complexes. I mis-read my watch at the second to

always entertaining victory gallop!

last fence so we got a few speed fault penalties but had no refus-

Rebecca Farm was a great event, even though it’s a very long

als on course.

drive from my farm. I met some really great people and had an

At the vet box immediately after the finish flags Hosen was

absolute blast competing in the long format upper level riders

blowing from his recent effort and wet from the water we had just

wax nostalgic about. I hope to do a training level long format

galloped through, but within 10 minutes of walking, his temp,

next summer – perhaps at Rebecca Farm again!

pulse, and respiration were back to normal and the vets released us to go back to the stables. I had to wait until everyone in my

Malinda Zielke is an avid horsewoman, farrier of 20 years, and

group finished their XC before I learned that Hosen and I had

breeder of Trakehner horses. She resides on her farm in Athens, WI

moved up to 6th place! The rider who was first after dressage

with her horses and two cats.

with an impressive score of 26.8 had a fall on steeplechase and


Member News Blayne Garsky reports: I competed in early July with my Arabian Perry’s Ranger at the New Vocations show in Delaware, Ohio. We just started dressage this year. Our first score ever in Intro B was a 60% and after a few months training with Renee Peters, we scored a 74.7% in Intro B. There were 25+ horses in the Intro level tests both Saturday and Sunday and we earned Champion ribbons each day. We will be at competing at more shows includ-

ALF Freetime+, a five year old Arabian (Spring Sojourrn) / Westphalian (Freestyle) cross, recently completed the points for his Arabian Horse Association Legion of Honor award. All of the points were earned in open and AHA dressage and in AHA sport horse in hand classes. Freetime has many wins in both AHA and USDF dressage competitions, including earning the high point dressage score of the day on three different occasions. He was bred by Mary Newton of Ash Lane Farm in New Braintree, MA

ing Region 14’s Summer Sizzler where we will show Sport Horse

and is owned and shown by Anne Zahradnik. Anne and Freetime

Under Saddle Open and Intro A and Intro B. We are moving up to

train with David Donnelly out of Friendship Equestrian Center in

the Training Level tests for our next show.


Claverack, NY.


Dawn Voris and Youth Member, Mikayla Voris report: We

Tracy Oliver of Sunhaven Sporthorses announces their 2015

welcomed Precious V (Desperado V x MHR Princess Bask) from

foals -- Aulways Gofarwa or “GoGo” chestnut filly, full blaze and four high white stockings born April 25. Out of Rozetta Farwa and by Aulways Magic++++//. Siepre Magico or “Patron” chestnut colt, star, strip and snip born June 2. Out of the Andalusian mare Desportista and by Aulways Magic++++//. Two year old purebred geldings available for purchase. Hueston, chestnut, hind socks and a star. By Auston DPA out of Rozetta Farwa. Austontaious, bay no white. By Auston DPA out of Out of the Myst. Several exciting junior horses in training, and some nicely made horses showing in the sporthorse and cow horse divisions, were looking forward to 2016!!


Member News Varian Arabians. Precious V is a producer of National, Regional and Scottsdale champions. She is a full sister to our own Peace Maker V+++/. Thanks to Sheila Varian for making my dream come true and allowing Precious to make her home with us. After only about a month to prepare, we took Precious to the Region 13 Sport horse championships where she not only qualified, but went Champion SHIH Mares, open. Her son, Patriot V+++/ was there and went Champion SHIH geldings, open. Peace

Champion in the dressage JTR 14-18 training level, he was also reserve for the HA/AA SHIH Geldings, he won 4 other Top Tens at the show in sport horse under saddle and first and training level dressage. He had the highest score for the dressage division and Maker V+++/ was Top 5 in both SHIH geldings open and ATH. The

was awarded the High score Dressage Award that came with a

power of the V!

unique pretty garland!

Region 13 Dressage and Sport Horse Championships Peace Maker V+++/ Champion SHUS JTR Reserve Champion Training Level Dressage JTR Top 5 SHIH geldings, Open and ATH Precious V Champion SHIH Mares, Open Top 5 SHIH Mares, ATH Black Magyk++ Champion SHIH Geldings, ATH Reserve Champion SHIH Geldings, Open Top 5 SHUS JTR All horses owned by Dawn & Clint Voris.

Jean Donhauser shares about East Coast Championships:


Western Dressage is growing by leaps and bounds!

From Youth Member, Maddy Jahns: At the 2015 AHA Youth

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Nationals Anglo-Arabian, VF Majestic Rogue ++++//, won National


Where There’s a PHIL There’s a Way

by Sarah Baldridge Photos by Belynda Moore


here’s a saying that “every rider has that once in a

animation of his paternal park superstar. In more than height

lifetime horse; the one that chang-

alone, the little horse with the big pedigree had fallen short of his breeder’s lofty expectations and sadly faded into a

es everything.”

background of disregard and inattention while


their focus shifted to prospects of seemingly greater

promise. Intelligent and opinionated, an existence of little work and even less play didn’t agree with the spirited gelding who, over time, gained a reputation around

the barn and among the local horse crowd for his feisty expressions of exuberance and unruly, though “creative”, outlets to boredom. One trainer even coined him “Phil Dirt” as he’d decided that’s about all the spunky little horse would amount to. Bell met hers shortly

When health and financial

after he was born but

challenges forced the closing of the boarding facility, the only home

it wasn’t until several years

Phil had known, he was posted in

later that their paths would merge and take them both

a Craigslist ad for a slight $500.00

on a journey designed by her

OBO (Or Best Offer) in the hope of

dreams but ful”phil”ed by a

a quick and simple sale. By chance,

tiny horse with a mighty heart.

Darsie happened upon the ad, her heart sinking as she, like most who have

Trade Secret CC+, affecspent any

tionately known as “Phil” led

length of time inside the horse industry,

was well aware of the grave fate that often befalls horses whose

an early life as a by-product of

price-tags end in OBO. With her personal knowledge of Phil’s

unfortunate circumstances. Sired

unfortunate history, she knew that he likely had little time and

by 7 time National Park Champion, Allience+//, with a pedigree boasting the

even less hope. So her husband and her sister said to her “okay, we have to

likes of imported elites such as *Barbaados,

go get him… because it’s Phil”. Realizing the financial sacrifices

*Bandos and the insurmountable Bay Abi, Phil embodied the classic and long-sought Arabian

we would have to make and even if he sat out in pasture his whole life, at least he would be taken care of and never know the

refinement and type characteristic of his Polish heritage. He was beautiful to look upon but once matured, stood a mere

fear of being at an auction, disappointment or abuse in the hands of the wrong home. In saving the little horse, Darsie was somehow saving herself

14.1 and lacked the bold, flashy


too. She was also the product of a tumultuous childhood and

niche where she and her little horse would fit, but she was willing

understood that perhaps Phil only needed his own person who

to hang up the show spurs altogether if at any point Phil indicated

understood him, his difficult past and simply loved him for who

the show ring was not for him.

he was.

Slowly their efforts paid off and Phil began to demonstrate

As an adult amateur, though, with a busy career, limited time

his all-around capabilities in the show ring, even earning the cov-

and money, and living in a metropolitan area, Darsie had her work

eted All-Around Championship Buckle at the Washington State

cut out for her to contend with the young, unruly, untrained pros-

Horseman’s Finals against both Arabians and non-Arabians alike.

pect who possessed the added challenge of a stallion attitude,

Darsie, however, felt there was still something missing. To

having been gelded much later than the average ideal. She quick-

date she had not shown Phil much herself. Her own physical limi-

ly learned the “normal” standard of training and handling was not

tations and a lifelong anxiety had long kept her out of the show

going to apply to this horse. Her boarders often questioned what

ring. As her little horse began to transcend his tumultuous past,

she saw in the feisty little gelding but they would never quite

though, she longed to do the same for herself.

understand that her motivation was not to produce a winning

The discipline of Dressage had always held a special place

show horse; she

in her heart; though

simply loved

she’d always found

him and saw in

its demands and

him a rare and

intricacies intimi-

unique beauty.

dating. She’d also

He was part of

been told Phil didn’t

her family now

have enough tal-

for better or for

ent to do Dressage


anyway. Fresh off his


All-Around victory

ing up, Darsie

though, Darsie was

worked at a

gaining in confidence


and pride in her fiery

bined Training

little horse that didn’t

barn in order to

seem to understand

afford the board

the meaning of

for her half-


Arabian pony &

In the winter of

riding lessons.

2013, while auditing a

She cleaned

clinic by Conrad Schu-

stalls and a lot

macher, something

of tack, several

struck a chord with

days a week af-

Darsie when Conrad

ter school. It was her escape from a difficult home life and it was

said “this is all good but remember these are horses. The most

during this time she began to dream of owning an Arabian show

important thing about dressage is timing, feel and the harmony

horse with a + behind his name and maybe even riding in the

you have with your horse… it has to feel right and that’s some-

National Championship ring one day.

thing I can’t teach. Horses know when you are happy, and you

Fast forward several years through college, a career, family

must be happy in your riding”. She recognized a possibility for her

and the financial stresses of an unpredictable global economy,

and Phil together; to embody the true nature of this statement.

Phil had spent the winter simply allowed to be a horse in spa-

Newly invigorated, Darsie contacted her friend and local

cious pasture of his own. Darsie was unsure which direction to go

Dressage trainer Kat Devol for instruction, embarked on a journey

with her new project so she spent the next several years just get-

into the deep and competitive world of Dressage, and has yet to

ting him broke and manageable, with the help of her friend Jessie

look back.

They tried nearly every discipline over the next few years,

The pair had much re-training to do together and significant

teaching the squirrely little horse to use himself, to move past the

refining of their skills both physically and mentally in order to

experiences and behaviors of his past, and how to behave like the

become a team; especially if they were to be competitive. Darsie

“good horse citizen” Darsie knew he could be.

dedicated her evenings and weekends, driving nearly an hour

Despite their doubters she pushed forward, looking for that

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NEWS Continued from page 9 Numbers have been up this year in the Western Dressage classes all over the country and the East Coast Championship show was no exception. In the Pre-Show 16 teams rode 29 tests, and East Coast had 19 riding a total of 34 tests. My horse WKF Ebony Phoenix ended up with two top fives in Western Dressage and as a bonus, a Top 5 in SHUS ATR. On Sunday ECC hosted an Open Western Dressage show with a total of 40 rides. There were so many exceptional riders present and Hillary Stark and I are proud to say we were there and rode with each and every one of them. These numbers were reportedly more than doubled from last year. According to numbers released for Sport Horse Nationals on August 12th, There are 22 in the Basic class and 15 in Level 1.

colt in May, FCF Celestiaul Wizard (pending) by Magic Aulrab and out of FCF Silver Stardust (AF Vanitys Repeat x AM Tawny Britania).

Not bad for an Exhibition class!

Our biggest focus this year has been on training several of


our horses that we are preparing for sale like FCF MagicAul Gem (Aul Magic x FCF Gossamer Jewell) and FCF Westleys TrueLove (AAA Legend of the Seas x BruMarBa Callisto). We really enjoy giving our horses a good foundation under saddle.

••• Melissa Mount and her Half-Arabian mare, Profit’s Sweet Steps + have been enjoying competing in dressage classes this season. At the AHA Region 16 Championship they earned a Reserve Championship in the Open AA/HA Training Level Dressage and a Top5 in the ATR AA/HA Training Level Dressage. Profit’s Sweet Steps + has also been confirmed in foal to MV Adham Alakhrah for an April 2016 foal.

Faerie Court Farm is pleased to share the news that our homebred stallion, FCF Oberons Vanity (AF Vanitys Repeat x BruMarBa Callisto) has been in training in SC at Ashleigh Stud, US & Solar Hill Sport Horses to prepare for attending the 2015 70 Day North American Stallion Performance Test this fall. We are excited to see how he measures up, and are confident that he will represent the breed well. Meanwhile back here in Vermont, we welcomed a fabulous

Visit our website to explore more about the Arabian Sport Horse Alliance 12

PHIL Continued from page 11

CHARTER Continued from page 5

each way to and from the barn as well as significant financial

from pedigrees with proven records for sport.

resources to outfit Phil’s uniquely refined frame with adequately

Presently, we stand four Arabian stallions, two Welsh stallions

fitting tack and schooling show opportunities to give them both

and one Thoroughbred stallion. We have great expectations for

some much needed mileage. Finally it all started to click for the

our young up and coming Anglo Arabian stallion, Tabasco Soxx SH

petite pair.

who is a product of our multi-generation breeding program.

Dressage judges tend to agree that Phil is pleasant to watch,

We are always on the look out for talent and are currently

tries really hard, and enjoys his job. He gets a lot of attention at

seeking a Holsteiner, Zweibrucker or Swedish Warmblood stallion

the Open Shows as he is a bit unique. Darsie’s been told that he

to add to our stallion line-up. We also have an extensive invento-

is a rare find and she’ll never be able to replace a horse like that.

ry of frozen semen on site from proven producers of show jump-

And who would have ever known when she first got him? He’s

ers, eventers, jumpers and dressage horses and ponies; much of

been affectionately called “Phurious Phil” when really, he just

it imported and suitable for producing Arabian derivatives. In the

needed a job.” Her bucket list, 2014 highlight, was being judged

majority of case the resulting foals will be eligible for one or more

under Hilda Gurney at an open Dressage show. Hilda stood back

of the US and European warmblood registries.

up and said “nice ride, nice horse. He’s just beautiful!” Darsie’s

We offer flat rate stud fee pricing in line with the national

other dreams were realized and completed in 2014 and 2015

standard for pony stud fees. We also offer a service which allows

when she rode into the National ring at Arabian Sport Horse

mare owners to drop their mare off and pick her up in foal for a

Nationals with a horse who now had a Legion of Honor + symbol

flat monthly rate.

behind his name. She finished with three National Top Tens in

For the past year we have been preparing Dawn Jones-Low’s

Show Hack & First level Dressage. Plus she now has a Regional

fabulous purebred Arabian stallion FCF Oberon’s Vanity for the

Championship in Show Hack, 5 Regional Top fives, 2 Dover Med-

2015 North American stallion testing. We know Obie will be a re-

als and a high score of the show of 73.939% in 2nd level. And in

markable ambassador for the Arabian breed. We expect especially

August of this year, she went into the ring showing 3rd level for

high marks for Obie’s rideability and willingness to work which

the first time and got her scores for her USDF Bronze Medal. They

are reliable characteristic of the Arabian horse.

achieved this in just 15 months entirely as an amateur owned and

We are excited to be a part of an organization that is specifi-

trained partnership.. At 14.1H, he also received his USDF Pony

cally dedicated to supporting and promoting Arabian-bred sport

Card so he can show in the NPC classes. “Before we would go in

horses. We hope our affiliation with the Arabian Sport Horse Alli-

the ring, I’d lean down and whisper to him “okay buddy we got

ance will contribute to a coordinated effort to distinguish Arabian

this, we can do this”, says Darsie. “And he does it for me because

bred horses as the serious competitors and riding partners we

he has the heart and the will. That’s what it’s all about.”

know that they can be.

Darsie’s adopted what Conrad told her as her mantra: “Just be happy in your riding. It’s not about anyone else. Sometimes it’s not about the wins, but the once in a lifetime journeys; from where you’ve been to where you are now. And in the process, you will hopefully find your real self along the way. “

Be sure to get your “I SUPPORT ASHA” Ribbon at SHN! Display it to WIN Great Prizes! 13

z What’s Ahead z We are incredibly excited to be initiating an annual Arabian Sport Horse Stallion Roster for Charter Farm and Farm members Arabian, Shagya-Arabian, Anglo-Arabian, Half-Arabian, and part-bred Arabian stallions. This publication will present our Arabian-bred sport horse stallions in a format just like other sport horse stallion rosters. The template for the roster is being created now and will be published in an on-line magazine format with a pdf version available for download and printing. Charter Farm and Farm members can submit their stallions’ information via the ASHA Horse Recording Form in the members area of the website. Another resource to help members connect and allow farm members to promote their programs to be published by the end of the year is an ASHA Member Directory. This directory will include more than just the list of members. The plan is to include horse information (name, registry, sire, dam, age, gender, color, sport discipline involvement) for all member horses recorded with ASHA, detailed Farm Profiles for all charter farm and farm members, as well as some resource articles. The Alliance is proud to be preparing to bestow the inaugural set of year end awards to recognize significant contributions to the Arabian sport horse community. These awards include 1) ASHA Horse of the Year Award to recognize outstanding achievement in sport horse performance or sport horse breeding culminating sometime within the last 18 months. (Horse must be owned by an ASHA member.) 2) ASHA Hall of Fame Horse a memorial award to draw attention to an Arabian-bred sport horse from the past. 3) ASHA Hall of Fame Individual a posthumous award to memorialize someone who made a significant impact on the Arabian sport horse community 4) ASHA Lifetime Achievement Award to honor a living individual (or breeding program) who has made a sustained contribution to supporting, advancing, and/or developing some aspect of the Arabian sport horse community. 5) ASHA Ambassador Award –sponsored by Charter Member Angelique Anthony. We are also working hard behind the scenes to plan for and run the first ASHA Election to fill 2 BOD member positions for a 2 year term (1/1/2016 -12/31-2016) and 2 alternate BOD members for a 1 year term for 2016. Notification of the nomination process will go out to the membership in September and the slate of candidate will be presented after the close of the nomination period. Ballots will be sent to all members to submit their votes. Results will be announced at the 1st ASHA Annual Meeting (to be scheduled in November or December). Since our BOD and membership are scattered across the US (and the UK!) the Annual Meeting will be held on-line. We are investigating several of virtual space meeting programs to determine which one is the best match for our needs. Please feel free to let us know if you have input to share on online meeting services.

ASHA Highlight Award Winners

Kelsey Russell and Anglo Arabian My Wild Irish Gold, owned by Valerie Kanavy, earned their Highlight Award by winning the Gold Medal in Endurance at the FEI North American Jr/Young Rider Championships.

Susannah Jones and her Half Arabian SF Hearts And Flowers were High Score Arabian-bred at Centerline Dressage at HITS Saugerties. The award was sponsored by Anne Zahradnik.


Upcoming Shagya Inspection Tour


he North American Shagya-Arabian Society (NASS) will

The inspection team judges the horse against the breed

be holding a Breed Inspection Tour this September

ideal using a numeric scoring of 1 to 10 (1 being lowest, 10 being

throughout the USA and in Ontario, Canada, allowing

highest) for 8 criteria: Type, Head, Neck, Body, Legs, Walk, Trot and

for Shagya-Arabians and Arabians to be judged as breeding stock.

Canter.* Each judge initially makes scores independently of the

Stallions and mares two-years of age and older are eligible for

other judges and then the team privately determines the appro-

breeding approval while horses who are underage, geldings and/

priate mark for each criterion, agreeing by consensus on one of-

or part-bred Shagya horses, including non-breeding horses and

ficial mark for each criterion. The horse receives an average score

mares of any breed which may be bred to Shagya-Arabian stal-

which must meet the minimum score needed to be “Approved for

lions, may be presented for an evaluation.

Shagya-Arabian Breeding�. These minimum scores differ accord-

As opposed to judging a horse based solely on performance results, breeding stock must foremost fulfill all the breed stan-

ing to which section of the Studbook a horse is registered in and should the minimum score not be met, owners have the chance

dards, including breed type, confor-

to represent that horse at a future breed

mation, movement and character.

inspection. Non breeding stock, including

Although genetically influenced by

geldings, underage horses and partbreds,

the purebred Arabian, the Shagya-

along with mares from other breeds

Arabian should differ from that

slated to be bred to a Shagya-Arabian

breed standard by being larger,

stallion are also evaluated on the same 8

framier and having plenty of bone.

criteria. Foals are evaluated on 3 criteria:

The Shagya-Arabian should be a

Type, Conformation and Movement, and

good looking and harmonious horse

no measurements are taken. The team

with an expressive face, a well-pro-

also writes a descriptive paragraph of the

portioned riding-horse neck, clearly

horse, again by consensus, which along

defined topline, long croup, and a

with the scores is read out loud at the end

well carried tail and strong clean

of the process.

legs. Ground consuming, elastic and

Free Jumping is required of all stal-

correct movement in all three gaits is

lions at their breeding approval inspec-

also very important. A height of 14.3

tion. Free jumping is used to evaluate the

to 15.3 and a cannon bone of no

natural jumping talent of horses present-

less than 7-inches are to be aimed

ed for breeding approval. It is optional

for. The Shagya-Arabian should meet

for mares and geldings but is encouraged.

all breed requirements as to looks

Once the judging process has been com-

and temperament, conformation and

pleted, branding with the official breed

movement, aiming for a noble and

brand is offered.

willing partner for both sport and

Typically once the judging formalities


have been completed, Shagya-Arabians,

Horses are presented to an inspection team consisting

Arabians and part-bred horses are often presented just for fun

judges who have been officially sanctioned by the Internationale

and to show the versatility of the breeds. Although the judging

Shagya-Araber Gesellschaft (ISG) to judge Shagya-Arabians. The

process is formal, an inspection site offers all attendees a unique

ISG is an umbrella organization which oversees the breed and

social setting for learning about the Shagya-Arabian, gathering a

coordinates its member registries internationally. Prior to a horse

variety of horses, owners, judges and other enthusiasts together

being judged by the inspection team, the horse’s height, girth

in celebration of the breed. All are welcome to attend!

and cannon bone are measured and its registration certificate is

The NASS encourages anyone interested in presenting an

checked to verify the identity of the horse, including color and

Arabian, Shagya-Arabian or Shagya bred horse on the upcoming

markings. The horse is also photographed for an official photo.

tour to contact the NASS Breeding Committee at: NASS_Breed-

Horses are then presented in hand to the inspection team on a

judging triangle. First standing at the apex of the triangle, then at the walk and trot on the triangle, and finally free lunged at all

General inspection and breed information can be found on the NASS website




ASHA Call To Action! - How to Get Involved 1) Join the Team! -- ASHA is a member based organization

incorporating sport horse breeders and we are pleased to offer

built to help connect many segments of the Arabian sport horse

this as a benefit to all our Charter Farm and Farm members.

community so we can work together to recognize and encourage

Charter Farm and Farm members who have not yet done so

support for Arabian-bred sport horses and ponies throughout

are invited to submit profiles of their farms via this form that can

the sport horse performance disciplines and in sport horse and

be accessed when logged in: https://arabiansporthorsealliance.

pony breeding.


We purposely built the governance structure to be rooted

If you have questions or want assistance with editing your

in the membership and to be accountable to the membership.

write-up please contact us at info@arabiansporthorsealliance.

Ultimately, the Alliance needs an engaged membership


that will help expand and improve our programs

4) Horse Recording-- Recording your Arabian-

and our reach. We appreciate your support

bred sport horses with the Alliance is a free

and look forward to being able to welcome

benefit of all membership categories, and

people to committees, to assist with essen-

we encourage all members to record their

tial tasks, and to run for the BOD.

horses with the Alliance. Horse recording

Interested in helping form commit-

is a requirement for horse participation

tees? Want to help with our publica-

in Alliance horse programs like the ASHA

tions, social media, or community out-

Competition Points Program, inclusion

reach, or any other aspect of helping

in the Annual ASHA Stallion Roster

to grow and strengthen the Alliance?

for Farm and Charter Farm member

Reach out and let us know how you’d

stallions, listing in the Membership

like to help via info@arabiansport-

Directory, and eligibility for special or (803) 281-1540.

recognition awards like ASHA Horse of

Even if you are not able to step

the Year (and more to come).

up to take on a leadership role in the

The horse recording form can

Alliance, membership participation at

be found in the members area of the

all levels is necessary to make the Al-

website when you are logged in. Here

liance a great resource for its members

is the direct link (will only work when

and for outreach to the wider sport horse

you are logged in): https://arabiansport-


2) Spread the Word! -- Help us to grow


the Alliance by telling people about us. Word

The form is pretty simple to fill out with

of mouth is a valuable tool for a young organiza-

most fields simply presenting a choice (breed,

tion so tell your friends about us. Share information

color, gender, primary discipline, etc.) . The form does

about the Alliance on social media and direct people to

also ask for registration number and sire and dam names

our website.

as well as for a copy (a high resolution jpeg or PDF ) of an official

We can provide fliers for you to take to events or to post in

pedigree so make sure you have that information at hand when

your local tack and feed stores.

you fill out the form. Since the Alliance is open to horses with a

The more people who learn about the Alliance’s mission and

minimum of 25% Arabian or Shagya lineage and thus includes

outreach the more we can amplify the message that Arabian-

horses from many registries including a copy of the pedigree

bred sport horses are an important part of the sport horse world!

functions as proof of eligibility for ASHA programs and awards.

3) Farm Profile Gallery -- Please check out the farm pro-

(If you recorded your horse before we added the pedigree field

files posted by some of our Charter Farm and Farm members.

to the form and have not already sent us a copy of their pedigree

–or you want to check to see if you sent it—you can do that via

lery/ This gallery is a great way to help spread the word about )

dedicated Arabian, Shagya, Anglo-Arabian, and Arabian lineage

For Farm and Charter Farm members entering stallions


the form asks for information relevant to stallion roster listing including SCID, CA, and LFS status, stud fees, photos, and a blurb promoting accomplishments, lineages, and siring qualities. We are happy to assist members to write or edit their stallion’s promo paragraph so contact us if you need help or have questions.

Official ASHA Merchandise

5) Consider participating in AHSA’s Competition Points Program. -- This affordable program offers year end awards for points earned in the discipline categories of eventing, dressage (plus

Customize with your size and colors!

a high score for each level), hunters, combined driving, jumpers, distance riding, carriage driving, western dressage, driven dressage, sport discipline suitability, and sport discipline in-hand in open competition and the same discipline categories (where they exist) in breed show competitions. Rated shows earn higher points than schooling shows, and FEI sanctioned events earn even more! For the progressive disciplines (everything except suitability and in-hand) the program also includes a lifetime points system called the Milestone Awards that recognizes achievement over time with three award tiers in each discipline –Bronze, Silver, Gold. A third aspect of the ASHA Competition Points Program is the ASHA Versatility Award which will be given to all horses that earn Milestone Bronze Medals in 3 (or more) disciplines. The Milestone Awards and Versatility Awards will be awarded starting on 2016, but points can be earned starting with the 2015 program. We are looking forward to giving out cool prizes (TBA) to the 2015 winners! 6) Award Sponsorships and Award Development – The Alliance offers opportunities for members to co-sponsor awards and supports member initiatives to develop perpetual awards or other special awards to recognize a whole spectrum of achievements within the Arabian-bred sport horse world. Several members

Apparel Bags

have already stepped up to sponsor Highlight Awards in 2015 and a few perpetual awards are in development. If you have an


idea for an award or are interested in any level of award sponsorship (the Highlight Awards are just $25 each to sponsor) reach out to us at All sponsors are announced with the awards and published in news items relating to the awards.

Percentage of sales benefit AHSA’s programs

Visit our storefront 19